RELEASED Customize Exterior 1.0.7

This mod lets you customize the exterior of your buildings individually.

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    Hmm, still no luck. Maybe see if anyone else can test it because this may just be a problem with the series of mods that I have or something unique to me. Here's the latest log though:
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    • Clotho

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      Huzzah, it works! Thank you so much for working this out. ♥
      EDIT: I'm in love. Seriously, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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        Looks like I'm making a list.

        Since you stated you weren't aware there were more than 8, @spacechase0, I figured I'd be helpful and do the legwork to list the diffferent house/seasonal immersions mods, and the optional recolors that come along with them, so we can get an accurate count of just how many of these a hoarder (like me) might try to stuff in their game. :X
        It should also help as a resource for people coming to get your mod to find buildings quickly, without having to scour the forums and nexus going "where are the buildings at?" :D
        Mods including Houses
        (4) Medieval Modern Buildings With Windmill and Shed -
        - Bluegreen with pink doors
        - Bluegreen with brown doors
        - Green with pink doors
        - Green with brown doors​
        (2) Witchy Gothic Buildings -
        - normal greenhouse, big house
        - rounded greenhouse, normal house​
        (1) Ali's Overgrown Fairy Buildings -
        (4) Ali's Building Recolors -
        - Pink and blue
        - rustic roof black
        - rustic roof brown (+ Alternative)
        - white and blue​
        (2) Timid's Home - Brick and Spruce -
        - With chair on porch
        - Without chair on porch​
        (1) Birch Buildings Mod -
        (5) Madeline's Farmhouse and Farm Building Recolors -
        - Christmas Inspired
        - Fall Inspired
        - Spring Inspired
        - Summer Inspired
        - Tan and Navy​
        (2) Victorian Era Buildings -
        - Normal Version
        - Dirty With Moss​
        (1) Ali's Enchanted Garden Buildings -
        (6) Farm Building Customization -
        - Black roof
        - Red roof
        - lilac roof
        - coral roof
        - green roof
        - golden roof​
        (1) Pastel Buildings -
        (1) Cithryth's Farm Building Recolors -
        (2) Cute Valley -
        - Pink
        - Blue​
        (1) Lowkey Lux (with bathhouse remap of SlimeHutch) -
        (1) Farmer's Home -
        (2) Barfy's Fancy Farmhouses -
        - Blue Roof
        - Gold Roof​
        (6+) Frauhaselmaus workshop -
        - 3 versions pink/purple house
        - 3 versions green house
        - 34 stables, 13 silos, 6 greenhouses, 30 slime hutch colors, ​
        (1) Building Retextures Black and White -
        (1) Overgrown Farmhouse Asset Remix -
        (1) Wonderland Buildings -
        (9+) K's Farm Buildings and Fences Recolor -
        - 5 standalone house recolors
        - grey buildings recolor
        - blue and grey set
        - 7 color sets (blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, dark grey & red​
        (1) Farzaxis Farm Buildings -
        (1) Slime Hutch Home + Silo -
        (1) Loft Farm House, Coop, Barn etc. -
        (1) Sasura's Cute and Pink Stuff -
        Total - 25 Mods (58+ options)

        (1) Seasonal Victorian Buildings and Flowers -
        (1) Seasonal Vanilla Buildings -
        (1) Hobbit House -
        (1) Lumisteria House -
        (2) Elle's Seasonal Buildings -
        - Christmas
        - Non-christmas​
        (1) Pan's Seasonal Immersion -
        Total - 6 Mods (7 options)

        Primary Total - 31 Mods (65+ options)

        Specific Buildings:
        (2) Players Home Detailed + Upgraded -
        House Final Upgrade Color Mod -
        (2) Pastel Pink Farmhouse -
        (!24!) House Customization -
        (5) Nightmare's Farmhouse -
        Dark Buildings -
        Stardew Valley Pokemon Gym -
        Simple House Retexture -
        Undertale The Ruin -
        (2) Tainted Cellar House Recolors -
        Prancingdoes lil houses and furniture -
        Kerstinssons Original farmhouse -
        Satsuki and Mei's Totoro House -
        Simple House Recolor -
        Purple Roof 'Lovely' White Farmhouse -
        Another Green Farmhouse -
        Pink Farmhouses Retexture -
        (4) House Retextures -
        Red House Recoloring (Swedish Style) -
        Total: 19 House Mods (52 options)

        Ali's Vanilla Match -
        Convert Slime Hutch to Bathhouse -
        Slime Hutch into Forge -

        Crucifigo's Worn Down Building Replacers -

        Well :
        Ali's Recolor -
        Water Reserve -
        Modern Well -

        Symmetrical Shed -
        Shed and Monteso's Outhouse Recolor -

        Garage Mod -
        The Big Garage -

        Modern Silos -
        Greenhouse Silos -

        Modern Wind Mill -

        Gold Clock:
        Outhouse -
        Shed and Monteso's Outhouse Recolor -

        Junimo Hut:
        EOW White Junimo Hut -

        Shane's white coop and white mailbox -
        Crucifigo's Worn Down Building Replacers -
        Green Coop -

        Zen Garden -

        In conclusion, Total number of mods and options, if only going by the houses:
        50 Mods (117+ Options)
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        • Aristatide

          Aristatide Tentacle Wrangler

          I feel like this could be a dedicated tracking thread project in itself--I've been gently lurking in the background about a month now and have only found a fraction of what's out there. (This particular mod, for example, is bookmarked in the folder "Second Playthrough: Get Freaky With It." ;)) I'm super-impressed by how many you've already got listed and now extra-bookmarking this for future ref.

          Anyway, for this list, there's also this Slime Hutch Mod:

          Turns it into a Winery. More variants than you can shake a stick at, including seasonal; some digging to find required.
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          • pararain

            pararain Space Spelunker

            this mod is great~ so far, the only issue I've had with it is changing the look of my silos, since right-click is used to check how much fodder I have. Is there any way I can get around this? I've already tried changing the controls but it seems I can't change the right-click option.
            • spacechase0

              spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

              Stand outside the range of fodder checking.
              • pararain

                pararain Space Spelunker

                It works! Thank you!!
                • Chisami

                  Chisami Void-Bound Voyager

                  I just want to say such a huge thank you for this mod. I dunno how I lived without it. I'm sure this could be usefully implemented for other stuff too, if you ever felt the desire. (animals and craftables comes to mind...)
                  I feel like I should mention that it's best to NOT have seasonal immersion installed, this mod should basically act as a replacement. I realized that's why my buildings were always resetting.
                  • spacechase0

                    spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

                    Hmm. Interesting. I guess maybe I should implement craftables at some point then.
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                    • Taranova_Mirkwood

                      Taranova_Mirkwood Space Spelunker

                      Hello !
                      I'm French and I'll try to explain my problem. I don't understand where I have to click to change my house's texture.
                      I added the mods in the folders following your instructions but I don't know how to use them in the game :nurugasp:

                      Thank you. I hope my explanations are understandable, because I don't know your language. Sorry ^^'
                      • spacechase0

                        spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

                        You double right click the house where it is solid (ie. when you go above the house, there is a portion of the texture you can get behind - below that). The window next to the door is a good spot.
                        • potatosalad5

                          potatosalad5 Void-Bound Voyager


                          Mod works for me, the buildings will change however when I enter the building and leave the building will revert to it's default. Any ideas?
                          • Taranova_Mirkwood

                            Taranova_Mirkwood Space Spelunker

                            Thanks, it works now ^^
                            • spacechase0

                              spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

                              Hmm. What other mods do you have installed?
                              • Chisami

                                Chisami Void-Bound Voyager

                                That's what I got when I had seasonal immersion still installed.
                                • potatosalad5

                                  potatosalad5 Void-Bound Voyager


                                  So a ridiculous amount but I'm going to try what Chisami suggested to see if it fixes the issue
                                  • potatosalad5

                                    potatosalad5 Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Okay so I tested it and the issue is resolved once I removed the seasonal immersion mod

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