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Outdated Construction Squared 0.9.426

Build Stuff!

  1. Pentarctagon
    There is a Chinese translation by coralfox.
    What this mod does
    It comes with 12 placeable items (made by me) that will build a structure for you when placed ingame. It also has a Java program that allows you to make your own items. Also keep in mind that this mod is considered a beta, so some things may not work at all or not work as expected. That said, I've fixed almost every bug I've come across so far, so it *should* work fine for the most part.

    If there are any structures you've made that you'd like to be included, just upload it and it'll be included in the next release!

    Currently included user structures:
    BunkerCustom by TheTao2
    Ship, Maze, and AsteroidBase by Fatal Glitch aka Hayden
    Java 8

    The JDK (only necessary for using the makejar.bat file)

    To install
    Same as any other mod, unzip it and put it in the mods folder.

    How to use this mod ingame
    To use in-game, just open any crafting menu and you should see the 10 items it comes with by default. Craft the "ConstructionTable" (costs 1 pixel) and place it somewhere. Craft any of them (they also only cost 1 pixel at the moment) at the ConstructionTable and place it somewhere. All structures will build themselves to the right of the object and when building it will replace anything that happens to be in the way (except for tree leaves for some reason) so keep that in mind.

    I've put this on Github here. Also, all the code is now under the GNU GPL v3 license.


    Memory usage:
    tldr - Use the .bat file if you have memory issues.
    Long(er) version - Java seems to prefer allocating new memory to itself rather than deallocating memory it's no longer using. Example A, on it's own the program can approach 800 MBs of memory usage, but it also functions perfectly well with much less when it's RAM limit is restricted. I used a 200 MBs limit in the batch file just because PCs generally have tons of memory, but if you have issues you can reduce it further by changing the -Xmx argument in runjar.bat. -Xmx200m means 200 MBs, 100m means 100 MBs, etc
    TODO: This is the current todo list, which may change at any time as I finish things or think of new things to add. It's also available towards the top of tileDesigner.java. The order of the things in the list has no bearing on their importance or when they may be implemented.

    *update version string
    place real object images

    fix tile scaling issues
    add crafting item into placeable objects, start misc objects category, agaran category?
    ---Post v1.0---
    remove compatibility code in load for structures made prior to 1.lua existing
    remove compatibility code for structures not prefixed with CS_
    import/delete tilesets
    .zip -> .7z
    synchronous vs asynchronous threads
    give anything that can be arbitrarily large a thread
    split objectData functionality into sub-classes?
    full re-write to do things better?
    maze generator support?
    avali/optional tileset support
    base in a box -> extract item to json with starcheat -> convert into CS-compatible format

    assure that all blocks can be placed in all circumstances, hoping for an API call

    default race structures for human/apex/agaran/hylotl
    check for new stuff as updates happen
    recipe configurator as separate jar
    keep tabs on memory usage, jvm is horrible at minimizing usage unless forced

    Permissions: If for whatever reason anyone wants to use anything in this mod anywhere, I honestly don't care, the answer will always be "yes". All I ask is that you let me know that you're using it.

    Reporting Bugs
    Please say when you were doing when it happened: what button did you press, what happened (or didn't happen), etc. Also upload ConstructionLog.txt, which is where errors are put should they occur.
    If you try to run the .jar and nothing happens: Java forgot to do something while installing, so follow these instructions. I don't have a Mac or Linux PC, so these instructions are Windows-only.
    If you try to run the jar and it immediately pops up an error: You do not have an up-to-date Java installation, uninstall the one you currently have and then install Java 8 (link at the top of this post).

    Other People's Structures
    To Install
    : There are one of two possible ways to install other structures, depending on how they were uploaded.
    a) Extract the zip archive and copy/paste the folders into "mods/ConstructionSquared" and add the name to player.config.
    b) Put the zip archive in "ConstructionSquared/StructureGen/packages", run StructureGen.jar, go to Packaging > Import Structure, select the structure's name from the popup.

    A reskin of the Platform forum skin by me. Requires the add-on Stylish to be installed.

Recent Updates

  1. Small fix
  2. Object size
  3. A couple small features

Recent Reviews

  1. gvc051126
    Version: 0.9.426
    excellent work, now it's easy to move home
  2. ilfswp
    Version: 0.9.410
  3. player7895123
    Version: 0.9.000
  4. coralfox
    Version: 0.9.000
    Love it
  5. po7-5
    Version: 0.9.000
    Good mod!
  6. doomday83
    Version: 0.9.000
    What version of Starbound is this for?
    1. Pentarctagon
      Author's Response
      The most recent.
  7. draor44
    Version: 0.8.800
    5/5! Wow!! this works great with the fully customizable ships mod!! instant spaceships. instant cities... why didn't I get this sooner?!??
  8. dizi
    Version: 0.8.765
    Very good!!!
  9. Apple Juice
    Apple Juice
    Version: 0.8.645
    OVER 9000!
  10. dizi
    Version: 0.8.280