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Outdated Tool Rack 0.1 2013-12-16

a couple of weapons and other stuff

  1. ioxles
    My Weapons Pack mod has continued the tool rack items concentrating on weapons, it has updated versions of the weapons found here.

    The Projectile Crafting Bench is a standalone for crafting throwables, an updated and balanced version of the one here.

    Edit: Alternate Download Link

    I've made a few swords and stuff to play around with in starbound




    Theres also some armour, a headlamp, a stasis bed (increased health regen whilst resting), a claymore and a repeating crossbow. I also made a projectile crafting table where you can craft throwing daggers and stuff.

    Very much a wip, so no proper balance or costs or anything.

    It's reliant on the Tabula Rasa

Recent Reviews

  1. Kneesocks
    Version: 2013-12-16
    Love the stance for each weapon and the "wall" crafting stations! :>
  2. Sigurd Aginulfus
    Sigurd Aginulfus
    Version: 2013-12-16
    Keep up the good work. The speed/slow/etc. status effects on the weapons are really cool. Plus: Rapiers!