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Weapon Megapack 1.32.1

Brings back weapons from pre-1.0 versions.

  1. apinanaivot
    Weapon megapack brings back procedurally generated weapons from pre-1.0 versions.
    Poll: What weapons would you like to see?

    40+ new weapon types, millions of different variants. New racial weapons, medieval weapons, modern weapons and more.

    Vanilla starbound has 6 different melee weapon types. Older starbound versions had over 100 weapon types. The purpose of this mod is to bring them all back as well as to add completely new weapons.
    Weapon Megapack includes new weapon types with literally millions of unique weapon appearances.
    All the weapons are generated by combining hundreds of textures together, and randomizing the colour palette, name, and the stats of the weapon to create almost endless amount of different looking weapons.

    List of new melee weapon types

    - Ancient Shortsword
    - Ancient Broadsword
    - Ancient Axe
    - Forgotten Spear
    - Avian Spear
    - Avian Sword
    - Glitch Mace
    - Bone Hammer
    - Bone Sword
    - Crystal Spear
    - Eye Axe
    - Hackman
    - Cell Shade
    - Coral Cleaver
    - Ancient Hammer
    - Mushroom Sword
    - Apex Spear
    - Floran Hammer
    - Bio Staff
    - Boulder Staff
    - Apex Axe
    - Apex Broadsword
    - Hylotl Katana
    - Hylotl Sickle
    - Toxic Broadsword
    - Hybrid Spear
    - Hybrid Hammer
    - Hybrid Broadsword
    - Hylotl Spear
    - Floran Broadsword
    - Ancient Dagger
    - Rainbow Spear
    - Fauchard
    - Voulge

    List of new ranged weapon types

    - Novakid Rifle
    - Novakid Revolver
    - P90
    - AK-47

    List of new throwable items

    - Corrosive Grenade
    - Cutter Leaf
    - Electro Grenade
    - Gas Grenade
    - Hand grenade
    - Plasma Grenade
    - Phoenix Emblem
    - Throwing Needle

    c4.png c1.png c2.png C3.png

    The weapons are obtainable by buying them from merchants or tenants and by finding them in chests.
    Thanks to Amirmiked12, Xaliber and The Suit for help and bugfixing.


    This mod should be compatible with every mod, even with other mods that bring back old weapons
    Note: If you use Supper's Weapons mod you may not find all of these weapons in chests, but you can still buy them from merchants.

    Works well with Weapon Reinforcer and Weapon Fusion

    Similar mods from other authors:
    Expanded Weapon Generation
    Open Armory
    Grand Armory
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. 2.PNG
    2. Logo2.png
    3. 1jpg.jpg
    4. uniques.png
    5. floranhammers.png
    6. hybrids.png
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Recent Updates

  1. 1.32.1 - Small fix
  2. 1.32 - AK-47
  3. 1.31 - Polearms

Recent Reviews

  1. saharat
    Version: 1.32.1
    this awesome, can you give me item data
  2. Kelthazan
    Version: 1.24
    A bit buggy at times with slowdowns - possibly fixed? - but no less deserving of 5 stars! Anything that brings this much more deserves the patience of a few patches XD 5/5
    1. apinanaivot
      Author's Response
      Thank you! The lag is now mostly fixed in the latest update.
  3. EnderMImi
    Version: 1.23
    Are we gonna see a crafting table for all the weapons or will it all stay random ? Since i find weapon that i didn't like much .
    1. apinanaivot
      Author's Response
      There are millions of weapons so crafting is not possible.
  4. Multistream
    Version: 1.23
  5. NickEN
    Version: 1.23
  6. hellenicshaco
    Version: 1.23
    OMG Approved :)
  7. PotatoMaster
    Version: 1.22
    awesome... Awesome! AWESOME!!

    Finaly i can play with this old weapons... also, add a fan as 1 handed weapon :3
  8. Crusism
    Version: 1.17
    Maybe - someday - Chucklefish will bring back some of these old goodies, perhaps in a later patch to make them better fit with the in-game lore appropriately without standing out too much from the entire theme of the game.

    Until then, I'm glad to have the 'Weapon Megapack' mod working and the return of so many missed weapon types. I'm especially glad that this mod doesn't affect any vanilla Starbound weapon types so that other weapon mods that continue adding on to these existing types won't be having incompatibility issues with this mod! For me, the nostalgic feeling kicks in as I especially missed the Glitch maces; gotta have something to 'end them rightly'! 5/5

    Looking forward to more returned weapon types!