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    Story: The next story should be about you walking into lewi's house and he has some documents on his desk and you ask why, then he tells you he's retiring and he entrusts the valley to you cause your grandpa and him were friends and he trusts you then lastly he's getting too old and wants to live with marnie since they are in love, but then lewis makes a announcement to the whole valley that you are going to take his place BUT! Everyone has doubts about u being the new mayor so after the stardew valley announcement of you being the mayor, lewis and marnie take off in a train for a year so no talking to them for a year ^^;

    After they leave, robin approaches you and asks you to come to lewi's house later, when you go to his house robin is already there and she found a book about abandoned projects that her and lewis made but never got to and robin is telling you that you can gain the trust of the people by making their lives easier by making new buildings

    Example Of Buildings: Church Of Yoba, Improved Ducks,

    Idea/Suggestion Presented by BarbarianRas, Thank him for the idea of being mayor and the buildings! :3

    Romance Options:

    I think Clint and Sandy should be the new romance options cause they are both single and they are interesting characters :3

    Animals And Buildings:

    Animals: I think there should be two new animals in stardew valley, one and most people from shane route know this, BLUE CHICKENS!!!!!! Who wouldn't want blue chickens and we could have blue mayonnaise, Another one is about the witch, We have void chickens, why don't we have another animal, A cow one, I got two names Cave Cow or Void Cow, the witch curses a cow and when it gives birth, its not a regular cow but rather a cursed cow and they give us Cursed Cheese. Thank Xamerzan for the idea of blue mayonnaise idea ^^


    New house renovation option: There's the bathroom renovation but it'll be a magical bathroom by the wizard and when you go to the mirror, you'll be able to change ur appearance for free!, I also think there should be a attic

    Your Own Shop: I think the player should have a shop at the farm to sell his food and he can set how much it costs so you can get a good profit on it! ^w^

    The Abandoned ideas from the story suggestion:
    Church Of Yoba
    Improved Docks

    Magical Buildings: I think there should be a alchemy building where you can use monster loot to make you potions that give you buffs, like 1 minute speed boost, more damage, more chance of critical damage or unlimited stamina for 1 hour. Gotta put that monster loot and slime to good use!! And also you can use things you find in the dungeon besides ore, has to be organic

    New Events: There should be a valentines event on February the 14th

    Before And After Marriage: you should be allowed to date ur spouse when ur at 8 hearts or more, you can ask her on a date when you give her a bouquet then you can ask the question about a date. :3

    The Kids: -

    That's all I'm thinking of the 1.2 suggestion right now, i'll continue to update this when I come up with ideas or others, if others come up with ideas i'll credit them cause they are the ones who came up with it :3

    - BewareOf

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