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Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. kahdmus

    kahdmus Aquatic Astronaut

    I am experiencing the exact same crash. iPhone 7, iOS 10. If I don't order big coop, I can save and continue next day. If I go to Robin and order big coop, it will crash as soon as day changes and it begins to save. Extremely frustrating.
    • selfproclaimKING

      selfproclaimKING Tentacle Wrangler

      Experienced on iPhone 6S Plus.

      Whenever I received a phone call during gameplay, all sounds and musics stopped
      • Hiroki1234

        Hiroki1234 Space Hobo

        Hello, I'm playing on IPhone 6S iOs 12.
        I completed all the mission so the "!" button disapeared, and now to open my inventory I need to click below the actual menu button (click at its old position - even though the button image is now displayed at the "!" button position).
        This is not unplayable but really annoying for me :<
        Anyway, I want to say thank you for bringing this masterpiece to iOs! Can't stop playing right now. It would be great if this bug is fixed :3

        Ps: was changing hat when on my house and now my horse is wearing the hat that I put out :3

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          Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
        • Akiri

          Akiri Space Hobo

          I'm having the same bug, really annoying - so I want to add more information, so that you'r maybe be able to fix this as soon as possible..
          I am adding my crash report, a screenshot ( I made it like 2 seconds before the stairs for the next level appeared, I clicked on them and the game crashed again) and the save file.
          I tested going into the mine that day for like 5 times, and each time it crashed after a few levels, not always at the same level, but always later the day...
          It was a day, where the "gods were very happy" , that's why I went to the mines.
          Besides I tested this with two iPads, different models, one with IOS 12.1 and one with IOS 12.0 .

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          • Khufu42

            Khufu42 Yeah, You!

            Any ETA on the 1.04 update? I’m excited to try the new control options.
            • juhmarksman

              juhmarksman Space Hobo

              I am on iPhone 7 Plus and the app starts slowing down considerably to the point where it freezes for over a minute at a time whenever I went into Marney’s house and the bar in town. As soon as I manage to exit, the game resumes as normal.

              - I have been playing since the game came out and today is the first day this has happened.
              • Rosebud831

                Rosebud831 Space Hobo

                I am in year one, winter, day 18 and playing on an iPad mini. My inventory button no longer works at all. Can’t open it or engage it.
                • marisse

                  marisse Space Hobo

                  I didn’t claim the rarecrow from museum rewards for a long time and I only got the other donation reward. For completion sake can that rarecrow be bought again after earning them ? Or is the only solution to restart ? Yup I’ve got that achievement star.

                  Given how easy it is to delete items, can rewards be bought again ? It seems pretty logical but a manual save button seemed pretty logical too. Meh.
                  • Shinigami9217

                    Shinigami9217 Void-Bound Voyager

                    Placing a tv on a walnut table deletes the tv
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                    • Rosebud831

                      Rosebud831 Space Hobo

                      Oh, I think this is my issue too. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t open my inventory.
                      • notdesmond

                        notdesmond Space Hobo

                        Same here, iPad Pro 2nd Gen, iOS 12.1.
                        • jbag1489

                          jbag1489 Intergalactic Tourist

                          I purchased Stardew Valley mobile today, and have already had two issues of the game crashing as soon as I enter the bed and choose to sleep. I am using a save a transferred from PC, no mods ever used or even installed. During both days, I did not build any new buildings. The second day I fished some, added an item or two to the community center, and foraged some items. The heart event with Haley did occur on the beach. Attached is a 7zip containing my entire save folder as well as both crash reports.

                          I hope this is resolved quickly, there's not much confidence in playing on my phone when the whole day's work might be erased.

                          -EDIT- Also, forgot to add this, the crash appears as soon as the screen goes black, I do not see any of the totals about what I sold that day.

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                          • Knakriktsur

                            Knakriktsur Astral Cartographer

                            Hi everyone, just a small report.

                            Latest version 1.03 from App Store

                            iPhone 7, iOS 12.1

                            Crash: Mines: entering lvl 75 by normal ladder causes instant crash, happened 2 times. Haven’t been able to reach lvl 75 yet without crash. Has had crashes on other levels before, always when entering a ladder.

                            Bug: Sometimes I cannot interact with Items very close in front of me: Stones in the mines, TV. Especially TV is not good, as I have to touch on it, read weather, touch on a tile away so character moves, touch on TV again to read next.

                            Missing Translation: In Inventory you can touch on the “tree” symbol for community centre open a package and see what you need. Touch and hold on an item shows English names in German version. Maybe also happens when you are in the centre and check there. This should be fixed.
                            • Jorelishe

                              Jorelishe Seal Broken

                              Talking to Marnie triggered the save crash for me
                              • Jorelishe

                                Jorelishe Seal Broken

                                Do you talk to Marnie?
                                • jbag1489

                                  jbag1489 Intergalactic Tourist

                                  I just “played” a new day. All I did was wake up, go to Marnie’s shop, buy a milk pail and then go to sleep. Crash did occur.
                                  • maky022

                                    maky022 Space Hobo

                                    i cannot go out because a sprinkler has been placed in front of the door. I cannot move it coz it’s too close to the door.

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                                    • Knakriktsur

                                      Knakriktsur Astral Cartographer

                                      I haven`t had this problen yet but you can not dig it up with a pickaxe or by pressing and holt or tabbing multible times fast on it?
                                      • maky022

                                        maky022 Space Hobo

                                        i can’t use anything since i’m in the room as you know. And i can’t touch it.
                                        • ravenclawfarmer

                                          ravenclawfarmer Seal Broken

                                          This has happened several times now. Going through a door/entryway to another area the player will randomly dismount and the horse will be on the other side. Cannot get through the door/entryway since the horse is blocking it but cannot mount the horse either because when I try to click on the horse it will just take me back through the door/entryway. Very frustrating when it happens in the mines since you cannot get through and end up having to quit the game and restart the entire day.

                                          Also I see its it’s being worked on but bought shipping bins do not work.

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