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Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. mebben

    mebben Lucky Number 13

    iPad Pro 12.9"

    Getting severe slowdown after playing the slingshot competition during the autumn festival. Up to 15 seconds delay on commands and everything is like a slideshow. Once I leave the festival everything returns to normal speed.
    • selfproclaimKING

      selfproclaimKING Tentacle Wrangler

      There seems to be no way to drop items. However, an alternative to completing your quest is to transfer copper ore one by one from chest to inventory. You can hold the item to select a specific amount.
      • selfproclaimKING

        selfproclaimKING Tentacle Wrangler

        iPhone 6S Plus here - It seemed impossible for me to pickup eggs during Egg Hunt, although the pickup function worked normally in other occasions. I retried the event (by exiting the game) and I could pick the eggs up again. Possibly a bug.
        • selfproclaimKING

          selfproclaimKING Tentacle Wrangler

          iPhone 6S Plus - the menu & toolbar padding adjustment seems to reset (to zero) every time I exit the game (and kill the background process)
          • Crackdummy

            Crackdummy Space Hobo

            Hello guys! Firstly Would like to congratulate the team for the successful launching for ios version of the game! Loving it! But i got a bug where when i went to bed and save the game my game crashed. I transferred my save data from my pc without any mods. Now i cant proceed to the next day in game :/ i dont have any save issues on previous days and now it crashes at Spring day 12 Year 3, Im on iPhone 8 Plus.

            The game also crashes when selecting the ‘!’ Quest logs window on the right upper corner of the screen

            Anyone having the same issues as mine?
            • usgrant

              usgrant Space Hobo

              Only being able to save by sleeping is a real bummer and honestly a huge turn-off for playing the game at all or recommending it to friends. On an iPhone I want to pick up and put down the game in very short sessions, and that means I'll rarely have the time to play for an entire day in one sitting without swiping to the home screen.

              I lost almost an entire in-game day of work because I had to take a call while playing, and the game's process was killed by the system. Are there any plans to add mid-day saving? Or even just have the game automatically save its current state when the game is sent to the background?
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              • Akku

                Akku Space Hobo

                Hi was playing through the game, went to use the bed one night and then the game wasn't loading (figured might be lack of memory or something) so I closed the app and restarted it, and now when I select my character on the title screen it just crashes after selection. It's been in this loop all night, I can create a new character and play with it but that's about it, no access to my old one at all

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                • mitch8402

                  mitch8402 Master Chief

                  I have the same issue with using saves from my pc. Not using any mods either
                  • Katzeus

                    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                    Update 1.01 is deploying right now. Details below.

                    1.01 (25 October 2018)
                    • (Fixed) Blacksmith menu can't be exited properly
                    • (Fixed) Can't hold to chop hardwood stumps and the the log outside the secret woods
                    • (Fixed) Virtual joystick (when auto attack is off) conflicting with hold finger down to move
                    • (Fixed) The left two tiles on a barn door will open it, but the right two squares won't
                    • Other attack joystick bug fixes
                    Thanks for all the reports so far, it's been very helpful to help isolate these issues.

                    What happens when you tap the plaque? Have you completed a bundle in the craft room already?
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                    • Dekrae

                      Dekrae Space Hobo

                      my year 3 save file imported from pc crashes every time i open the journal, i made other saves on computer that work fine with my iphone 7.
                      ill post my save so you can look into it

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                      • Danipapa01

                        Danipapa01 Space Hobo

                        I am playing on iPad 3 on the 3. day of fall when I go to sleep the game crashes and I have to start the day again and I just cant go to the next day
                        • UnexpectedParole

                          UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

                          I know it is not the same as saving, and I don't play on mobile, but are you able to open a chest, or your social screen and have it pause the game instead of swiping to the home screen?

                          I have had to many times on my pc do that if I could not play the whole day in one go.
                          • AdamJemsond

                            AdamJemsond Seal Broken


                            I am playing on iPhone X.

                            My game crashes on the night of Fall 11th, on which I tried to upgrade my barn. It happened twice, so I gave up.

                            I tried to find an answer in this forum, and I found this thread:

                            "There are two things that need to happen in order to cause the crash:
                            1. At least one of the following core tool items must not be in your inventory when you sleep: Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Watering Can, Scythe. If you have the Return Scepter, that counts too.
                            2. At least one of your chest-like containers must have a gap between two items. This includes chests you've crafted, the fridge in the farmhouse upgrade, and the containers on the Mill and Junimo Hut buildings. It doesn't include the chests that spawn every 10 levels in the mines.
                            The crash happens when the game scans your inventory and chests to make sure none of your tools are missing. When it encounters a gap in the chest, it causes an error. The PC and other console versions are able to handle the error and keep running, however, the Switch version cannot.

                            The crash doesn't require you to upgrade any tools (although that is one way you can end up sleeping without tools in your inventory). And it doesn't require the fridge.

                            That said, it's surprisingly not very easy to create a gap in a chest. Simply adding or removing items from a chest automatically removes all the gaps. There are only two ways we know of:

                            • With the house upgrade that provides the kitchen, cook some food that uses ingredients in the fridge. That can create a gap in the fridge.
                            • With a full inventory, open a chest and directly trash an item from it."

                            Source: https://community.playstarbound.com...e-sleep-crash-bug.137961/page-13#post-3226961

                            I tried to follow the suggestion above, and I can proceed to Fall 12th without upgrading my barn.

                            However, when I tried to upgrade my barn on Fall 12th, my game crashes again while saving. I have attached the zipped file below.

                            Please help. Highly appreciate it!

                            Thank you in advance.

                            All the best,


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                            • usgrant

                              usgrant Space Hobo

                              No, because when the app is not active, iOS can decide that it needs to reclaim memory and kill the game process at any point. On the Switch, not being able to save mid-day isn't a problem because the Switch will not kill the game process while the system is asleep or while you are doing some other non-game thing (i.e. the eShop or system settings). You only lose your progress if you intentionally kill the game by closing it (and the Switch asks you for confirmation that that's what you really want) or if you let the battery run all the way down. You can lose your progress on mobile SDV by taking a phone call.
                              • douceline

                                douceline Space Hobo

                                When the app is running in the background, the game crashes and I lose everything I've done that day. So if I have to check my email or take a call, I lose all my progress from the last save. We should be able to either save more frequently, or allow the game to keep running idle in the background but paused so we don't lose progress.

                                Playing on iPhone 8.
                                • twuffli

                                  twuffli Space Hobo

                                  iphone 7

                                  i picked up and equipped a small magnetic ring and i think it messed up my magnetic radius because now i cant pick up resources at all. wood and rocks and everything else stay on the ground and wont automatically be picked up. can this be fixed?
                                  • AdamJemsond

                                    AdamJemsond Seal Broken


                                    I tried to play again after the 1.01 update.

                                    Nothing changed. The game still crashes if I try to upgrade my barn.

                                    • Parki

                                      Parki Intergalactic Tourist

                                      Installed the update just now on an iPad Air (latest ios)
                                      EDIT: problem resolved itself :)
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                                      • ktmktm

                                        ktmktm Space Hobo

                                        I can no longer pick up items such as wood or stones. I have a magnet ring, took it off briefly, and now can’t collect items at all. It’s only a problem on my main save, I started a new save and everything works normally.
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                                        • fbautista

                                          fbautista Space Hobo

                                          Game crashes while saving whenever I try to upgrade my barn regardless of season. Playing on 1.01 on an iPad 2018.
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