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  1. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Alright, it's finally here; things might get a little wordy, but don't worry, there won't be a test on this. Keep in mind, this isn't set in the Starbound universe.

    Over an unclaimed territory, tensions mounted between two nations; a powder-keg, if you will. All it took was a spark, and a war followed. After several years of bloody conflict the two nations finally sought peace, agreeing to build a great project together, a railway to connect the nations, to solidify that peace. But the people of that unclaimed territory, that No Man’s Land, didn’t take kindly to this further trespass and aim to retaliate.

    However, the rail must be built, come hell or high water; and the companies building it will pay well for your services to defend it. This might be profitable, though probably deadly, and who knows what secrets lie under No Man’s Land.

    Why are wars fought? Is it for ideological reasons? The classic battle of good versus evil? Or is for something a little more basic; such as resources. At the end of the day, those who actually fight the war, the soldiers at the front, care little about the actual politics and reasons for the war; many driven by a sense of nationalism, or are conscripted, and thus are obligated to serve or risk the penalty of imprisonment.

    And what about the territories this war are fought on? Some times it is the homeland of one of the belligerent nations, protecting their sovereignty from an invading army; but some times, it is the land of a non affiliated third party, or in rare cases, a no man’s land, sitting at the frontier of the belligerent nations. Usually this land is just a line in the sand, the separator that is a national border, but what if that land is a massive expanse, unclaimed due to it being simply untameable?

    Even if this land is untamed, there are still people brave enough to settle there, sick of national politics, or adventurous enough to go where others would avoid. Well, it’s their bad luck I suppose, because this untamed land was quickly exploited by some larger ‘interests’; corporations and the like who wanted to take advantage of this unclaimed land to do what they pleased, displacing the locals, and extracting the resources located there.

    The real trouble didn’t start until a corporate reconnaissance group from the western nation ran afoul of a mining crew dispatched by a eastern company. It came to gunfire, and was seen as an act of war by the eastern nation, both side eventually came to the conclusion that this territory was too small to support the two nation’s interests, and war was the only course of action; it would determine who had the right to that land, and the bountiful resources that lie beneath it.

    The two nations marched their armies across the territory known as ‘No Man’s Land’, and fought many bloody battles over it. What little infrastructure was pounded into scrap by artillery, and many of the locals were ‘collateral damage’ after being caught in the crossfire. This will be important later.

    After several years of fighting, the two nations realized they were fighting over ashes. Though some of the resources could still be recovered, the infrastructure to harvest them was destroyed, and a long effort would be needed to fix it. So the two nations agreed to sign a treaty of peace; they would share the land, first building a rail line across the great expanse to connect the two nations. From there, they would try to strengthen their bonds, and lasting peace might… hang on.

    Geez, starting to sound like a sappy ‘happy ending’. A story like this needs twist to spice things up, right? Well, you know how I mentioned those locals who kinda got trampled, first by the corporations and then by the hammer and anvil of the two nations? Well, there was a lot of abandoned equipment left over from the war, and the locals ‘recovered’ a good chunk of that stuff. They also didn’t take kindly to this new exploit of the territory with this big railway cutting through. They might’ve been a little more forgiving if they could’ve benefited from it, but guess what! There’s another twist. That rail line was first planned as a non-stop express; none of this ‘stopping midway’.

    As a result, some of the locals turned to banditry; using the salvaged munitions and equipment to raid the railway. Now, since the rail was being constructed by the same companies responsible for sparking the war in the first place, some of the bandits were also looking for a little revenge. However the rail needed to be built, and the two nations were willing to allow a little extra ‘muscle’ to help with security. That’s where you come in; be it former soldiers, mercs, or just average citizens looking for a quick buck, this might just be an interesting story, or a short, bloody one.

    Now, all that warbling aside, let’s get into the meat of things, yes? This story is set on some far flung planet some time after colonization, long enough for major nations to form from the first colonies. The nations we’re concerned about are Neue Bayern, the nation to the east, and the Pyreneus Republic to the west; serving as an analog to the Central and Entante powers of World War I respectively. Old West themes aside, this is a sci-fi story, cybernetics, mag-lev trains, motorcycles instead of horses and the like. The starting point of this story will be in Neue Bayern, aka New Bavaria.

    Standard forum rules apply here; GM's word is law; no godmoding, metagaming, killing other PCs or NPCs without good reason; OOC goes in this thread, not the RP thread; yadda yadda yadda. I will be lenient the first time, and will apply retcons if necessary, but don't push your luck.

    I should also mention that some things are still a work in progress; if I make any major posts later in this thread, I will link to those posts here. Naturally, if there are any questions, comments, criticisms, feel free to post here; or throw a PM my way if you want to keep it private.

    Oh, before I forget:

    Perhaps you where searching a job bank, received an email, or found an ad on your preferred news website; but it seems like there's an opportunity on the frontier. The ad reads:

    Aid requested of all able bodied men and women! Universelle Dynamik GmbH needs soldiers to defend the construction of the railway to the Pyreneus Republic from marauding bandits! Fill out the application below, and submit it via email, or to the nearest UD GmbH office.

    Physical Description:
    Vocation: (What is your specialty? Are you a gunfighter, lawman, mechanic, doctor, etc.? This will determine your basic skillset.)
    Traits: (Note: you need at least one flaw for every advantage. Try to keep them in a list, and a short description will be helpful for each one.)
    Cybernetics: (The can count as both traits and flaws, though excessive amounts will need GM approval)
    Equipment: (Weapons, tools, armour, consumables, etc.)
    Other notes: (Anything you feel isn’t covered by the above fields.)

    Finally, @Dragonclaw here's your tag; it's hit the deck, sunshine.

    The infodumps are collected in this post.

    Character repository located here.
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  2. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Any restrictions on tech levels?
    Wait, cybernetics? I'm gonna assume a charge rifle to be a safe assumed weapon.
  3. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    I will be going in depth with the tech shortly; as I said, some bits are WIP. And 'charge rifle'? I'll need to know what it does before I will allow you to use it.
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  4. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    It's from rimworld. Ill just quote it here.
    The Tokamak R4 charge rifle fires 5.46x45 projectiles coated in a matrix of magnetically-contained charged particles fired at a relatively low muzzle velocity. On impact, the energy in the particles is released in a very small explosion hot enough to cauterize wounds and open up armor. However, they have a limited effective range and used to be used by glitterworld police in the incapacitation of armored rioters through pain and shock, making them more or less useless against riots employing droids or people with a high pain tolerance.

    How she acquired one will be told in her history, but i can handle lowering the tech down to a traditional firearm since she's already got a cybernetic eye and foot. (They don't really help much, they're just replacement prosthetics to what she lost, looted off of raiders and installed by a doctor.)
    (Yes, I'm pulling in my rimworld character into this if I can. She can handle whatever restrictions you permit.)
  5. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Though Rimworld is a good basis for the theme, some of the glitterworld tech might be a little out there. 'Tokamak' implies that fusion tech is involved, and 'coated in a matrix of magnetically-contained charged particles' is certainly technobabble. Now, if it said 'ionized particles' I'd say that sounds like a bizarre hybrid between a standard firearm and a plasma gun. For the short of it, I'd call it 'unavailable' in my little universe; but there are other options.

    Alright, here's the list of stuff I've written something about so far:

    Reflex Cloth- with the arms race between weapons and armour, you’ll get odd innovations such as this. Under normal circumstances it behaves like normal cloth; but once it receives a substantial amount of shear stress, such as being hit by a bullet, it goes temporarily rigid. This cloth is used for making more concealable armours, disguised as ordinary clothing, coats and the like. Though it is used as a component of more ‘overt’ armours. At any rate, it’s rare to see someone on the frontier who doesn’t have a coat made from the stuff.

    Cybernetics- Though medical technology has yet to be able to reliably clone lost limbs and organs, there’s always the option to replace them with cybernetics. So might even go as far as replacing everything but the brain with ‘chrome’.

    Robotics- Don’t forget the less ‘invasive’ applications of robotics, I’m talking about remote controlled drones, powered exoskeletons, and other cool stuff.

    Computing- Naturally, computers are omnipresent, coming in all forms and sizes. Though what might be more important is the software you can run on them.

    Augmented Reality- With the computers we’ve got, and the addition of either cybernetic implants or, for the chrome shy, an imaging visor, we can display things in your field of view; HUDs, video feeds, ‘holograms’, you name it. Luckily, the fidelity is better than those old sci-fi movies.

    Power Cells- All this fancy tech is of little use without means to power it, yeah? Luckily, battery tech has come a long way, providing impressive energy densities through the use of compact superconductors and graphene storage mediums.

    Direct Neural Interfacing- What if I told you that you could control your ride with your mind? With the right implant, you can; if you don’t mind plugging your brain into it with a wire first. ‘Smart-links’ for your gun use similar hardware.

    Fine, I’m sure you were looking forward to this section; there’s still the classic smokeless gunpowder burning, brass ejecting guns in common use, but there are a few ‘high tech’ alternatives.

    Lasers- Don’t get too excited, the usable ones are those massive vehicle mounted rigs; though there are ‘semi-portable’ guns. They use chemical lasing mediums, and vent a nasty, toxic gas. Might want to wear a respirator.

    Railguns- An improvement of the ‘slugthrower’ concept, instead of using explosive propellant, a magnetic field is used to accelerate the bullets to hypersonic velocities. The power systems and coolant necessary does add a substantial amount of weight, though the range, accuracy and power make them popular as ’sniper’ weapons.

    Electrolasers- Though lethal lasers might be more trouble than they’re worth, laser tech does give us this unique tool; it’s best described as a ‘wireless taser’. A low powered laser ionizes the air, creating a conduit to channel a jolt of electricity, zapping the target.

    Plasma Projectors (‘Flamers’)- And you thought flamethrowers were bad enough. These plasma torch derived contraptions fling hot death at a surprising distance, melting through things you thought were fireproof. Luckily, they’re kinda bleeding edge, so you won’t be seeing them often.

    Though keep in mind, that’s not everything; feel free to ask about other technologies; I’ve certainly forgot something important.
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  6. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    So if I were to just say it's an assault rifle but it fires the NML (no man's land) equivalent of Wookiee bowcaster bolts (which are like what you said, ionized projectiles like plasma coated bullets) downscaled to bullet size would that be appropriate?
  7. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Any 'plasma' ammunition will likely be contain the plasma inside the bullet rather than outside; usually by using a pellet of metallic hydrogen that will be zapped into the plasma via a laser diode on impact. Basically, it'll act has a thermal, high tech, high explosive. You won't be stuffing it into an assault rifle bullet; it'll be used in grenades and cannon shells.

    I should mention that you won't be starting with the best hardware from the get-go. As I mentioned in the tech list, plasma weapons are bleeding edge, and the ones available are a new take on the flamethrower.
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  8. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova

    Thank you! Now to make an app...
  9. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Good to see you've arrived; I think I might flip a few tables to inform the others who took interest, not sure if they saw the announcement on my profile.
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  10. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Okay, I think I'm ready. If need be, I may introduce her companion. Let me know how i should change it.

    Name: Amira "Am" Yates
    Age: 34
    Physical Description: An Asian woman with short cropped black hair, and a small frame. She wears desert/arid trekking gear over her protection, a bulletproof vest on her torso to protect her major organs, a metal face mask to protect her head, and a reflex cloth undershirt for additional protection. (About class III-A in terms of protection for the vest) Her gloves are also reflex cloth as well.
    She also wears an eyepatch over her right eye.
    Personality: Abrasive, hotheaded, bloodthirsty, and not best to be around, people describe her like having been possessed with the carnal and savage spirit of a hyena. But she loyal to those who earn her trust and kind enough to those she considers a trusted ally, prioritizing their survival over (and at the expense) of all others, bar her own.
    Vocation: Gunwoman survivalist
    No Man's Land is not hers: ascetic and rugged, she's survived many harsh and inhabited terrains.
    Lone Raider: her years as a wanderer has given her lots of experience dealing with shortening the lifespans of many others in an offensive and looting/sabotage focused scenario.
    Developed immunity: Having spent years without antibiotics or anything beyond herbal medicines and bed rest, she's developed a powerful immune system, making sicknesses and infections less of a concern.
    Night fighter: She lives in the night. She thrives in it. Working in the cover of it to slit the throats of a pirate camp, or to hunt for and with nocturnal predators.
    Night owl: during the day, her useless cybernetic eye makes her cross dominant, and her normal reliance on the cover of night is something she's not used to not having. Being a night owl, she's also normally asleep during this time...
    Untrustworthy: Her background, savagery, and personality all come together to make her very untrustworthy among others. With good reason too, as anyone she's not come to befriend may as well be an enemy should they be in her way...
    Loner: Aside from a trusted few, she's not one to care for the lives of others. Unfortunately, this also makes her more or less completely unreliable when it comes to working under a commander or leading anybody else. She might follow their advice and take presented opportunities, but she often always does her own thing regardless of what others tell her, making her a liability.
    Intellectually stunted: While having unparalleled survivalist knowledge and cunning, she has the book-wise intellect of a child and the abilities of such. Sure she can set a bone and plan how to sabotage and cripple bases, but she can't count in her head beyond multiples of one or ten, and cannot really deal with intellectual puzzles. Logic and such doesn't seem to reach her, and this can be very frustrating for all parties.
    Cybernetic foot: more or less just an advanced prosthetic due to joints.
    Cybernetic eye: Unable to reprogram it, it's stuck on night vision mode, making it very useful at night, but a pain in the day.
    Equipment: (Weapons, tools, armour, consumables, etc.):
    She carries an assault rifle of an unknown model, a well worn .45 revolver, and a hunting rifle she found off of a raider that she's grown to like. Beyond that, she has ammo, a hunting and butchers knife, a firestarting kit, the aforementioned worn armor looted from the dead, and a pack of cigarettes she enjoys smoking on rare occasions (though she may have developed a bit of a dependency...).
    History: She once belonged to a small family of caravan traders. But, of course, they were attacked by highwaymen died. She fled, and was the only one that survived. Of course, she wouldn't be here if she didn't continue to do so. Yadda yadda yadda, many years and wounds later, here she is, brought here by her more intelligent friend in the hopes she can perhaps make her happy.
    Other notes: She's mostly carnivorous in therms of dietary preferences, eating vegetables and fruits only because her companion tells her to. Oddly enough, she can confidently say that she's found human meat to be her favorite above all, claiming, cleaning, butchering, and eating whatever corpse she can.
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  11. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Considering how feral she happens to be, I'll need to see her companion. It would be doubtful that she would spend any time in civilized society without getting arrested for a violent crime of some sort. Perhaps she's to be sent back to No Man's Land because of such an arrest?

    Also, you might want to proofread your sheet. I noticed a couple of errors; unless that was intentional?
  12. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Unintentional. I was rushed and hiding my phone while typing during school.
    And I was going to ask about that, as she probably found her way to one at some point, but was not allowed in as such a threat. And she's not so much of a feral as much as she is a savage. Traders and such are common meeting, but she's not lived in a proper settlement longer than a week at most. Her companion is certainly much more civilized, but nowhere near as suited for a gunfight. Fistfight potentially, but not guns.
  13. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    The starting point of the story will be a train ride down the completed part of the track; so she will need to board that train somehow.
  14. Dipdoo

    Dipdoo Existential Complex

    Name: Ramsey Reeves
    Age: 43
    Physical Description: A stark and rough face, lips are naturally downturned, hazel eyes, and a drawn-together brow. Dressed well. A cooling, casual undershirt, a thick, buttoned overshirt, and a neat little vest over it all. The last two made of reflex cloth.
    Stands at roughly 6'0'' and is a bit more muscled than your average man.
    Personality: Cold, calm, confident, and straightforward. Doesn't care for pleasantries or pandering. Pity is a foreign concept, he expects harsh treatment and gives it out. Strongly dislikes internal conflict and hammers it out quickly. A bit of a killjoy in many situations, but can be insightful and maybe even lively in a few.

    Vocation: Lawman/Judge


    Investigative: Good at reading faces, picking out hidden meanings, and judging character.
    Iron of Heart and Mind: Physically tough and mentally sure. Not necessarily enduring, but certainly strong.
    Unwavering Loyalty: Will praise and assist those who have earned his trust. A good man to befriend, but a dangerous to manipulate.
    Emotionally Calm: Is a bit of a blank when it comes to emotions displayed. He feels just like anyone else but he can control and contain himself in extreme moments.
    Sure Hands: Very stable hands, almost disturbingly so. It takes something very physically jarring to knock this man down or ruin his aim.
    Fair: Doesn't make special cases or take excuses. A good man to keep things 'on track.'
    Bullheaded: Few things outside of very specific extremes truly shake this man. For good.


    Bullheaded: Few things outside of very specific extremes truly shake this man. Or for ill.
    Absolute: This man sees in only black and white, there is no grey area of any sort.
    Unforgiving: Uncaring of any circumstance outside of the extreme. A crime is a crime, a sin is a sin, and judgement must be administered. Pitiless
    Blunt: Doesn't sugar-coat anything for anyone, a very sure speaker.
    "No one is Above the Law": No matter who has done the deed, whether it is himself, his superior, or his best friend, none are exempt from judgement.
    Stuck in his Ways: Feels uncomfortable and unsure when presented with alternatives from those he trusts. Has his way and sticks to it, regardless of what might be best.
    Harsh: Punishes with no remorse or mercy but punishes evenly.
    Purity in Flesh: Prefers to keep his body his. Believes 'chrome' clouds the mind but does recognize it's usefulness,

    Cybernetics: Not one (yet?)
    A pocket-book of his own personal vices and rules, very few vices last long.
    Carries a heavy Linebaugh .500
    And a .45-70 Henry Repeater with a longer barrel.
    Plenty of ammo for the Linebaugh, less for the Henry.
    Keeps a flask with him that is normally filled with water.
    Always has his trusty reflex cloth handkerchief with him, sometimes worn over his mouth to filter dirt and dust, other times resting in his vest, its golden embroidering of "RnR" always clean.
    He carries a cane with him where he goes, not for walking but because it was his father's. The name "R- Reeves" is gilded on the handle, the rest faded over the years.
    Keeps a protective insert between his overshirt and undershirt, it won't stop a proper rifle from close range, but with some distance it might help.

    Came from a large town with large problems, crime was rampant and his family struggled to get by. His father had become a judge and executioner when Ramsey was a boy, his father made good money doing his work and did it without complaint, he became a true role model for Ramsey and at a young age he began to follow in his father's footsteps. But his father didn't like his work, he disagreed with the punishments and tried to shake judgements up later in his judging years. Ramsey was a man now and confused bu his father's decision. The court didn't take kindly to it. His father was removed from his position and imprisoned for a particularly egregious undercut. Ramsey, despite his mother's misgivings, seconded the court's decision, he had taken his younger years to heart and his path had been set. He respected his father more than any other man, but he had been taught to respect the law more than anything else.
    He seeks to uphold the law, his own if need be, and investigate bandits and businessmen alike.
    Other notes: A fan of a good drink on some occasions, not a heavy drinker.

    It takes me too long to think of things, but I'd call that an hour and a half well spent. Let me know if there's anything you want changed or expanded upon.
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  15. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Geez, he won't be popular. That handkerchief is odd, does he not have any proper armour?

    Also, would people like a catalogue for a few example firearms? I've dropped a bit of a list in a convo with HunterC1998, and would be willing to post more expansive list here once I cook it up. Just mentioning this, because theoretically 'Old Earth' guns wouldn't be available outside of nostalgic reproductions.
  16. Dipdoo

    Dipdoo Existential Complex

    Proper protection would be smart. How does a moderately protective insert that slips between undershirt and overshirt sound?
  17. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Sorry, I just noticed in your physical description it mentions that his vest and overshirt are made of reflex. Might want to list that in your inventory, because I more thoroughly read that section. Also, it'll be helpful to have the inventory be in a list format, rather than block paragraphs.
  18. Dipdoo

    Dipdoo Existential Complex

    Got it, added and listed.
  19. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Yeah, figured as much. Rubio's quite a bit more civilized...
    Also, realized I confuse Amira's name with Arietta... Mind if I change that?
    ((sorry this took me so long. Symbols error again...))

    Name: Naomi Rubio
    Age: 47
    Physical Description: Much stockier than her companion in frame, but almost dwarf like to most at a 4' flat height. She has long curled locks of dark brown hair, and a constant smile of any kind. Her eyes are wide and cheerful, and
    Personality: A bit wild eyed, but well adapted for conversation. She's a bit wild and adventurous, but she's generally fun and pleasant to be around.
    Vocation: Doctor and interpreter.
    Traits: (Note: you need at least one flaw for every advantage. Try to keep them in a list, and a short description will be helpful for each one.)
    Public speaker: Rubio is excellent when it comes to speaking with others. She's generally quite a good person to know and easy to approach. She's an uncanny ability to disarm and negotiate well with people of any kind. Even someone who had a gun to her a second ago may decide to hear her out, assuming they're not too acquainted with her.
    Doctor: While that look in her eyes may be a little unsettling, she's a trusted surgeon and is very well practiced in field medicine and homeopathic practices. This also proves useful in the butchering of bodies...
    Digger: Hailing from a mining camp, Rubio's still got the touch for anything that needs a shovel or a pick. Be it digging a foxhole, a trench, a hole in a wall, or a grave. This has also provided her with above average strength, having hauled loads and swung picks hundreds of times.
    Offish: She's a little... Iffy... While people do find her approachable for the most part, there's often moments here her eccentric behavior reaches borderline madness. Unfortunately, this also has the effect of her often getting caught up in moments, often times when she shouldn't be stopping. Like admiring a peculiarly killed corpse just a little too much, or relishing the pain of another. Or laughing maniacally for absolutely no reason. Fear can grip her, and she'll completely freeze as it takes hold...
    Non combatant: While she does boast strong limbs from her digging, she's not really the kind of person you should trust with a gun. She's a talker and healer, not a fighter.
    Bullheaded: While Amira will cut her losses and run if the risks are too high, Rubio will not care, never willing to back down from the potential reward she seeks... This means Amira having to save her ass because she needs that medicine now, or because that person went too far with that insult about her...
    Cybernetics: none... Not that she really cares...
    Equipment: (Weapons, tools, armour, consumables, etc.): Doctors bag and supplies, food and water, a small smg she keeps just in case, and her trusty military shovel.
    History: She's lived in the sulfur ridge mines most of her whole life... She was mostly content with it, working as a miner normally, doctor when it was called for (which was quite often), and an interpreter when it was needed... Until... That one crazy day... That wild woman... She came to their town, dragging herself along bleeding from the stump of her foot and the socket of her eye... Being the best doctor there, she used the cybernetics she found in the stranger's bag to patch up the poor woman... Nursed her back to health... In turn, the stranger told her the story of her life... Of the times and adventures she's had outside of the camp on raids and wild hunts... Of meeting new people and killing most of them... And, well, Rubio listened... She had confidence her apprentice's abilities as a doctor that she could leave confidently... And so she did... Of course, now they've more or less exhausted their supplies and badly need the money to pay for more... But this looks like a good opportunity for the both of them... Rubio can work on her speaking skills, and Amira can work on her not-murdering-everyone-in-sight skills...
    Other notes: Her time spent with Amira has changed her... While she's still more of a daytime person, keeping day watches for Amira, her tastes and attitude has changed somewhat... The most striking is that she's also developed a taste for human flesh...

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  20. Roland Weiss

    Roland Weiss Tiy's Beard

    Nothing's set in stone 'till I start the whole gig. Besides, I expect people to want to adjust their characters when I throw down more information after I've finished writing it.

    A dwarf who lived in a mine? If she dons a horned helmet and start speaking in a Scottish accent, I might look at you funny.

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