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What should I do with this RP.

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    Heads up! This thread is best enjoyed in the old default forum theme. If you are using a lighter colored theme, please note that some elements in this page might be difficult to see. I apologize if this detracts from your overall experience with this RP.


    Greetings to all of you lovely folks, and welcome to the newest RP to plague this forum. After about roughly 3,000 years in development, around thirty-seven restarts, and about a dozen computer crashes, I am finally able to unleash this RP on to the masses. I sincerely hope you enjoy playing this, as much as I enjoyed making this.
    The RP is up! you can find it here
    Start your phonographs, load your revolvers, and rev up your engines, because here we go!

    1. GOD-MODE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED; This means that controlling other characters that are not your own, butt conjuring, not allowing the GMs to make an action fail, metagames, controlling the RP, and being generally overpowered will not be allowed whatsoever. Failure to follow this rule will be met with consequences ranging from warnings, to character death
    2. EVERYTHING A GM SAYS IS FINAL: No ifs, ands, or buts, whatever the GMs say is law. The exception to this rule is if a GM is being irrationally harsh on everyone, Abusing their power (This one hopefully shouldn't be a problem.), unjustly killing other players {SEE RULE 4} or specifically singling you out [for personal, and not for story reasons].
    3. KEEP IN CHARACTER: Please contact your local GM if you want to have you character change personalities throughout the RP
    4. NO UNJUSTIFIED KILLING OF PLAYERS: You are, however allowed to kill them if they gave you permission to do so.
    5. PLEASE MAKE QUALITY POSTS: This means that your posts must make sense, contain as few errors as possible, and are at least a couple sentences long.
    6. PLEASE BE NICE: The last thing we need is a fight breaking out on this RP because someone was being a total dick.
    7. DON'T OCC IN THE RP: Small things that are separated by some kind of marker ( ), //, < >, [ ],etc. are fine as long as they are not the entire post.
    8. ALL KNOWING CHARACTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED;It basically means making your characters are not allowed to know something that they wouldn't have been able to know. An example would be entering a combination to a safe that was whispered to someone in a different country.
    9. NORMAL FORUM RULES STILL APPLY: This rule is pretty self explanatory, don't break forum rules.
    12. TAKE YOUR TIME: Seriously, this isn't a race...So there is no need for speed posting. You can take a few days to post if you want. HOWEVER, please make sure you try not to slack too much to where you are holding folks up due to you inactivity. If you are going to be gone for a large gap of time, please make sure you let a GM know so that we can avoid any sort of holdups.
    13. DON'T FORGET TO HAVE A NICE CHAT OR TWO: Part of the role-playing experience is the interaction between characters. This isn't really a rule, it's more of a way to both expand characterization and generate fun during posting downtimes. Simple actions from your character goes a long way too making them feel a bit more alive.
    title character sheets.png
    Like every RP in existence, it is required that all users who wish to participate to submit a character sheet. You are allowed to have a maximum of four characters, and we strongly recommend that you try to put as much information into your character app as possible.

    Race: (All races are covered in the section below.)
    Spells: (Do not include this if you do not have any spells, powerful spells will not be allowed for starting unless you heavily reduce your inventory.)
    Backstory: (PM if you do not wish to share this with the other players)

    Magic is spell by spell, and one can learn new spells through either learning a specific spell, or by buying a spell time full of several different spells. There are enchanted items as well. So magic can be tossed onto an item to give it certain properties. Enchanted items run on a special Power to Drawback ratio, the powerful the enchantments are on the item, the larger the downsides to using it. Not all items are enchantable, in fact, some materials actually resist magic...which allow for the creation of spell breaker items

    As stated in the text above, we HIGHLY recommend including as much information on your character app as possible. However, if there is something about your character that you wish to hold off on, please inform all GMs in a private message. It is important for the GMs to know every single thing that is going on in the RP, as the information will go to providing a more enjoyable overall experience within the RP.

    Ruined races.png
    This RP offers a decent selection of playable races. Each race will offer a special style of play. This does not mean that you are not encouraged to build your character to suit your liking. In fact, I actually would rather players trying something out of the ordinary, and generally having fun with their character. The bonuses are merely there to make things rather interesting.
    + Technologically Gifted
    - Magically Stunted
    Description: Unlike their standard eleven counterpart, Wverians are almost completely incapable of using magic, as they cannot naturally regenerate their own mana pools. So in order to compensate for this crippling issue, Wverians focus their efforts more on science and technology. Wverians are extremely tech savvy compared to some of the other races in Romoraul. After leading the allies to victory during the great war, The Wverians from the Walakian union are enjoying a wonderful age of new inventions and ideas. The Walakian union is a democratic nation who believes in equal opportunity, and that hard work will eventually pay off in the long run. The Walakian union is a dry nation, which means that all alcoholic beverages are illegal. This particular law has led to many bootleggers and crime syndicates rising to power in most wverian cities. Shootouts between the mafia and the police are not uncommon in several wverian cities.One can easily tell who's a a wverian by looking for long, pointed ears.

    + They have a strong carapace, and can physically see more than most races.
    - Ugly like you wouldn't believe. They also tend to not be very talkative
    Aipleods are known to several races as Scorpion-people. Aipleod tend to be usually seen on their home continent of Sh'aldra, their culture depends heavily on where they lived for the most of their lives. in their homelands, they walk covered from head to toe in heavy clothing, hooded or with an actual turban. They live in large burrows underground. Anything resembling a settlement of Scorpion-people would look like a maze of tunnels. This is also why they are natural dungeon crawlers. Aipleods are not very good at business. While they are multi-ocular, they usually do not possess the ability to "see" much farther beyond what is immediately relevant. Their many light-sensitive eyes also means they are very hard to be caught off-guard. If you are planning on slipping inside somewhere guarded by the Aipleods, you better rethink your plans. It is said that the Aipleods literally have eyes on their backs. That makes them excellent bodyguards, a fact many merchants are more than happy to take advantage of.

    + Can take a punch and deliver one back.
    - Not very tech savvy.
    Description: Home to the continent of Aldria, Freorms are honor-bound soldiers who had conquered most of Aldria. The Freorms are not nearly as accepting towards technology compared to the other races, and this hesitation towards accept new ideas in advancement is really being showcased with the imminent collapse of Romzt, Their capital country. Their reluctance to accept new technology is so great, that hardly any Freorm within Romzt own a car. Freorms are known for their more Roman like attitude towards the world around them, and they are not afraid to show it. Gladiatorial arenas are widely popular within Romzt, and gladiator champions are heralded as celebrities.

    + Rugged
    + Magically gifted.

    - Eyes aren't nearly as good as the other races.
    - Culture suffers from social stigmas from other races.

    Description: A dwarven race who originated from a dreadful Militaristic police state that's dangerously close to declaring war on it's neighbors due to dwindling number of resources in their homeland. Many speculate that their state of depleted resources had more than likely began after their devastating military campaign in Aldria during the Great War. This lack of resources had forced them to begin desperate measures to keep their economy afloat, these desperate measures include the manufacturing of drugs. Their primary source of income is from a drug known as Quillfin. Quillfin is a highly addictive, hallucinogenic, mind altering drug that usually gives users a strong feeling of euphoria. Most countries are going to great lengths to ban the importation and sale of this drug.

    + No Physical downsides
    - Disliked by most races.
    Description: Humans are rather abundant in Romoraul, This is mainly due to how versatile they are in pretty much every situation. There have been several well known human empire to span the course of Romoraul. The most notorious of which, has got to be the Theireil empire. During the great war, the Theiriel empire had claimed Fulchester as their homeland. With the empire completely destroyed, and the Great war over, Theiriel has been suffering from total economic destruction. Luckily, there is hope yet again for the Theiriel empire, as a man by the name Fritz has quickly risen to power within his damaged country. Fritz had made many promises towards the destroyed country, That he would restore the former glory of a nation that one was. Many are quickly to notice, however, that glory comes at a grim cost.

    + Doesn't need to breathe
    - Slow and somewhat clunky with a weakness to lightning.
    he Serans are three eyed metallic automataons made out of a sort of copper colored metal. The Serans had existed for many centuries, but it seems that nobody is exactly sure on their exact origin. Some speculate that the Serans were originally built during the reign of the Egreneoth and the Saipleons, Though this is probably just speculation. Most races don't really see past the fact that Serans are mechanical, and will thus treat them like an appliance, rather than like and actual sentient being. The Serans live in caves along the coast of Resholm. The caves themselves were converted into small cities, complete with roadway, bulding, and churches. Although they are extremely peaceful they are renowned weapon smiths. They also have a very religious hierarchy of oracles, paladins (Just for defense) and commoners.

    + Inventive and naturally studious, preferring warmer climates
    - Slow and somewhat unappealing to most races.
    Description: Chlaqtis are a group of lizard people who are abundantly found in their homeland of Coildrem. Given the volcanic nature of Coildrem, Chlaqtis had found the art of glass making rather profitable due to the special type of ash that only exists in Coildrem. The Chlaqtis are known to have allegedly perfected the art of glass making. This perfection is what makes Chlaqtis glass a luxury commodity amongst every day life in Romoraul. A large Chlaqtis empire during the Great War was the peoples kingdom of Kazaak. Kazaak ultimately collapsed though, due to several disagreements about the war. The nations formed by the collapse of Kazaak are notorious for constantly disagreeing with one another. There were many attempts to reunite the Chlaqtis, but unfortunately, every single one of these attempts had failed.

    + Skilled with alchemy
    -/+ Gypsy
    - Not really a fighter
    Description: The Quins are a birdlike race of nomads. They have no real home that they call their own. as a race, Quins are rather charismatic and enjoyable to have a discussion with. Several Quins who abandon their nomadic lifestyle usually find success in more political careers. The Quins are also rather gifted in the feild of alchemy. Unfortunately, Despite their perks, many races look down upon them. Most of this hatred that has been directed towards the Quins was the fact that they didn't involve themselves within the great war at all. Fritz of the new Theiriel empire had even gone to blaming the Quins for the downfall of Theiriel during the war.

    + Capable of adapting to most situations.
    - Extremely unlucky
    The Chlaloi are a race of insects who's culture is rapidly being destroyed due other races enslaving them. The primary culprits are usually Freorm, Boleax, and Humans. As slaves, the Chlaloi are sought after for their hardiness and for their sense of duty that is unmatched compaired to the other races. The Freorm had been capturing Chlaloi for as long as anyone could remember. Luckily for the Chlaloi, there have been tons of abolitionist movements all across the globe, all of which are attempting to outlaw slavery everywhere. Not everyone, however wants to agree with these terms. Normal Chlaloi culture is rather primitive. Several explorers had noted their use of bone and mud to build their shelters in their jungle homelands.

    + A bit more agile than most races, with a fond understanding of magic
    - Weak, and also normally unlucky
    Description: Native to the cold regions of the continent of Fulchester, the Kaissins are a race of bipedal felines who prefer the arcane arts over modern technology. The Kaissins Kaissins generally tend to be peaceful, preferring to remain out of the conflicts of other races. The only major conflict that is in Kaissin history would be their involvement in the Great War, when their ally, the Theiriel empire, declared war on Aldria and Kazaak. This declaration of war dragged the Kaissins into a ten year war that would ultimately shatter most Kaissin faith in their king and queen. Kaissins practically worship magic

    Ruined RP story.png

    Ruined Maps.png
    The map of Romoraul is rather large, Each division on the continents are a separate country.
    View attachment 153679
    Map of Romoraul's factions during the Great War.

    active players.png
    Jareix Cryvix

    Roland Weiss


    to be filled.


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    Name: Gla'-Kriik Veistu'ul
    Race: Chlaqtis
    Description: Taller than an average human standing straight at 6' 12", but his natural hunched posture puts him about 4' 12"... His scales are a light sandy color with very light tan splotches. He typically wears his traditional olive green shawl and thick leather gloves. He is at the very young age of 29.


    Short version: A smith coming to the mainland to sell his wares. Other than that, pretty standard semi-nomadic colony lifestyle. Life with family, break off on his own, move from town to town selling glass items...
    The forge... That's all his father wanted him to care about... Life in the forge, and keeping up the family name as the greatest smith in the village... Of course, his father would still be able to uphold that, if a sour client hadn't shoved his arms into the kiln... So, with a crippled father to teach him how to smith, and a mother that was always out mining for water, Gla'-Kriik would learn to make and live. And make, and live, and learn, and make, and live, and learn. Never to do anything else, just work the forge, barter the wares, hunt for food, check the canal, go back to the forge, work the forge, sleep, and then wake up to go back to the forge... Never learning more than he needed about magic to become a mage, never caring more about history to be the lector, not being good enough with alchemy to be a medic, and never being allowed to become a warrior. That was his life, and it bored him. And for twenty long monotonous years, he finally grew sick with it. Sick of all of the dull unchanging monotony of bartering with the same people, having made glass from the same mine, using the magma from the same volcano, and hunting in the same area. So, he took his precious bident, and set off in a direction he had never gone. South... What he saw was different... It was a whole desert from which he could not see more than two volcanoes... It was new. It was different. And it was beautiful... And so, he would sneak off with supplies and his weapon, and explore. And so he did for nine more years until there was nothing left for him to explore... He had met with many villagers, encountered stranger creatures that he had never seen before, had spoken and fought with many people, and seen places where the ash and sand have giant reeds larger than him... But, that was not the end of it and he knew it. There was a supposed port, and after some explaining from the non-chlaqtis merchants the concept of an ocean and continents, decided immediately that he would leave. Using the water funds he could afford to give, he arranged his mother and father to be cared for by some friends in the village, and set off on his long trek for the port city. The sight of so much water stole his breath away, and eager to see new things, headed as fast as he could to the city, learned some more about the basics that he needed to know, such as how water is not an acceptable currency, and bartered off enough to board a ship, and set off for this strange new world...

    Glass-smith: his skill in the art of glass smithing is of among the highest degree of quality. He can make anything, from pointless yet beautiful glass baubles, to very strong yet light tools and armor, to lethal weaponry and poisoned glassware. And just as easily as he can make objects, he can break them with a perfect blow. If it was made, if can be broken.
    very patient: along with an eye for detail and a strong arm, glassmaking and ambush hunting require very strong patience for doing repetitive motion or simply not doing anything.
    ambush hunting experience: if something needs to be caught, all he has to do it not be noticed. This can be done with the use of subtle camouflage, and simply remaining still until he is simply ignored as a part of the scenery.
    Trader: He has extensive experience in the art of barter and can conduct business and negotiations with surprising skill. This also means, while not fluent, he can speak and understand multiple languages.
    A mind for learning: if there's something he doesn't understand, then he will go to great lengths to figure it out.
    Basic magic knowledge: he has some very limited understanding of how to use magic, but only ever occasionally uses it for very basic tasks.
    Non-native: Being from out of town has its benefits, but also several disadvantages. Including not being very fluent in the languages, limited knowledge of the concept of currency, very limited knowledge on modern technology, and no idea where anything is, how anything works, or who anyone is.
    unlucky businessman: despite his exceptional skill as a craftsman, he somehow just cannot get any of these people to buy his wares. So, he lives off of what he can find. Normally, that is trash, vermin, and rainwater.
    shortsightedness: while he has exceptional vision for thing up close, he can't really see in detail for anything further than 10 feet...
    Slow at long distances: just like most chalqtis, he is not fast. Not in the slightest. Unfortunately, not everyone shares his level of patience as he does. Sure he can make a very valuable bauble very quickly, or snatch up a rat in a split second, but if he has to go anywhere or move anything for a distance longer than a few feet, you best not expect him to be there for a while. He typically slowly ambles his way at a rate of ~1 foot per second. Running? Not going to happen.
    Str: 8
    End: 5
    Spd: 1
    Dex: 6
    Per: 3
    Prs: 6
    Wil: 5
    Int: 10
    Fort: 1
    Densely woven shawl, leather gloves, compressed glass bident-polearm with brass shaft and glass bottom spike, glass working tools (no forge), a few bags of sands, general glassware, a few decorative glass knives, one combat ready poisoned glass knife, a poison infused glass cup, and some papyrus.
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    Aukur is six foot and almost humanoid in appearance, save for his pointed ears, large sharpened canines, and grey tinted skin. His eyes are a deep maroon with no visible iris. As a freorm, Aukur is noticeably stronger than many other races, with a well muscled build. Coarse black hair runs down his head onto his neck, where it conceals part of a thin white scar snaking it’s way down the left side of his throat and onto the freorm’s sternum. His body fits easily into the makeshift armor of leather and steel protecting his frame, which is somewhat thin for that of a freorm, who are typically large, muscled hulks.

    A steel glaive sword worn on his back, a steel gladius on his left hip, and a leather pack containing bandages, some basic provisions, and a compass.


    The name Aukur is one that few people in Romzt do not know. Thrown into the coliseum at the age of four, the freorm spent the next ten years of his life fighting for survival against ever increasingly difficult enemies. First he was fighting boys and girls, which became men and women, which became bears and tigers. When the Great War began just months before Aukur’s fourteenth birthday, Romzt began to collapse.

    The country began to turn in on itself as numerous provinces began preparing for war, barking of independence. The situation was so dire that the celebrities of the people, the gladiators, were sent into combat to maintain order while the brunt of the legionary force fought a war on two fronts elsewhere. Boys and girls barely past the age of seven stabbed and clubbed and bit at the legs of the insurrectionists. Adults used their more refined and unique fighting styles to confuse and overpower the more disciplined rebel soldiers. Tigers and bears tore into the flesh of traitors, barely controlled by sturdy hands holding even sturdier chains.

    The blood of Romzt gave life to the harbingers of death across all of Aldria. And throughout it all Aukur fought. He fought with savagery and determination that was never once before seen upon a child his age. His stance as an already impressive gladiator helped his popularity skyrocket to new levels. At the time however, it was all for naught. When the dust had finally settled and the smoke had faded, Romzt was a shadow of it’s former self. The capital still stood resolute in the north, the frozen polar sea at it’s back, but the country had lost an insanely high percentage of it’s territory.

    After a few years of struggle, the hardy remnants of Romzt had managed to get ahead of the rest of Aldria. The great city of Ravenntz is widely known to be the most well defended city in the world, with the Romzt military more determined than ever to protect it’s ancestral land. And where was Aukur during all of this? Straight back into the arena he went. Aukur rose to the rank of national champion, becoming both a modern celebrity of his people and something of a folk hero all at once.

    Ever since the war ended, Aukur has been plagued by nightmares of his time in the service and the arena. He treated his dreams like a physical thing, training harder and fighting harder to distract himself from the horrors that awaited at night. It was this initial determination that gave him the strength to become champion, but with each successful defense of this title, the dreams only worsened. Again and again and again foes fell by his hand in the name of honor and glory until he reached a breaking point.

    At his final match, Aukur was off of his game. He was too slow to take initiative, and was constantly on the defensive against his younger but less experienced opponent. He lost that fight, and was allowed to live in recognition of his service in the army. Aukur began to wander ever since, using his considerable amount of funds to journey all over the world. Since then, his nightmares grew less intense and frequent.


    The Butcherer- Aukur hasn’t just witnessed gory messes that would make even the most stout of warriors tremble in their boots, he’s created them. Nothing fazes this man, and only once has he been bested in combat.

    Gladiator- He lives and breathes of the pits. Steel is his lifeblood and combat is what pumps it. Aukur has experience with a plethora of melee weapons, as well as hand to hand combat itself. A limited but still useful understanding of firearms accompanies this.

    Northerner- Romzt, the largest country in the northern half of Aldria, is home to a populace of hardened, disciplined freorms with a natural tolerance for cold.


    Muggle- While he has a decent resistance to magic, Aukur has no talent to command the power himself.

    Not a Nerd- Aukur isn’t stupid by any means, but he’d need about two instruction manuals and three hours worth of time to figure out how to boot up a damn computer, and driving? The ditches of the world should fear for their lives. Give him a horse or a campfire any day, but he struggles greatly with modern technology.

    Strength: 10

    Endurance: 7

    Speed: 7

    Dexterity: 5

    Perception: 5

    Personality: 1

    Willpower: 5

    Intelligence: 5

    Fortune: 1
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    I've got one ready!

    Name: Kamilia Ervine

    Race: Wyverian

    Age: 19

    She is graced with the frame of an adolescent boy, short and slender with some lean muscle. Her gender allows her some feminine attributes, such as a soft jaw and long flowing red hair, which she keeps tied up and pinned under a tattered cap. Some shorter strands tend to fall freely about her face, grey eyes peeking out brightly from underneath. When in a relaxed environment, she wears modest but fashionable dresses. When working, faded brown pants, paired with a white button up shirt (sleeves sloppily rolled up) and some suspenders, will do the job just fine. She prefers laced up boots in most any occasion, and will often wear a long riding jacket in suitable weather.

    Inventory: Alongside a few tools and gadgets for tinkering (such as a screwdriver, pliers, clamps and wire cutters), she carries a switchblade, some bobby pins, and a compact mirror with rouge. She saved a bit of money for herself, but spent most of it on travelling from her city.

    Kamilia was born into a family of thinkers and drinkers. Her father held his head high, coming from a long line of gangsters in the mob whom had struck their fortune through a successful chain of speakeasys in Walkia. Her father, Zephram, was renowned amongst the 'little people', known for his free thinking and radical ideas for a future against controlling governments. Her mother was a pretty young thing, a quiet and gentle seamstress who spent her days tailoring clothing and caring for little Kamilia.
    A rival gang, bitter over their unsuccessful attempts at fortune and control of the underground scene, wanted to hit their competition where it hurts. They kidnapped and brutally murdered Kamilia's mother, leaving her elegant and detached hands before the door to the family home. In a stroke of misfortune and destiny, Kamilia was the one to discover her mother's hands at the door. She retired into the shadows of the house, where she would stay for a year.
    Time had passed, and fourteen year old Kamilia grew quiet, observant, and unnoticed. She had become a spectre in her own house. Her Zephram's business, on the other hand, had grown strained, his distracted state making it easier for the authorities to find his establishments. Relocation was pricy, and the rivals were finding more and more of the holes in the wall where his alcohol could flow.
    Tired and weary of the struggle and powerlessness, Kamilia took her fate, and that of Zephram's, into her own hands. She donned boys clothing, still folded neatly in her mother's sewing room, and tucked her hair into a cap, disguising herself to be placed into her father's company as a pair of pointed ears and eyes.
    Time wisened her to the ways of the wicked, as she learned the hearts and minds of the men who had taken her mother and ruined her father. Her eyes and ears did her justice, but it was her voice that would lead to their downfall. When she spoke, she found that she had a talent for being devilishly convincing, as she could talk her way out of and into most situations, and suggest the same for others. A sweet talking silver-tongue she was, and all the better to work her way to the inside of the rival gang, where she earned the trust of their leader and slaughtered him, all by the age of seventeen.
    Kamilia's time in this business had granted her other skills. She had gained expertise with knives and daggers, as well as handguns. Of course, hand to hand combat was common, though she would rarely best her male counterparts. She would find that her talents lay in her stealth and charm.
    With no major contenders but their own government, and the core of their problems in pieces, Zephram's business was able to grow once more in the ever expanding shadows of Walkia. Being that Kamilia was a female, he refused to give her credit for the downfall of his competition, instead giving renown to a protege in his company. Torn between vengeance and carelessness, she ended Zephram's life in his sleep, successfully taking the company as her own with the claim of her surname.
    Bitter over the death of her mother and the rejection by her father, she resolved that no good could come out of this illegal trade, and she disbanded the business immediately. Many of the counterparts and patrons were cross with her, angry at her decision to destroy their respite, yet she charmed her way out of the disputes with ease.
    With her past in tatters and her legacy following suit, she left it all behind to pursue other endeavors.

    Shadow - Her build and experience has honed her sneaking skills. Light on her feet, soundless, and small in form, she can get most anywhere unnoticed.
    Bladeslinger - Years of practice have given her deadly accuracy and speed with the use of knives and daggers. Knife fighting is a specialty of hers, and she has developed many special techniques of her own design.
    Tinkerer - A natural knack for engineering has drawn her to deconstructing any tech she can get her hands on, along with machines and any applicable mechanisms. Doors, safes, and computers hold no security with her.

    Feeble - Underlying heart conditions have stunted both her growth and her threshold for physical strain. Too much physical activity leaves her gasping, or worse.
    Notoriety - Her eradication of the most easily accessible alcohol source in Walkia has given her a poor reputation, and a looming sense of uneasiness.

    Strength: 1
    Endurance: 3
    Speed: 7
    Dexterity: 6 +1
    Perception: 7
    Personality: 10
    Willpower: 4
    Intelligence: 5 +4
    Fortune: 2
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
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  19. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    can i be a fluffy wizard?
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  20. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

    Of course you can! Will your fluffy wizard wear a fedora?

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