Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Ceil

    Ceil Aquatic Astronaut

    Unplayable with latest update on iPad Air now. Unable to interact with NPCs / animals, as others have said. Please pull the update and restore the older version until the problem is resolved so the game is at least semi- playable.
    • Paopu

      Paopu Space Hobo

      The game crash when I try to do fishing but if the bar is really smaller than previously, that’s too bad ! The big one was good for tablet use
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      • Susiekins

        Susiekins Space Hobo

        Hi, I recently downloaded this game on my iPad Mini after playing it on my laptop since it’s release. I had no issues until the new update downloaded this morning ( version 1.13).

        Unfortunately this update crashes the game as I was fishing twice: I was able to cast my line, but once a fish took hold, the game simply closed. I attempted this twice, both on the same game day play (spring 27) at different times, both on the river in town.

        It also now glitches as I talk to other townsfolk, and my cat. My character either shakes as if attempting to walk through the other character, or simply turns around in a circle on the same game tile.

        I also attempted to plant seeds on Summer 1, and was able to dig and water my soil, and put down fertilizer, but it would not let me plant any summer crops.

        Hoping this can be fixed soon. Other than these issues I haven’t had any problems with the mobile version. Not a fan of how combat is done but that’s just a personal preference. Love the game otherwise, xo
        • bryanall

          bryanall Space Hobo

          Just after this most recent update everything works fine, except when fishing it crashes. Not when catching nonfish. Only when a hit on fish is made it crashes and no auto saving.
          • Alaricsen

            Alaricsen Space Hobo

            Stardew Valley 1.13 crashing when hooking a fish while fishing on iPhone Xs
            • patdski

              patdski Poptop Tamer

              Experiencing all of the same issues as others here:
              • can’t plant seeds
              • crash on successfully “hitting” a fish
              • tap to move grid is misaligned
              • can’t interact with NPCs or animals
              As others say, the game is totally unplayable right now. What are the odds we’ll see a fix or a roll back this weekend?
              • Davidovich

                Davidovich Void-Bound Voyager

                Having the same problem with the tv. Have to walk away then back to check it. I’m LOVING the size of the fishing UI though. It fits perfectly on my XR. Sorry to hear about your woes with it.
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                • Skinflint

                  Skinflint Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  On the fishing size: my iPod it's very small but when the bar took up the whole screen I couldn't see Perfect catches. If it was sized so there's room for the full "Perfect!" text animation and a small margin along the bottom I think that might prove a relatively happy medium for most folks.
                  • KeyJ

                    KeyJ Space Hobo

                    There seems to be an off center grid restricting me from planting any seeds. It’s my first year and i just made it into August but i think the bugs been there for longer than I realized because i had crops that reproduced all summer. So i didn’t notice the problem until fall emerged when i had to plant seeds again. I’m assuming this took place some time during the summer and i would really like to see it fixed so i can continue playing.
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                    • trellog

                      trellog Space Hobo

                      Having many of the same issues. Can’t plant seeds. Can’t interact with people. I deleted the game and reinstalled it but this did not fix the problem. Plus I lost both my saved games which had both progressed to year three.
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                      • xXxEDGELORDxXx

                        xXxEDGELORDxXx Space Hobo

                        Same thing
                        • Pollock20

                          Pollock20 Space Hobo

                          The screen is not optimized for the iPhone X’s. My whole tool side bar is cut in half and can only see like 3 slots. The notch on the new iPhone cuts it off. And the health bar is cut off along with various other parts. Please fix!! I can’t play the game!! Thanks!! Keep up the good work!
                          • aiasolis

                            aiasolis Space Hobo

                            Hi! I just updated mine yesterday (Dec 8, 2018, PH). I'm currently at my Year 3 Spring 24, Flower Festival.

                            I cannot talk to anyone. No dialogue and it just shakes its head like crazy. I cannot exit the festival as well.

                            Help! Any update coming up in a few min/hrs?
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                            • PritK

                              PritK Space Hobo

                              Since the last update, yesterday (Dec 8, 2018), My app crashes every time I try to fish. And my character keeps shaking over the animals when I try to get close to them.
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                              • patdski

                                patdski Poptop Tamer

                                Disappointing that these bugs have been reported for a day without response.
                                • Davidovich

                                  Davidovich Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Have you tried adjusting the “menu padding” and “toolbar padding” in the settings?
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                                  • Bulma

                                    Bulma Space Hobo

                                    Agreed. I even sent them an email to report it and no response at all.
                                    That is unusual, most games I play will at least have a customer service representative with generic replies like we’re looking into it and so on.
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                                    • Jazzar

                                      Jazzar Space Hobo

                                      I am using an iPhone se and I am in the spring of my second year and now suddenly I am unable to talk to anyone my character looks like he is having a seizure everytime I try and I am unable to sow any crops. When I try it makes a green square in the middle of four squares that are able to be sown in. Have tried closing and reloading the game still hasn’t fixed the issue.
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                                      • Davidovich

                                        Davidovich Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I’m with you. It’s strange that harryh hasn’t been here to say a word. On reddit, people seem to be really frustrated with the latest update too. I’m trying to give The Secret Police the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they’re spending time with their family, since it is the weekend. It’s just unfortunate because the weekend is where most people like to put in a lot of playtime and now, they can’t. If this was any other game, I wouldn’t really care. But Stardew Valley has its hooks in me and won’t let go. I’m fiending for a fix. I need to get back to my farm and tend to my animals and my crops and I’m sure Leah is getting really lonely without me there to give her gifts. My real life is so boring that I need to disappear into my artificial one lol. All day long, like maybe some of you, I’ve been rotating back and forth between this site and the App Store seeing if there’s any update. I’m definitely turning off automatic updates so that in the future, I can see if there’s any game-breaking bugs before updating this app.
                                        • Crazyedge

                                          Crazyedge Space Hobo

                                          Hello, im using my iphone 7 with the latest update 1.12 stardew valley, after updating to this version, my character can’t plant anything on the ground and when I tried to talk to the npc, its sort of glitch out. Please fix it because really like this game and keep playing until the glitch happen today.
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