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S3r1ous Mods 119

Linux/Mac Compatible. Easy to use. Stable. Periodic Updates.

  1. ThaOneDon
    All Mods: http://freetexthost.com/gu44liqvot

    *Playtested/Updated Periodically
    *.pak Everything and Optimized with PNGGauntlet
    *Permissions granted by authors
    *Feedback backed changes

    Source: Art by http://machiavellicro.deviantart.com

    COPY INTO storage\mods DIRECTORY
    *Delete "storage\universe" folder if you get issues, also start a new character to avoid more issues

    Another Character Creation Menu 1.4 - Motionless
    Base in a Box 2.0.12 - Pilchenstein
    Colorbound 2016 AIO 1.0.3 - Seraphi
    Community Hairstyles Pack - Thundeki
    Enhanced Storage 5.6.2 - NeoVanAlemania
    Extended GUI 2.13 - v6ooo
    Extra Zoom Levels + Adaption 1.0.5 - Patchumz, Mooncalf99
    Frackin' Universe 5.5.05 - sayter
    Frackin' Universe Reprioritizer 1.0.1 - Shadow Wolf TJC
    Hunting+ Wildfire 1.0.2 - EclipticWulf
    Immersive Scenery 1.7 - amirmiked12
    Manufacturer's Touch 1.2.10 - Kitikira
    Many Tabs 1.2 - v6ooo
    Modules in a Box Rev. 100 - Pilchenstein, MadTulip
    Monsters Unique Sounds 1.2 - SentientSupper and xaliber
    Monster Part Mod Pack 1.8 - apinanaivot
    Optimizebound 1.2 - OzonSF
    Perennial Crops 1.7 - Toyi85
    Perennial Crops (Frackin' Universe Support)
    Pixel Goods Store 7/9/2017 - Boogy, debugman18, mastercookie and teihoo
    Purchasable Pets 1.4 - xxswatelitexx
    Racial AI Restorer 1.2 - Diriel
    The Universal Uncrafter 1.46 - Wellbott

    *Chucklefish for making Starbound moddable
    *All the mod authors and all the people who gave us Feedback


    magick bit.ly/1K6gSww
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. jaderjunior18
    Version: 115
  2. Fiestashowbiz
    Version: 113
    Its not working at all to me...
    1. ThaOneDon
      Author's Response
      i could take a look at whats causing it, if you'd post .log file(starbound.log or starbound_server.log)
  3. Watts533
    Version: 111
    Keep meaning to thank you for this resource. It's a fantastic collection and a good starting point for anyone doing the Frakkin' Universe thingy. Thanks for putting it together, and thanks even more for maintaining it!
  4. Mukosuand
    Version: 110
    Update this, pls.
  5. Alejous629
    Version: 108.14
    Love you man
  6. hellenicshaco
    Version: 108.10
    Nice aio pack! Can you put more mods in pls it will be awesome if more mods included :)
  7. ImperfectPurity
    Version: 108.9
    I always used this modpack and I'm still doing it. Thank you.
  8. methanole
    Version: 107.3
    any change on colorbound ?
    1. ThaOneDon
      Author's Response
      i`ll most likely switch to that AIO in next update
  9. Viceport
    Version: 105.1
    i have used this mod before the 1.0 update and i know the mod creator is friendly and does a great job of keeping this updated..thank you :)
  10. Balystik
    Version: 105
    Good Modpack, just wanted to ask... Is it normal that the mod size in your modpack is so different from the original mod file size?
    1. ThaOneDon
      Author's Response
      yeah i make them all .pak and optimize with PNGGauntlet so they get little smaller (PNG files), i`ve also made sure its lossless, looks identical in game but takes less space