Modding Help How to fix mods broken in Stardew Valley 1.2

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Apr 12, 2017.

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  3. Shinjubu_Hood

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    its ok I found mod called More Pets its cute. thank you for reply
    • drowsies

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      for some reason, every time i update stardew valley all of my visual mods stop working? (like modded portraits, characters, hairs, maps, etc.) do you know the reason for this? my game kinda just resets after i update it and it goes straight back to its vanilla look. thanks
      • Pathoschild

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        @drowsies XNB mods work by replacing the game's content files, which get overwritten when the game updates. SMAPI mods generally aren't affected by updates.
        • jwdred

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          I apologize to all the users of my mods-- it's been so long since I've played Stardew Valley that I hadn't even realized there had been an update. I gladly grant my permission to anyone in the community to update my mods as they see fit. Thank you.

          source can be accessed here,
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          • Pathoschild

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            @jwdred Thanks! I'll submit pull requests to update your mods soon. :)
            • Shinjubu_Hood

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              Hie , when launch it says some mods I have are deprecated code? Not a problem? i play fine for now . hope this helps

              • Pathoschild

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                Hi @Shinjubu_Hood. Your mods will work fine for at least the next couple of months. Can you reply with your SMAPI log attached, so I can add them to the list of mods which will need an update?
                • Shinjubu_Hood

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                  here you go. hope this will help

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                  • Pathoschild

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                    Thanks for all the work Pathos! I ended up coming across your post somehow from the internet and it helped quite a bit! I have a couple mods that maybe dont work anymore but maybe theres some alternatives that will do the job now, havent played stardew valley in awhile so its good to see people like you going way above and beyond to make sure everything works and is fun. :D
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                      I see that Chefs Closet was recommended as an alternative to Extended Fridge? I have just installed Chefs Closet but it does not seem to be working. I have placed chests in the kitchen (on the tile flooring in the kitchen area) and when I attempt to cook, none of the contents of those chests are available. I am attempting to attach my SMAPI-latest.txt file...hope I do it right.

                      EDIT: Update to my own issue. Found a comment on the nexusmods site for Chefs Closet by Juice805:

                      So since I am still at the first upgrade, this might be my issue. I will try to get my 2nd upgrade done or will try the update files that Juice805 posted in that comment thread (dll and pdb).

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                      • Igosama

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                        Really thanks for you trouble, dude. It's awesome to be possible to use all these mods again.

                        But unfortunately I can't load the skill prestige one for some reason. There is my error log:

                        I appreciate any help. Thanks!
                        • kyoscrate

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                          ShowItemSellPrice seems to be busted since the latest patch. API is skipping it.
                          • Levinant

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                            Hi, the mod for Save Anywhere got a glitch which is during every villager's scene. If it's inside a house player will be directly brought outside and the game freeze but the BGM still playing and backpack can still be accessed.
                            • Pathoschild

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                              You installed Skill Prestige Cooking Adapter, but you need Skill Prestige too.

                              That mod should work fine. Can you post your latest SMAPI log?

                              Unfortunately not, 2CUTE FarmCave isn't a SMAPI mod.

                              You can report that on the Save Anywhere mod page. :)
                              • Junesong

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                                Hiya! Would it be possible to put in a request for an updated version of PelicanFiber? :)

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                                • Pathoschild

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                                  Hi @Junesong. I'll be updating many mods as part of the SMAPI 2.0 migration, and PelicanFiber is already queued for an update. Mods updated for SMAPI 2.0 will work fine with SMAPI 1.15 too. :)
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