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RELEASED Sparkz: a fresh variety of wire-interactive objects

Discussion in 'Crafting and Building' started by metadept, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. metadept

    metadept Mostly Harmless Codesman



    This mod was created to add wiring and logic functionality above and beyond that which is available in the vanilla game, by adding a variety of wire-interactive sensors, logic blocks, and actuators. To access the vanilla logic gates (until they are officially implemented) use my previous mod, Logic 101.

    • New Item: an alternate Wire Tool which is much easier to craft, allowing access to wiring system in the early game
    • New Object: Wiring Station, used to craft logic and wiring recipes
    • New Object: Small Wall Switch (a toggle switch which also accepts wire input to activate/deactivate)
    • New Object: Small Wall Button (a momentary switch)
    • New Object: Small Floor Button (a momentary switch)
    • New Object: Large Floor Button (a momentary switch)
    • New Object: Pressure Plate (a momentary switch which also triggers when players/items/monsters touch it)
    • New Object: Alarm (a ceiling fixture which plays sound and animation when it receives a wire signal)
    • New Object: Light Sensor (detects two different levels of light)
    • New Object: Poison Source Pipe (creates poison when powered)
    • New Object: Lava Source Pipe (creates lava when powered)
    • New Object: Drain (drains liquids when powered)
    • New Object: Water Source Pipe (creates water when powered)
    New in v1.0
    • New art for Wiring Station and Wire Tool
    • Added Light Sensor
    • Added Water, Poison, and Lava Source Pipes
    • Added Drain
    Requirements and Installation

    The main files for Sparkz can be found in the official mod repository or on the NexusMods page.

    Recipes for Sparkz objects are crafted at the Wiring Station, which can be obtained using the Tabula Rasa. The Tabula Rasa is created by 'cooking' a torch in a campfire. To avoid modifying base game files, Tabula Rasa is required to obtain the Wiring Station initially. All other recipes are unlocked from the Wiring Station.

    I highly recommend using Sparkz in conjunction with Logic 101 in order to use the vanilla logic gates.


    I'm very interested in player feedback, so if you have any bug reports, requests, or comments please reply in this thread, message me, or contact me in any other way you can find!
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  2. Phantom5582

    Phantom5582 Phantasmal Quasar

    So... I installed Logic 101 just before this update. Will I have to remove the older Logic 101 before installing these two mods and the new logic 101?
  3. metadept

    metadept Mostly Harmless Codesman

    Unfortunately, yes... I thought for a long time about how best to handle it, but making a clean break at this early stage seemed to be the best solution. It's possible that you might be able to use the old Logic 101 with the new mods (haven't tested) but you'll have duplicates of the overlapped item recipes since the Sparkz versions are namespaced differently. Hope you're enjoying the mod though, and look forward to some new objects soon!
  4. Phantom5582

    Phantom5582 Phantasmal Quasar

    I see... Well then what would be the easiest way to remove the old Logic 101 mod? Could I install the new Logic 101 and these two mods and them overwrite the old files?

    Edit: If I have to, I will go in and manually delete the files by hand.
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  5. metadept

    metadept Mostly Harmless Codesman

    Probably should delete the old files by hand, then install the new ones using bootstrap.config (explained here). Your bootstrap.config file will look something like this (depending on where you put the mod folders):

      "assetSources" : [
      "storageDirectory" : ".."
    This way, your base game files will be unchanged and it'll be easier to uninstall things in the future!
  6. Phantom5582

    Phantom5582 Phantasmal Quasar

    Not a bad idea, and I did a verify file to just outright remove the files. I only had two other mods so it was alright. They needed to be updated as well.

    Edit: It seems the Tabula Rasa file here is not able to be downloaded. I'm just getting an error message.

    Edit 2: I was able to get it by Right clicking and saving link as.
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  7. metadept

    metadept Mostly Harmless Codesman

    Updated this to version 1.0 with a few new items and improvements to the code. Enjoy!
  8. DranKof

    DranKof Void-Bound Voyager

    Mmmmm....delicious already-ready wirey love.
  9. devrock3033

    devrock3033 Aquatic Astronaut

    i utilized this mod to defeat the burly robot.
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