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Better Crew and NPC Behavior 1.0.0

This mod improves NPC behaviors, focusing on improved shipboard behavior of the crew.

  1. rl.starbound
    Starbound mod: Better Crew and NPC Behavior

    You recruit twelve NPCs to become your ship's crew, and then what happens onboard? They all mob the teleporter and ignore the rest of your ship.

    NPC behaviors in Starbound are quite simplistic, and this becomes most obvious in crew behavior onboard the player's ship. This mod alters and improves NPC behaviors in a number of ways, focusing on improved shipboard behavior of the crew, but also fixing a number of general bugs in NPC behavior. Please read and understand the compatibility notes before installing!

    Compatibility Notes

    Whenever possible, I have used Starbound modding best practices, so this mod should be widely compatible. However, this mod patches behavior files, and there is no truly safe way to patch those. If this mod is combined with any other mod that modifies those same behavior files, the result is almost certainly to be broken NPC behaviors. Furthermore, I had to overwrite two vanilla Lua functions, findLoungable and playBehaviorReaction to fix bugs in the vanilla code. If this mod is combined with any other mod that modifies either of those functions, then conflicts will happen. As a general rule of thumb, you should assume that this mod is not compatible with any other mod that modifies NPC behavior.

    This mod is almost certainly not compatible with BYOS, or any other mod that adds similar functionality, such as Frackin Universe. Those mod authors are free to include a modified version of this mod in theirs, provided they obey the license at the bottom of this description, but I will not be adding code to this mod for compatibility with them.

    This mod is not compatible with the Smart Crew mod.

    Note: As mentioned in the uninstall notes, this mod does not modify persistent state, and is therefore safe to add or remove at will. However, please note that if this mod conflicts with other mods, one likely reaction is that NPCs will die. If the affected NPC is not a crew member or tenant, they will be gone for good. It is therefore advised to backup your universe before trying this mod.

    Mod Functionality

    Shipboard Duty Stations and Patrols

    While onboard the player's ship, each of the twelve crew types will now be attracted to certain objects, if present. These objects will pull the crew away from their spawn location (i.e., the teleporter). If you have done a good job designing your ship's spaces, this should result in the crew spreading out throughout the ship and moving around in a way that feels natural.

    A full list of which objects attract which crew types can be found by reading this mod's source code, particularly by looking in all of the *.object.patch files for the key crewAnchorTags. In general, crew are attracted to objects that are related to their occupations, and this mod patches over 100 vanilla objects with crew anchor tags. (Note to other mod authors: You may add the field crewAnchorTags to your own objects, if you wish to use this mod in combination with your own. The value is a JSON list of strings, with each string being one of the crew member NPC types that should be attracted to the object.)

    Implementation Note: The idea behind this mod is based on the mod "Smart Crew" by metamorphexx. In that mod, each crew type has a hard-coded list of objects that attracts that crew type, and on each behavior tick, each crew member searches the player's ship for each object on their type's list and moves to one such object, if found. This struck me as inefficient, as object searches happen on each behavior tick, for each crew member, for each object in the crew type's list. In my implementation, the crew types that can be attracted to an object are a property of each object. As each object is placed into the ship world, it registers itself and its location with the ship's tech station. Then, on each behavior tick, for each crew member, the ship's registry is consulted for a random object for that crew type, and the crew member moves to the location, without any computationally expensive object searches.

    Crew Sitting and Sleeping

    One of my Condor-class ship designs featured the crew sleeping quarters and mess hall at one end of the ship, far away from the teleporter. I noticed that my crew never slept in the beds, nor did they sit at the tables in the mess hall. After examining the vanilla behavior code, I realized that no NPC will attempt to sleep in a bed further than 50 blocks or sit in a chair further than 80 blocks from their spawn location, which on the ship is the teleporter.

    I increased the search radius for beds and chairs to 200 blocks for crew members onboard player ships, which should sufficiently cover all vanilla ship classes.

    NPC Freezing

    On my larger ships, I usually designate one room the captain's quarters, and lock its door so that crew cannot wander into it. After implementing shipboard duty stations and fixing the sleeping bug, I noticed that many of my crew members were standing still for very long periods of time, often ten minutes or more. They would begin moving if I interacted with them, but given enough time, would eventually freeze again. After debugging this, I realized that Starbound's simplistic behavior logic hides a significant bug.

    The moveToPosition function is used extensively in Starbound behaviors, and I used it in my own shipboard duty stations behaviors. Basically, an NPC behavior fires moveToPosition with some coordinates, and the NPC plans a route to those coordinates (via a call to Starbound's C++ API) and moves there. If the game cannot plan a route from the NPC's original location to its specified destination (e.g., if the location is behind a locked door), the NPC just stands there and waits, presumably in case a route opens up in the future. There is no built-in timeout functionality in moveToPosition. An NPC stuck waiting will continue to wait indefinitely, or until a higher priority behavior is triggered (e.g., combat, or the player interacting with them). A few of the vanilla uses of moveToPosition were wrapped inside of a timeout behavior, but the vast majority were not.

    I modified all of my own uses and most of the vanilla uses of moveToPosition to use the timeout wrapper, and the freezing behavior appears to be fixed.

    What Counts as a Locked Door?

    On my ships, I generally prefer to use the racial ship doors. However, manually opening and closing doors is annoying, so I wired proximity sensors on either side of each door. While investigating the NPC freezing issue described above, I realized that the game has a simplistic definition of a locked door, which was affecting my crews' movement through the ship.

    The game's path-finding logic will not attempt to route an NPC through a closed and locked door. That seems fine. But, the game considers any door with something wired to its input node as a locked door, even if that something is a proximity sensor. As a result, the game would not attempt to route any NPC through my proximity-sensitive ship doors as long as they were closed. However, if I moved my character through a door, or if an NPC wandered close to a door, the door would open, and suddenly the game would route NPCs through it. However, once the door closed, the game would immediately cease routing NPCs through it, trapping them on whichever side of the door they ended up on.

    While somewhat amusing, this ultimately interfered with my vision of how shipboard NPCs should move around, so I modified all of the racial ship doors to open automatically, and removed door proximity sensor wiring from my ships. You should be mindful of this issue for all non-automatically opening doors.

    Note that the game's path-finding logic is in its C++ code. Modders cannot fix this directly, so we have to develop hacks to work around its limitations.

    NPC Personality Effects

    While fixing the bed search logic described above, I noticed that some NPCs would get into a bed, immediately get out of bed, and repeat this behavior in a loop for many minutes. I also noticed that all such NPCs had the "nocturnal" personality type. After studying the behavior code, I realized that NPCs' personality trait information was not passed into the NPC behavior logic loop, with the result that certain NPC personality types were not behaving as documented. In this specific case, nocturnal NPCs' sleep was correctly triggered at daytime (as opposed to being triggered at nighttime for all other NPC personality types), but the trait that sets their wake-up trigger to be nighttime was not passed into the loop, and thus they were waking up at daytime like all other NPC personality types, triggering a sleep-wake loop during the daytime.

    Another example of incorrectly behaving NPC personality types was the "fast" type. Fast NPCs are supposed to run everywhere, but were moving at normal speed due to this bug.

    I fixed the main behavior loop to correctly pass in personality trait information.

    Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Tweaks
    • I fixed a number of visual bugs in how NPCs align themselves with objects or other NPCs to interact with them.
    • When an NPC teleports from one location to another in a world (e.g., a tenant beaming to their colony deed) the beamin animation occurs instantly after the beamout animation, without waiting for the game to actually move the NPC, producing a jarring visual discontinuity. I fixed this in all of the behaviors that I found to exhibit it.
    • The air hockey table rarely gets used because two NPCs have to randomly, independently decide to use it within a 10 second window of one another, in order for it to be used. I increased this window to 30 seconds.
    • NPCs may play the piano for up to 30 seconds, but sound only plays for about 5.5 seconds. I tweaked this so that the sound loops for as long as the NPC plays the piano.


    This mod make no modifications to any persistent game state. You should be able to add or remove it at any time.


    Permission to include this mod or parts thereof in derived works, to distribute copies of this mod verbatim, or to distribute modified copies of this mod, is granted unconditionally to Chucklefish LTD. Such permissions are also granted to other parties automatically, provided the following conditions are met:
    • Credit is given to the author(s) specified in this mod's _metadata file;
    • A link is provided to https://github.com/rl-starbound/rl_bettercrew in the accompanying files or documentation of any derived work;
    • The name "rl_bettercrew" is not used as the name of any derived work without explicit consent of the author(s); however, the name may be used in verbatim distribution of this mod. For the purposes of this clause, minimal changes to metadata files to allow distribution on Steam shall be considered a verbatim distribution so long as authorship attribution remains.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. faennia
    Version: 1.0.0
    Pretty nice mod!
  2. Armok
    Version: 1.0.0
    certainly better than smart crew for sure, although more for nit-picky reasons if anything lol

    seeing this, I'd actually love to see someone properly tackle enhancing npc combat capabilities, teaching them how to use melee weapon combos and to aim ranged weapons better (or perhaps aimbot for the latter case) as well as fire said ranged weapons for longer would all go a long way in making them more formidable in combat if you ask me. would you be open to doing something like that perhaps?
    1. rl.starbound
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. See my reply in the discussion.