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StarDenizen [24/7][Roleplay][Mods]

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Versuno, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    * If your game crashes when you beam down, its because you don't have the mods installed *
    Beta Game = Beta Server ... So expect Changes and Improvements.

    I'm am the owner of StarDenizen Starbound Roleplay Server, a 24/7 dedicated server. I am looking for new players to play on my server, and for feedback on how I can improve the experience.

    [Casual Roleplay & Build]
    This is a casual Roleplay & Build server, so roleplay and in-character chatting is not going to be enforced most of the time. If there is a group of players on who are in the mood to RP then the chat will shift to in-character and all out-of-character chats should be enclosed in double angled brackets or parenthesis.
    << text >> or (( text )).

    If there is not that many players online and not everyone is in a roleplaying mood, then chat should be more casual. A general rule of thumb will be if you see other players using the angle brackets or parenthesis to enclose some of their chats, then it would be a good idea to follow suit because there may be people roleplaying at the moment.

    The server runs the Starrypy server wrapper, which adds a bunch of useful commands, and allows for better moderation. The spawn world changes every once in awhile so not everyone is spawning on and draining the same planet. There are POI's (planets of interest) that can be traveled to by typing /poi [destination] or just /poi to see the list of available planets. The list will grow as players build on new worlds and want others to come see them. If you have a planet you would like protected and added to the list of planets of interest then leave a message here with a description of your planet and pm me the coordinates. The server is running without a wrapper at the moment, the only real change this will have for you is you won't immediately be able to tell who is on the server with you, so just say hello when you first join and see who else is out there in the deep cold of space...

    [ MODS ]

    The Mods that the server is currently running can be downloaded in a single modpack here:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/aoqyq33389wp4af/SDMods.zip - Updated 4/3/14

    List of Mods:
    **Approved mods that are ok to use, but are not in the modpack, include the Fully Customizable Mod and any mods that just alter the UI.

    We are open to adding more mods, such as custom races and decorative items. If you have a particular mod that you would like to see added to the list, just PM me and I'll consider it.

    Absolutely DO NOT use mods such as "trainers" to increase your attack & digging speed. This is the #1 reason for server lag, and you are only making the experience worse for yourself and everyone else on the server. Violators will be subject to kick / ban.

    [Server Info]

    Starbound Server:
    password = stardenizen

    Come check out our community website and introduce yourself! StarDenizen.Enjin.com
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  2. friskydeath

    friskydeath Subatomic Cosmonaut

    woo hoo a new server
  3. friskydeath

    friskydeath Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hello am one of the admins. Like to add we dont allow creative mod or mass spawning of money. One guy already got banned for using it. Was invisible and had a tril in pixels. With that he was not playing starbound and wasting others time who was playing fairly. We give you enough stuff to build and make so dont come with hacks or trainers and ruin it .
  4. friskydeath

    friskydeath Subatomic Cosmonaut

    looks like the server is down.
  5. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The server's modpack has been updated. The list of mods is unchanged, however several of the mods were not in the right place, and would not work if the modpack was just extracted into your mod folder.

    If you've downloaded the modpack in the last few days, then you just need to properly unpack the aeroponics & starwars mods into your starbound mods folder, or you could just re-download the modpack and extract it directly into your empty starbound mods folder, now that it has been fixed.

    Also, the list of mods contained a link to the ponybound mod, but the server modpack actually contains the Pony Mod Pack which contains another race, the ponex, and much more.
  6. Rustbucket

    Rustbucket Space Hobo

    I am on the server but cannot find any other people online. Is there a hub world of some sort? my steam name is Oogle.
  7. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Welcome to the server!

    The server is still pretty new, like less than a week old, so there aren't that many regulars yet. The numbers of people coming back has been growing each day so if you keep playing and building on the server, then there should be a nice group of players to interact with soon.

    The main way we are going to encourage and make it easier for players to play and build together on the same planets is through the /poi (planets of interest) command. Just type that in the chat bar and you'll see the list of planets you can visit that other players are building on. Currently we only have one planet in the list, colony, but other planets will be added later when there are more planets with extensive builds.

    If you would like to build on a planet and have it added to the planets of interest, please ensure the coordinates are no larger than 500 & -500 on X & Y in the respective sector. This will allow for easier identification of player planets in the "core" of each sector when backing them up.
  8. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    BANS...BANS...BANS... :confused:

    So, it seems like we had a ban-hammer loving admin that went rouge and ended up banning all the players who have ever played on the server... including me the owner.

    The problem has been fixed, and the offending admin banned, so if you tried to log in the server earlier today, only to be greeted with a very rude "You have been Banned" message, then I offer my sincerest apologies, and you are welcome back on the server.

    For now the only offenses that warrant a permanent ban include:
    • Using a "trainer" to alter attack / digging speed, thus causing significant server lag.
    • Using mods that are not included in the server's mod list
    • Griefing or Trolling (including using items that make you invisible)
    • Attempting to hack or tamper with the server in a destructive manner.
    Players will receive a warning in chat if they are caught breaking one of the rules, if the player continues to break the rule, then they will be kicked. If a player comes back from being kicked and continues to break the rules then they will be kicked with the reason being given in chat prior to the ban. Exceptions to this will be instances in which the offense happened while no admins/mods are around, but there is evidence in the server logs.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2014
  9. dustboy93

    dustboy93 Space Hobo

    I'll be joining sounds fun!
  10. dustboy93

    dustboy93 Space Hobo

    or not I keep crashing when I join
  11. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Maybe you don't have all the mods installed? Your client will crash if you enter an area with modded content you don't have.
  12. wsensor

    wsensor Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Had trouble using the /spawn command it just sent me into an infinite loop.
    I love the Peglaci race it seems so interesting. I wish that the different races all should have multiple options to choose from. IE: Human could choose from Refugee, Miner, USCM troop, etc. Which would give you access to different things.
  13. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The modpack has been updated!

    There were some recent updates in some of the mods, and a problem was fixed with the base-in-a-box mod, so it should now work correctly.

    Also DyeMod and Planetside Teleporters were added to the list. Both of these should make a great additions to the mix.

    Download the new modpack or make sure you have the most up-to-date version of all the mods in the list.
  14. wsensor

    wsensor Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Is it ok if we use the extended songbook mod? All it changes is the size of the songbook so it should not effect the server/other players in any other way.
  15. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yes, any mods that only change the client-side user interface are just fine. This would include the extended songbook mod, zoom levels mod, and any mods that just change the way your UI looks.
  16. xxflamesfan32xx

    xxflamesfan32xx Space Hobo

    Hello. I installed the modpack posted here, intending on joining, but when I launched Starbound it crashed. It crashed when opening, not when joining the server. What I did to install the mods is take the mods out of the folder, and put them in the "mods" folder in "Starbound." Is that all that I need to do or is there something I am missing? I am a newby when it comes to Starbound modding
  17. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Welcome to the server.

    You should just be able to open up the zip file and copy everything directly into your mods folder, or just place a copy of the zip file into your mods folder and extract it there. There is the possibility that the zipfile was corrupted during the download process, or one of the files whithin got corrupted during the extraction process. Try re-downloading the zip file and re-extracting the contents into your mods folder. It should work just fine, so if you continue to have problems, then there may be an issue with your starbound client.

    I will be updating the modpack later this evening to include some updates to existing mods and to add the Racial Crossover Mod, so if it still doesn't work then maybe try downloading the updated one later.
  18. daleksax

    daleksax Title Not Found

    Thinking of giving the server a try, I was (and still am) an active RP'er in the Terraria Community and have been looking for some casual starbound RP.
  19. Versuno

    Versuno Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The server's modpack has been updated:
    • Updated Peglaci mod
    • Updated Nephilim mod
    • Updated FrackinFlora
    • Updated Digger Turret mod
    • Updated Pony Modpack
    • Added Catalina Industries Inc. 3d Printer - Avali vanity items
    • Added Reni's Armory - Avali weapons
    • Added Racial Crossover Mod - adds dialogue to some of the mod races including:
      • Avali
      • Greys
      • Kobolds
      • Manits
      • Mousqutaires
      • Munari
      • Nephilim
      • Peglaci
      • Reptan
      • Varan
    • Added Grey race
    • Added Kobold race
    • Added Mousqutaires race
    • Added Reptan race
    • Added Varan race
    • Added Mantis race

    Come drop by the server and check it out. We could always use some more players.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
  20. xxflamesfan32xx

    xxflamesfan32xx Space Hobo

    I tried again, and it still crashed, so I am currently re-installing my starbound.

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