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Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Hello everyone,

    Stardew Valley mobile on iOS is now rolling out now around the world! We'll try to keep any bug reports updated inside this thread to make it easier on everyone to get an overview of where things are at.

    Also take note - there have been a lot of controls and movement changes moving Stardew to touch screens, so some things like tool auto selection may not be a bug. When in doubt feel free to report, we'll do our best to help distinguish what's a bug from what's new behavior.

    Reporting Tips
    • If you're reporting a crash, please be as detailed as possible about what you were doing when it happened. This will help identify the issue much, much faster.
    • For any other issues as well, please be as detailed as possible about what you were doing in game so we can try to reproduce
    • Even if the issue has been reported, if you have new details please share!
    Below is a list of issues which we've identified since the iOS version launched. If you're having a problem in this list marked 'need more details' it would be helpful to provide more info - we're still working on reproducing/determining a cause for these issues. If your issue isn't listed here then please be as detailed as possible reporting it so we can review. Always check you have the newest game/system updates before reporting an issue to make sure it hasn't already been fixed!

    Current Version: 1.17
    Make sure you have the latest version before reporting issues. The game may have been updated.

    Color Key:
    Fixed - This issue should be resolved in the recent update
    In Develop - Fixed or have a solution in development for a future update.
    Investigating - We have reproduced or confirmed this is an issue, but are still developing a solution
    Need More Details - We're aware of the issue, but don't yet have enough information to reproduce/fix

    Below are some reports from this thread, consolidated to make it easier to scan if an issue has been reported or to find common threads between reports for the same issue.

    These reports are not confirmed bugs, this is just a list of report posts formatted for readablity. If your issue is not listed here that doesn't mean it's not being read/acknowledged! If an issue is determined not to be a bug it will be removed from this list to keep it readable.
    We plan to continue to collect reports and identify issues to include in updates, but we'll need player reports to be as detailed as possible in order to properly identify/fix bugs. Our priority obviously will be any bugs which impact gameplay like crashes.

    There are still some issues which have been reported, but are not listed above. This is usually because we haven't seen enough reports/gotten enough details to identify it for escalation. If you've having an issue not listed here please report it with as much detail as possible so we can evaluate it.

    If you have a crash bug, please attach your save file (steps are here). Also, for the more technically saavy, crash details are stored inside the beta.ips files, thanks!

    Save file location:
    • iOS: Your Phone > Apps > Stardew Valley > Documents

    While some issues have threads dedicated to them - posting details either here or in the corresponding thread would be helpful - we'll do our best to make sure any new info/workarounds are communicated in both places to make sure players can find that info easily.

    If you're reporting a bug which was originally reported outside the forums please make sure to add a link to the original post - we may need to contact that player directly for more details.

    We're going to continue monitoring these and any newly reported problems, so please provide as much information as possible for any issues you may run into! We've worked really hard on this, and hope you enjoy the game! Thanks everyone!!
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    • Caipa

      Caipa Poptop Tamer


      I just started playing on an iPad Air 2. Went around town on the first day, tried playing the arcade game in the saloon and the game almost stops, like 2fps slow, press the X button on screen and the game returns to normal.

      Second day went to the clinic, I can see the doctor sitting in a desk inside, when I move near the door in the middle same thing happens until I leave and go outside and a few steps away from the clinic. It’s so slow I don’t even see the character moving.

      Tried on an iPhone 6s and managed to replicate the arcade bug instantly.

      Thanks and congratulations on the release
      • gfunk79

        gfunk79 Void-Bound Voyager

        I’ve encountered a bug with the blacksmith with my iPad Air. When I select him the menu pops up with the options to buy or upgrade tool, but then it will not allow me to leave. The selection menu just pops up again and again when pressing the leave button. The only way to get out of this is to shut down the app, relaunch and start the day over. This means I can’t upgrade my tools so my progress in the game is limited until you correct the bug. The bug occurs every time I try to interact with the blacksmith.
        • BlaqDekko

          BlaqDekko Intergalactic Tourist

          So excited for this iOS port. Quick bug I found:
          Transferred my save folder from ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves/ on my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 6 Plus through iTunes. After completing one day the game crashes right after I enter the bed when it should be listing money made. I'm guessing permissions issues or corrupted save files.

          Edit: I got past this bug by not placing anything in the selling bin and just going right to bed after the day starts. Looks like I'm off and running with my save file!

          Edit 2: The issue came back, but I can’t figure out what triggers the crash. It seems to be when I spend the whole day doing normal farm management and talking to people. If I just do an hour of stuff in the morning and go to the bed it plays fine.

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          • Lionlyy

            Lionlyy Space Hobo

            The combat system needs to be fixed. The auto combat mode causes you to slash over and over without any rhythm, causing you to get stuck on monsters and rapidly lose health without being able to change tools or eat food, and the normal combat mode doesn’t slash when you click.
            • Luckycarrot42

              Luckycarrot42 Space Hobo

              I’m using an Ipad Pro (IOS 12.0.1) I also encountered problems with the blacksmith, not only the looping menu I can’t escape from, but also he won’t accept the ores he asked for in the bulletin board.

              Some things I don’t know if bug, usability issue or maybe I missed the explanation on how do it on mobile:
              -I find chopping down trees a bit annoying. Despite having the axe selected, half of the time the character just seems to shake the tree instead of hitting it.
              -How can I separate stacks of items?
              -How can I drop items to the floor?
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              • craggers

                craggers Space Hobo

                I’m using an iPad Pro 2017 with a nimbus controller and all the commands work on the controller I.e movement, changing weapons in inventory and getting menus up but the ‘action’ button doesn’t work. So for example on PS4 it is normally X button. I would assume that is the ‘A’ button on the nimbus but it doesn’t work. Is this a known bug? Can’t wait to play this game on mobile
                • mebben

                  mebben Lucky Number 13

                  I'm having items disappearing while playing. Went and did the Spring Foraging Quest for the 30 seeds. Ran around, getting some stuff, finishing Robins Axe quest and when I came back to the farm my 30 seeds had turned into 1 seed. Had to reload the game :/

                  Edit another bug:

                  The scene with Jojomart's owner entering Pierres shop turned into a slideshow on my 12,9 iPad Pro. Once the scene was over the performance went back to normal.

                  Edit 3:

                  Sound/music stopped working after recieving a phone call on the iPad. Restarting app fixed that. Apparently happens everytime someone calls me.
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                  • NekoFever

                    NekoFever Space Hobo

                    A minor thing but on my iPhone XS (I assume XS Max, XR and X do the same thing) the home indicator bar at the bottom of the screen is always visible. It's quite trivial for games to hide it.
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                    • gfunk79

                      gfunk79 Void-Bound Voyager

                      I’ve found auto combat works better if you let the mobs come to you rather than engaging them in combat yourself.
                      • gfunk79

                        gfunk79 Void-Bound Voyager

                        I haven’t found a way to drop items on the floor, but you can get rid of them altogether by binning them in your inventory. The blacksmith thing is driving me crazy. I hope they fix it soon. The fishing drives me crazy too, but that’s not a bug, just me being bad at it
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                        • Apio

                          Apio Intergalactic Tourist

                          I imported my save from my MacBook Pro and after compleating one day I cannot get through the second day (Year one, Spring 26) without the game crashing at some point. It has done it 3 times but at different spots each time. I had two crashes on my iPad Pro (10.5, ios 12.0.1), and one on my iPhone X (ios 12.0.1). I tried restarting both devices and it still crashed. I think this game is incredible and I’m very impressed with the mobile port, but if I can’t get through a day without crashing it’s currently unplayable.

                          Update: I've discovered there is a quest from Demetrius to catch a sardine. After completing the quest, when I try to collect the money from the journal screen it crashes 100% of the time. If I save it before collecting and try to collect the next day it crashes then.
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                          • SnakeWesker

                            SnakeWesker Space Hobo

                            Are we supposed to be able to continue our game from the iPad on our iPhones? I don’t see any option to do that. Is this something that could happen in the future?
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                            • Pathoschild

                              Pathoschild Tiy's Beard

                              We consolidated most feedback into one thread on Reddit. Here are a few bugs that haven't been reported here yet (unfortunately no saves provided):
                              • To watch the TV, you need to click the tile behind it (report).
                              • The screen doesn't rotate (report).
                              • Terrible lag when entering the museum, blacksmith's shop, or caves (report). Also reported in 'certain houses' on iPhone X (report).
                              • Otten

                                Otten Master Chief

                                I just started my first mobile game file. When I talk to Clint for the first time, when he is behind his desk, he says his welcome line, but after that the shop menu bar comes up and you can't exit out of it.
                                • swroach

                                  swroach Space Hobo

                                  Playing a fresh file on an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS. I can’t get beyond day 2 because my farmer keeps getting frozen in one position. It happens after getting the bamboo rod from Willie. The first time I was casting a line and farmer got stuck with his rod up in the air. I can move the farmer but he can’t change position or do any actions (legs don’t move; the farmer just glides around like a chess piece) . Can’t go into any buildings. Time continues but stops at 2 a.m. and the day doesn’t end. The clock continues to say 2 a.m. even though I can move the farmer.
                                  The second time it happened I had just swapped the location of the fishing rod with a fish in my inventory. Farmer got stuck holding a fish and the same ability to move without doing any actions occurred. Throwing away the fish made the fish disappear but the farmer is still frozen.
                                  • willrun4fun

                                    willrun4fun Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I can't seem to pick Salmonberries.

                                    EDIT: Have to have my ax in my inventory. Won't work without it with me.
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                                    • nicnic17

                                      nicnic17 Space Hobo

                                      Just downloded on IPhone 7 plus. I’m stuck on the first screen. The tick button to confirm the character! Started from scratch! What to do???
                                      Edit: no response->refund
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                                      • NotQuiteZombie

                                        NotQuiteZombie Space Hobo

                                        I caught at Sunfish in the ocean on the second day of Spring, Year 1. This shouldn't be possible since it is a river/lake fish. I was fishing from the SW corner of the dock right in front of the fish shop. I play on an iPhone 6.
                                        • Chromite297

                                          Chromite297 Space Hobo

                                          iPhone notch prevents the player from moving left when the Vertical Toolbar is disabled.

                                          The next screen won’t load until the player is right next to it but the notch prevents the player from moving that far left on the screen when there’s no Toolbar. Adjusting the Toolbar padding doesn’t seem to help.

                                          Tested on iPhone XS Max
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