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Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. missgamerchic

    missgamerchic Space Hobo

    My dog blocked my doorway at night and wouldn’t move, so I had to just play till the game was at 2am where my player then passes out from exhaustion.

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    • gizzmogeek

      gizzmogeek Space Hobo

      I figured out how to drop or move a single item instead of all. When you are looking at all your items in your inventory press and hold your finger, briefly picks one item, longer increments the counter so you can move some or all. If you just do a single press on the item it defaults to pick up everything. Took a while to figure out and I got there by accident but once you do it a bit you get used to it. It works fine just not obvious.
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      • Typhoon

        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

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      • Typhoon

        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

        This also happens in other versions of the game, just keep walking against the blockage (dog, cat, person) and after a number of seconds you'll walk right through.
        • Curlicue

          Curlicue Space Hobo

          Hey— I have the same issue, and having tested a few things I can confirm that this crash is specifically caused by trying to upgrade to the big coop. My game fails at the save screen every time I try for the bug coop, and no other time.
          • Pros599

            Pros599 Seal Broken

            Having the same issue. Started after I removed a magnet ring. If it helps, I did have two equipped at the same time before I removed one.

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            • Pros599

              Pros599 Seal Broken

              Found the problem for you @sepo

              When removing a magnetic ring, the magnetic radius is set to -256 and then saved. I'm willing to put money on a casting error :)
              • Katzeus

                Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                Update 1.02 is deploying right now. Details below.

                1.02 (26 October 2018)
                • Can now play music/podcasts etc in the background
                • Tap & Hold movement now allows you to exit the side of the screen
                • Left and Right orientations supported on iPhones
                • Vibration support in fishing on supported devices (Toggle on via options page)
                • Easier to mount/dismount horse
                Bug Fixes:
                • (Fixed) Possible crash when upgrading buildings
                • (Fixed) Possible crash on start of combat for some PC import saves
                • (Fixed) Possible crash on imported PC saves in Journal
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                • AdamJemsond

                  AdamJemsond Seal Broken

                  Thank you so much guys! You are the best haha
                  • UnexpectedParole

                    UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

                    I am sorry I can't help and do not know what the intent was for the mobile port.

                    But on the PC it is not a bug if you can't save mid-day. It is a feature.
                    And having that brought to my attention has made me determine that SDV is probably not a game I want to buy for my mobile since typically the time spent playing is not long enough for a day to pass.

                    Maybe the feature to save during the day was/is or will be planned for the mobile. But I personally don't know.
                    • kirky555

                      kirky555 Space Hobo

                      I always knew the this game would be amazing on mobile and I am loving it so far. The quick update you’ve pushed out is also welcome.

                      I have a problem in that I can’t speak to Gunther in the museum. He’s behind the counter but I can’t interact with him at all. So I can’t give him any of the things I find.
                      • almert

                        almert Space Hobo

                        Also having the problem with not being able to pick anything up after wearing a magnet ring
                        • Mochajung

                          Mochajung Space Hobo

                          I just bought the game for my ipad 2018 but for some reason no sound comes from the game. Closed and reopened the game several times, reinstalled, played with the sound settings but still nothing.
                          I really want to play it but without the music/ambience its not the same. :(
                          • twuffli

                            twuffli Space Hobo

                            I have the same problem. here is my save!

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                            • kelsey_167

                              kelsey_167 Space Hobo


                              Couple things I’ve noticed that I’m almost positive I haven’t seen posted yet;

                              1. Sometimes overnight a previously watered crop will become unwatered and be at a different stage. It happened with a turnip and a potato. I watered it (checked soil colour), but the next day it was dying as if it had not been watered.

                              2. I cannot select the pantry tile in the Communjtt Center (Greenhouse Reward) to add items. I’ve tried a few times. The other block works fine but I cannot select this particular one.


                              Edit: I’m using an iPhone 7+ running iOS 12.0.1!
                              • Pros599

                                Pros599 Seal Broken


                                In case you missed the other post - When removing a magnetic ring, the magnetic radius is set to -256 and then saved. This prevents players from picking anything up when it drops afterwards.
                                I'm willing to put money on a casting error
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                                • mushyrat

                                  mushyrat Void-Bound Voyager

                                  This has also crashed my game, twice so far. (Clicking on ladder in mines) The game didn't load to the next screen it just instantly crashed to home screen. It happened on different levels, at different times. Thank you.
                                  • LuckyCarrot

                                    LuckyCarrot Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Thanks sepo, gfunk79, gizzmogeek for replies (I had an older account here and didn't realize it).

                                    I also have experienced several crashes when trying to get down a ladder in the mines.

                                    Also, I reached the fishing competition in winter, and when the competition started the game got impossibly slow. Had to reload the save.
                                    • IttPatsakorn

                                      IttPatsakorn Intergalactic Tourist

                                      I think there’s a bug about placing an auto-grabber in the barn.

                                      In mobile, it can be placed anywhere in the barn.
                                      In PC, it can be placed only the middle area of the barn.

                                      P.S. My English is bad.
                                      • Typhoon

                                        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

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