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Outdated Stargate with Storage 1.1| v. Enraged Koala

A Stargate, with a storage capacity of 256 slots.

  1. graycatgrayhat
    • Everything used to produce this mod has been lost.
    • For the time and foreseeable future it will remain in the current state of OUTDATED.
    • If anyone has interest in this being updated please just ask, I can salvage the image and icon, well reworking the mod data.

    A Stargate, with a storage capacity of 256 slots. I have no plans to expand the mod to cover more mechanics other then storage and simple functions for the time.

    This mod is in the early stages of development, though working it is far from finished.

    Stargate is cratable within these:
    "groups" : [ "craftingtable", "mod", "objects", "other", "all" ]
    Note worth the standard crafting table and The Tabula Rasa.

    Recipe for crafting:
    "input" : [
    { "item" : "money", "count" : 1000 },
    { "item" : "ironbar", "count" : 100 },
    { "item" : "glassmaterial", "count" : 30 },
    { "item" : "diamond", "count" : 10 }
    "output" : {
    "item" : "darkgate",
    "count" : 1
    "groups" : [ "craftingtable", "mod", "objects", "other", "all" ]

    1000 Pixel
    100 Iron bar
    30 Glass Material
    10 Diamond

    Planned Futures:
    Stargate vortex swish sound for opening the gate/storage.
    Better gate image, though that is more about tweaking them and looking for the right one.
    Animated gate, both vortex and gate symbols.
    1. Extract "darkgate***.zip" into the main Starbound/mods folder. *** Version number in later updates.
    2. Verify that the "darkgate" folder is in the 'Starbound/mods' directory. If it is not, you may have extracted the archive to the wrong folder.
    3. Cpen the crafting menu either crafting table or the Tabula Rasa, craft the Stargate.
    5. Place the Stargate, and use it for a 256 slot storage unit.

    Use for gate: Decorative storage unit, to be placed in lager ships and on planets.
    Below is a image to show the gate with some context (crafting table and chest for size) and use of the storage.
    darkgate_small.png darkgateopen_small.png darkgate.png darkgateopen.png
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Updates

  1. 1.1 | v. Enraged Koala

Recent Reviews

  1. Shadowmatrix
    Version: 1.0 | v. Furious Koala
    Love this mod because of the gate and the storage was nice. This would be even better if you could use it a a teleporter from one gate to the other.
    1. graycatgrayhat