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Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Davidovich

    Davidovich Void-Bound Voyager

    Having major issues trying to pan for minerals on my iPhone XR, iOS 12.1.2. Whenever I try to use the pan on an area that’s designated as a panning spot, I have to tap all over the screen to get it to work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Just got the pan after clearing the boulder and would love to be able to use it. Thanks.
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    • Hideto Koudanshi

      Hideto Koudanshi Orbital Explorer

      Mobile iOS version. (Latest update)

      When I named a new chicken for an unused item number ([143] I think it was), I got what looked like an egg that was broken open into two pieces and the contents oozed out, and when I deleted it as a useless thing, the inventory slot that held it was no longer usable. I can move the useless, empty inventory slot around by long-pressing on an item and putting it where the empty slot was, effectively "swapping it around" but nothing can actually occupy that slot, as if that dead broken egg was still there despite going in the trash.
      • Skinflint

        Skinflint Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Please add a toggle onto Junimo Huts to pause their harvesting. Perfect place would be at the right in their inventory screen where the "organize" button goes for Chests and the Backpack.

        I file this as a "bug" to this thread because right-click, I was informed, already does this on the desktop version.
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        • Knakriktsur

          Knakriktsur Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Yep I need this too!
          • Davidovich

            Davidovich Void-Bound Voyager

            Hey harryh! Hope you had a good holiday with the fam. Any news on when the newest update will hit the App Store? Just curious.
            • MKminerHacks

              MKminerHacks Space Hobo

              Using an IPad Mini 4.

              Just got the game today (December 30th), and already I have lost around 2 days of progress out of 9. Crashes accounted for both of these instances. They occurred on the 5th and 9th nights. Simple actions such as planting, talking, gifting, etc. were done during all days. Thank you for working on and improving your game. Devs actively hunting for bugs makes games like these great.
              • reyner456

                reyner456 Space Hobo

                hi, i’m new to this game and use mobile version.

                So i play using Iphone 7 and i found that it was way too zoom in and hoping that resolution scaling will be added soon. thankyou :)

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                • Knakriktsur

                  Knakriktsur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  An option for resolution scaling would be very nice! :)
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                  • Knakriktsur

                    Knakriktsur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    My Char felt at sleep because of that today. Please fix it!
                    • oxfordnecrotics

                      oxfordnecrotics Intergalactic Tourist

                      my gold axe suddenly stopped working on wood! i'm able to break down stones and boulders like usual, but i can't even break down the small pieces of wood on my farm. it also won't work on trees or hardwood stumps. however, the axe still "hits", per se, but even when it's placed directly on the wood, it only produces the axe hitting bare ground sound, not the wood cutting sound. therefore, and most importantly, the energy bar still goes down even though the wood isn't being chopped. i've tried to restart the app multiple times and my axe still won't work i'm on the latest version of the game, and i'm using ios 12.1.2 on iphone 7.
                      • WTPhug

                        WTPhug Yeah, You!

                        I just bought this game (v1.17) because it said it had full MFI controller support. However, I can’t get my Nimbus to work with it. I can move my character around, and can open and close the menu. That’s about it. I cannot maneuver within a menu at all (like selecting the different tabs), nor select the button bar type dialog box (like selecting what TV program to watch), nor select any other onscreen buttons, I restarted my 5th gen/2017 iPad and reinstalled the app with no change. I have no problems at all with my controller with all the other games I play that have MFI support, so it is definitely this game. Is this a known issue at this time? Very disappointed, as the game is unplayable for me at this time without controller support.
                        • Knakriktsur

                          Knakriktsur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Hey, just some questions. Which lvl is your axe? Copper, Gold,...? Did you just upgrade your Axe? Annnd did you use a game from PC or where you have used a map editor on to fix some things? I had this problem on some trees on a test file after using map editor for a test.
                          • oxfordnecrotics

                            oxfordnecrotics Intergalactic Tourist

                            my axe is gold! and yeah, i had just recently upgraded it along with my other tools. oddly enough, the axe breaks down boulders and rocks just fine, as well as barrels and chests in the mines, but it won’t work on any type of wood anywhere (trees/stumps/branches). all my other gold tools are working perfectly. and i haven’t played it on desktop at all, just on iphone. lmk if you have any more questions!
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                            • DerpyVideoGamer

                              DerpyVideoGamer Space Hobo

                              Ok, so I have a crash. I was playing the game normally yesterday, but today, it kept crashing. It would go on the “Secret Police” and “Chucklefish Studios” screen for 5 to 8 seconds, and then it would just crash and go to the home screen of my iPad.
                              • annamlang

                                annamlang Space Hobo

                                Blue jazz flowers are not stacking correctly. Using iPad pro 12.9. Harvested them from the greenhouse.

                                • Hello Snake

                                  Hello Snake Yeah, You!

                                  Today I noticed that there is a problem with the displayed info for artifacts I have donated to the museum. I have only placed artifacts on the bottom platform, starting at the very top row and filling in the rows going downward. So the problem is for everything on the second row from the top, when you tap it it incorrectly shows the name and information for the item directly above it. And for anything on the third row that has an item directly above it on the 2nd row, it incorrectly shows the info for that item. So only the items on the top row, and the items on the third row end spots (where nothing is above them) show the correct info when you tap them.

                                  Update: I figured out how to move displayed artifacts, and created an empty row between my two rows of artifacts on the bottom platform and now they all show the correct info when tapped. I'm not sure how many artifacts there are, if I need to eventually fill in that empty row then this is still going to be a problem.
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                                  • Knakriktsur

                                    Knakriktsur Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    If you look very closely, you can see that everyone has a different colour and/or quality. That’s why game does not stack flowers even if they look nearly the same. Or didn’t I get what you mean?
                                    • alvin23

                                      alvin23 Yeah, You!

                                      I’m struggling with a freeze on save screen issue, very similar to what many others have posted.

                                      When this has happened in the past, I’ve simply replayed the day and was the. able to save properly.

                                      But I just can’t get past this day 5 of year 4. Whether it’s the four new friend cut scenes in the day... or the fact that I finally saved enough for a return sceptre... or that I’ve finally made a lifelong 10heart friend in George (is there a cut scene being loaded)... who knows. My save file is attached.

                                      I’m so bummed. Right in the middle of my New Years holiday, with time to kill... hope this can get fixed, soon.

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                                      • niddin

                                        niddin Intergalactic Tourist

                                        iOS 12.1, iPhone XS Max AND iPad Pro 10”

                                        Joystick with 1 button does not cover half of screen. Looks like it only covers the area defined as button 1 of the two button setup.

                                        Is literally nobody else getting this or trying to use this control method? It’s never listed in the list of bugs and the the faq says it should work.
                                        • Captainjamason

                                          Captainjamason Space Hobo

                                          iOS 12.1.2, iPhone 7 Plus.

                                          After connecting Lightning earbuds (included earpods) the game no longer outputs sound except through said earbuds. Phone has been fully restarted and app has both been offloaded and completely reinstalled with no luck.
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