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Discussion in 'Food & Farming' started by SkyeTheTerribleBeastie, Apr 20, 2018.


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  1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie

    SkyeTheTerribleBeastie Big Damn Hero

    Mod has been moved, due to release. It is now located here.

    Finally, a barebones, functioning 420 mod! As of v0.3, the mod is technically functional and theoretically bug-free (see: known issues).

    Grow your very own pot field! As of release, you can grow, harvest, and roll your own joints, which give a basic 2min healing perk, as well as tripling your hunger rate (curse you, munchies!).

    Now working:
    Synthesis Table: Completely functional, will make custom interface after v1.0
    Cannabis Clones (placeholder Sativa and Indica): 2 placeholder plants that grow and drop items like any other plant, eventual retexture and specific strains
    Cannabis Buds(placeholder Sativa and Indica): Currently used to craft Joints
    Hemp Fibre: Currently used to craft Hemp Cloth and Rolling Paper
    Hemp Cloth: Currently just a collector's item, will be used for aesthetic clothing later on
    Rolling Papers: (see: Cannabis Buds)
    Barebones buff/debuffs: Got "The Munchies" working, triples hunger rate, will tweak to cancel/nullify but not remove "Well-Fed" after v1.0

    Future updates:
    I hope to add all the items from the Hemp mod. So far, that looks like it'll take a while.
    Once I feel I have the majority of the basics done, I think I'll make the plants so they're potentially receivable as loot from a craftable/findable Wild Hemp, which will rarely drop any kind of clone, less likely a Wild Indica/Sativa, which will each have a smaller chance to drop rarer clones. Eventually, some kind of crafting for hybrids, as well as all your smoke and smoking accessory needs.

    Known Issues:
    Missing frames for fully-grown plants? Errors about it show up in the log, and some fully-grown plants are invisible.

    Ideas welcome, if you can state it in a way that helps me figure out how to actually implement it, and any bugfixing help is appreciated!~

    This mod is finally released, but not complete. This means it has all the minimum features that it should have, and most obvious in-game bugs have been squashed.

    Screenshots coming soon...

    The owner of the Hemp mod I saw has been offline for over a year and the mod is outdated (still waiting for a reply to my permission inquisition, I will remove it immediately upon denial, or if moderation decides I should not have resurrected this), and I've decided that I'd take and try to resurrect it, with a few tweaks and a complete rewrite. Eventually (v2.0) all the assets will have been rewritten and replaces, so that none of the original owner's assets are used, so that the mod is completely original. I am currently using their assets as placeholders as a kickstart to the mod production, as well as a learning tool. The faster I can learn, the faster I can make and use my own assets!

    Please post issues in the Discussions, and personal reviews in the Reviews, thank you!

    Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png

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