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Hemp+ v0.14.2

Wanna grow your own weed farm? Now you can!

  1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
    Finally: a recent 420 mod! Grow your very own pot field! Now you can grow, harvest, and roll your own joints, which give a decent healing perk, as well as tripling your hunger rate (curse you, munchies!). It also may make you feel a little lazy... so a Coffee or something with a speed boost is recommended.

    Modpack use is limited to requests at the moment purely because this is still being worked on- once it has the planned content and reaches 1.0 and I'm proud of it (and has completely original/vanilla asset-flips), I'll let y'all use it in whatever pack, no permission needed. Probably. But all that's just for bundling it in a modpack- feel free to actually play it however.

    Welcome. My current needs are: a tester to actually play the mod, and give input on balance so I can prepare for a food update, potentially. Brownies sound like a good start... Stay safe, stay strong, and toke on~

    The mod is currently in its growing stages, and may have a few small bugs (see: Known Issues).
    Synthesis Table: Used to make most of the things in the mod... unless it's by hand or elsewhere.
    Grinding Tray: From here you can grind bud, fill hand grinders with bud, and roll joints.
    Grinder: Grinds bud, but doesn't give Hash. Much faster than the Hand Grinder due to only having one step. (Rolling Tray has this in crafting format, but the Grinder does it even when the menu's closed, iirc)
    Hand Grinder: Used to grind weed by hand, filled by hand and manually used to receive ground bud of the strain you put in, plus a little bit of Hash.
    Medical Dispensary: Sells snacks, drinks, new Hemp+ items, and medicine- also a Poptop egg. Craftable by hand with Iron, Hempcrete, and Fibreglass.
    Screenshot_17 dispensary worker.png

    Dank Poptop "Pottop" & egg: New monster, the "Pottop"! Possibly found in forests, we'll need eyes and confirmation images to prove they're out there. Otherwise, you can buy some that've been stuffed back into eggs at the Dispensary. They'll take a second to realize they've been placed on the ground- but don't worry, that shell is strong! It'll take a while for them to break free, and they'll be angry when they do. Take care when releasing them manually. (Hint: they drop their joint! But, they have a lot of health...)
    Screenshot_15 pottop egg.png Screenshot_16 dank poptop (pottop).png

    Industrial Hemp: A plant that drops Hemp Fibre. And that's it.
    Cannabis Clones: A plethora of plants that grow and drop items like any other plant.
    Cannabis Buds: Harvested from their respected plants, and ground into their respective Ground Bud
    Ground Buds: Used for rolling into Joints with a Rolling Paper

    Hemp Fibre: Used to craft Hemp Cloth, Rolling Paper, and more
    Hemp Cloth: Used to make the Stoner set
    Rolling Papers: (see: Ground Buds)
    Barebones buff/debuffs: Got "The Munchies" working, triples hunger rate, will tweak to cancel/nullify but not remove "Well-Fed" after v1.0
    Cellulose: Used for crafting blocks
    Fibreglass: Made with cellulose, where all the other building blocks are made
    Hempcrete: Made with cellulose and cobblestone, where all the other building blocks are made

    Hemp Scarf: It's a scarf, but you decided to pull it up a little 'cause it's cold.
    Hemp Hoodie: A sleeveless hoodie, but with arm-warmers... so a sleeved sleeveless hoodie.
    Hemp Jeans: Nice, they come pre-worn! Too bad about the shoes, though...
    Screenshot_8.png Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_11.png
    Blue Dream, Blackberry Kush, Pineapple Kush, Generic Sativa & Generic Indica, Blueberry Yum-Yum, Girlscout Cookies, Alaskan Thunderf***
    Update Titles and types: Updates follow the following format:
    v<Big Update version>.<feature addition>.<bugfix/unimportant update>
    Meaning that v0.10.2 is the Unfinished version on it's tenth feature addition and second minor update/bugfix.
    Item Packs just add more items, usually fully implementing them, or at least adding them to the Medical Dispensary.
    (Minor) updates aren't required as they change so little, and are skippable until the next 0.xx.0 release.

    v0.1 - v1.0: adding all the items from the Hemp mod, as well as many tweaks and ideas as they come.
    v1.0: This is when the mod is "complete", meaning it has all the features I originally intended on adding and implementing.
    v1.1 - v2.0: Retexturing all items with original sprites, tweaking/remaking stats.
    v2.0: By then there'll be all-original assets, a ton of weed, perks for each strain and type. Basically "done and finished", but will continue messing with.

    Future updates:
    In-game changelog and plans book
    Portable rolling tray
    Merchant that sells pre-made consumables and a pawn shop that buys at 50% (as opposed to other places at 20-30%)
    Strains that are recommended by the community
    "Dew" liquid that is basically green Healing Water, but restores energy?
    "Greening Out"?
    Passing out from too many edibles?

    Known Issues:
    None. Hooray!

    Ideas welcome, if you can state it in a way that helps me figure out how to actually implement it, and any bugfixing help is appreciated!~

    Thanks to:

    777dan777 (various help- forums)
    jeff (grinder pic- Discord)
    My cat :catface:

    The owners of both Cannabis MOD and HempCraft have been offline for over a year and the mods are outdated (I am still waiting for a reply to my permission inquisitions, I will remove it immediately upon denial, or if moderation decides I should not have resurrected these two mods as my own), and I'm working to rebuild it with a few tweaks and a complete rewrite. Eventually (v2.0) all the assets will have been rewritten and replaced, so that none of the original owner's assets are used and the mod is completely original. I am currently using their assets as placeholders and as a kickstart to the mod production, as well as a learning tool. The faster I can learn, the faster I can make and use my own assets!

    Please post issues in the Discussions, and personal reviews in the Reviews, thank you!

    It would be gr8
    If you would r8
    I thank you m8
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. bigblacknoodles
    Version: v0.13
    where is the dispensary or its coordinates??
    1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
      Author's Response
      (post two-year break:) If I recall, it's crafted using the Hempcrete and glass from the mod, and there was a work-in-progress add-on mod that didn't get released that actually placed it to the left of the Outpost. I believe it didn't make it to the actual mod due to me having to learn how to use Tiled (map editor) in such a way that doesn't conflict with anything, and failing a few times.

      Mod will be continued soon, if all goes according to plan!
  2. blackpigeon23
    Version: v0.13
    You are doing the ganga lords work, my friend, fux the other reviewers here, this is amazing, me and my friends have been getting bank and smokin good. Thanks for this mod bro!
    1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
      Author's Response
      Of course! Though, please keep in mind that this is an technically a rebirth of the Hemp mod, give them some love if you can find them- without that mod I wouldn't've started remaking it and expanding upon it!~
  3. citharus
    Version: v0.13
    1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
  4. _Dandion_
    Version: v0.10.3
    It's a rather funny mod, and a good, funny idea, but is it possible to add some wobbly visuals after u smoke? Or something like that. No actual point to use them, exept "yeeeee, legal weed in starbound", basicly they are just retextured stims. Still good and made me laugh, and has an interesting idea about different types of weed, but still - would be better with visuals.
    1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the input! Yeah, I have no idea how one would even go about having modified visuals, or if that's even possible within Starbound's coding limitations- but if it is, I'd be adding it post-v1.0.
  5. SollyW
    Version: 0.8
    Weed in Starbound? Made me laugh, but no thanks