Stardew Valley Mobile: Known Issues and Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Typhoon

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  2. Typhoon

    Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

  3. Caitiekitty

    Caitiekitty Space Hobo

    Just updated to the new version but now when fishing (outside Willy’s shop in the ocean) there is no fish or green meter to fish with it still makes the noise and the background of the meter shows up but you can’t actually fish
    • Orcaryx

      Orcaryx Space Hobo

      the game closes at ios when the amount of hay in the silo is verified :(
      • Apio

        Apio Intergalactic Tourist

        I also have the fishing bug, which sadly makes the game unplayable.
        • Tidero

          Tidero Seal Broken

          Yep after update game closed when I’m touch hay of silo. Nice...
          iPhone 8 Plus.
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          • k4rst3n

            k4rst3n Lucky Number 13

            Two bugs since updating to 1.04

            1. If I try to deposit hay in to the silos or just checking to see how much I have left the game crash (have two silos)

            2. Fishing is broken so you can't see the fish or the green bar:

            On iPhone XS 12.1 and game version 1.04
            • baconcow

              baconcow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Can confirm that the game crashes. When I try to put hay in my silo (I have 2 or 3 silos, cannot remember). Thanks to the new autosave, I only lost a short bit.

              My wife said the game crashed when she planted a winter seed.
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              • AcaelusKylar

                AcaelusKylar Space Hobo

                Getting same issues here. Fishing broken. Invisible fish! iPhone 8plus
                • raptor217

                  raptor217 Space Hobo

                  I'm also getting the silo crash. Additionally, the borders are screwed up on an iphone x/xs on the left and right.
                  • harryh

                    harryh Developer

                    Hi all, thanks for reporting the silo and fishing bugs. We're not sure how those slipped through testing. They are now fixed, and we have uploaded an update patch to apple which hopefully will process soon. It's nearly midnight here but hopefully we will be able to push the build out before too long.
                    • harryh

                      harryh Developer

                      You can manually adjust the borders if they don't look right - go into the options screen and there are two sliders at the bottom - one adjusts the inset for the menus, one for the toolbar.
                      • chabotnick

                        chabotnick Space Hobo

                        I have the fishing bug too. Both iPad Air2 and iPhone XR.
                        • TheGameProfessor

                          TheGameProfessor Space Hobo

                          Reporting a bug where day one of spring year 3 won’t load. After my money tallies I stay stuck on the save/load page for the next day. I’m playing on iPad Air running iOS 12.0.1. This is the first issue I’ve had since the mobile version originally released. Thanks!
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                          • timmiesaurus

                            timmiesaurus Space Hobo

                            Fishing bug the same here on the new iPad pro 11 inch. I'd post a screenshot but they're the same as above.
                            • snowyash

                              snowyash Space Hobo

                              Reporting the same bug as the person above. I’m stuck on Year 3 day 1. It’s not loading pass saving stage of the night...
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                              • Wangus

                                Wangus Space Hobo

                                I am on day 28 of Winter in year 2. I think grandpa is coming, but it won’t save. I have started from different times (saves) during the day and started the day over a few times. The game isn’t showing the save has completed so my game will proceed. I must get to year 3!

                                iOS 12.1 and the update from 11/13/18 on iPhone XS Max.

                                Any solution would be appreciated!

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                                • johnnyfive

                                  johnnyfive Yeah, You!

                                  I’m experiencing a terrible crash on the latest iOS version 1.04. I’ve not seen this reported anywhere else. Every time I try to access my silo, by tapping on it, the game immediately crashes. I’ve tried everything to get around this issue to no avail. I cannot access the silo, which is pretty annoying.

                                  I had the silo and was able to access it without a crash prior to the 1.04 update. It seems this is when it started. iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 12.1
                                  • Bobby_Jr

                                    Bobby_Jr Seal Broken

                                    After update 1.04 game just crashes when I try to go out of community center. Faced this bug on iPhone 8 plus & iPhone 7, iOS 12.0.1
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                                    • Jorelishe

                                      Jorelishe Seal Broken

                                      COOL so I’ve been freaking out because I was trying to move my farm buildings and shed, NOT demolish. My shed has vanished, which contained ALL of my crafting, ALL of my crops to use, ALL of my items for literally everything. I closed out as quickly as I could, but when I loaded back in, it took my right back to Robin’s house, added a watering can to my inventory and still did NOT have my shed. Is there any way to go to a previous save? Literally YEARS (both real life and the game) worth of work is gone. If I can’t get it back, I am no longer playing. I am so upset. I understand that developing is a work in progress but how could all of my stuff just vanish? I was finally able to make progress and talk to Marnie to buy animals, since the latest patch today. But this is so much worse than not being able to buy a sheep.
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