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Outdated HempCraft v.1.9

Adds different types of hemp as resources

  1. Gothboy77

    Hello, welcome to Hemp Craft; The mod where hemp is a resource! Not just for smoking; you can eat, craft with, and refine hemp into various necessities.

    [​IMG] Current Features [​IMG]
    This mod makes use of hemp as a resource and can be used for many things!
    (Food, Fiber, Fuel)
    • Grow 6 different types of hemp!
    • Harvest for bud and fiber
    • Blaze it! Unique high for each weed type ^.^
    • Make weed munchies!
    • Be the king of green! Four tiers of Hemp Armor
    • Hemp weaponry
    • Use hemp as a building material
    • Refine hemp for pixels or fuel
    • Decorations and more!
    Planned Features:
    • Stoner NCP: Buy new types of hemp seed and products. And he looks groovy!
    • More tiers of weaponry and armor
    • Hemp clothing (for looks)
    • More hemp types
    • More decorations
    Hemp Types:
    6 different types. Soon to add more

    Plain Hemp
    Bubba Kush
    Strawberry Kush
    Blueberry Kush
    Pineapple Express
    Purple Haze

    Hemp Goodies:
    Must be at a kitchen to craft

    Hemp Cookies
    Strawberry Kush Cake
    Blueberry Hemp Muffins
    Pineapple Upside-Down Kush Cake
    Purple Haze Pie

    Weapons and Armor:
    These can be crafted at an anvil

    Hemp Cape
    Hemp Thatch Armor Set
    Hemp Plate Armor Set
    Hemp Scout Armor Set
    Hemp Warrior Armor Set
    Hemp Short Sword
    Hemp Sword
    Hemp Bow

    Put these buds in the refinery to "sell" your bud or convert it to fuel

    Plain Hemp - 1 coal per bud
    Bubba Kush - 25 Pixels per bud
    Strawberry Kush - 50 Pixels per bud
    Blueberry Kush - 50 Pixels per bud
    Pineapple Express - 50 Pixels per bud
    Purple Haze - 50 Pixels per bud

    Decorations and stuff:
    Currently there are only 8 but I will add more, believe it!

    Glass Bong
    Rasta Bong
    Pink Bong
    Hemp Bed
    Hemp Leaf Chest
    Rasta Chest
    Hemp Leaf Flag
    Rasta Flag

    Extract HempCraft.zip to the Starbound Mods folder.


    Special thanks to my friend Mexicutionist! for the rasta bong, and other ideas
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. NecroaNine0r
    Version: v.1.9
    good but if you ever get this review can you please put it up to date
  2. Lucasmg2014
    Version: v.1.9
    Time to be the Snoop Dogg of Starbound.
    I r8 this a 420/420
  3. Satan666
    Version: v.1.9
    I couldn't figure out how to get seeds, so.. Still a good mod though.
    1. Gothboy77
      Author's Response
      You can craft plain hemp seed from the "c" crafting menu with pixels. Plain Hemp seed can then be feminized into other types of hemp with a feminizing station: crafted at a wooden bench
  4. supaboyy
    Version: v.1.9
    Snoop Dogg would approve of this. 5/5
  5. Intergalactic Atheist
    Intergalactic Atheist
    Version: v.1.9
    Nice! Thanks for the update
  6. Sergun169
    Version: v.1.9
    haile selassie rastafari!
  7. Wiredwrong
    Version: v.1.9
    Need to balance the gear out, an explanation of the high bonuses (if there are any?) would be nice too. Nice work dude
    1. Gothboy77
      Author's Response
      The Armor is balanced decently but I do agree I should put the defense and warmth given by them on the overview. They don't give any special effects or high bonuses however. Thanks for the review and I'll be sure to update the overview with more information. :)
  8. Lᴜ̶̸ɴᴀ̶̸ BadgεЯ
    Lᴜ̶̸ɴᴀ̶̸ BadgεЯ
    Version: v.1.8
    Still waiting on that update
  9. clansittingducks
    Version: v.1.8
    Cant wait for more content
  10. Fekhed
    Version: v.1.8
    Added the element i needed in starbound, but i appear to be having problems with the rasta chests