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Shipyard Rebuilt - now with farming dome, warehouse 200 crew limit 4.00

Customizable shipworld w/all "T9" vanilla ships, larger fuel tanks, giant ship yard, 200 crew, cake

  1. bk3k
    New info:
    Sorry but your existing Hylotl ship's platforms are going to turn to dirt. So craft new and replace them. I had to rename them, but the reason I did was so very worth the inconvenience.

    The mod is now compatible with Mad Tulip's ship mod! Well realistically you'll need the life support patch too or... you'll die right away because I'm not installing the vents for you. I had to run through a few hoops to make it work(hence the platforms). There are (destroy-able) invisible background blocks in many places I previously had just an image. 25 health so you don't accidentally break them.

    I cooked up a little scheme to detect if his mod is installed too, and if so you'll get an item that reboots sail(necessary with his mod!) spawned at the teleporter. Yes that mod seems to only be on the workshop... well that's beyond my control and it is an optional thing anyhow but very cool to do.

    Also note that all assets are all moved to the prerequisite mod so that a server need only use that to support Shipyard users - rather than needing THIS mod too. So some can have a shipyard, and others a vanilla ship etc. In that case though, only upgrade on Single Player!


    First off, you need this as a dependency.


    Many of the things in that mod are part of the shipyard's basic construction. I split it off so that people who don't want the shipyard can easily use the items anyhow.

    You can optionally find this and the required blocks and objects through the workshop here -


    Oh and definitely read this - IMPORTANT: For those with existing ships
    Fortunately Starbound now makes it easier to move to modded ships than previously, but read it anyhow.

    I updated the description somewhat but still need new screenshots to reflect the current layout/design improvements.

    This is a completely rebuilt version of Shipyard (originally by simulatoralive). I'm basically taking over the mod for him, but I don't think you can just hand mods over so I'm posting a new mod. If you know what that mod is, then you have the basic idea of how this works... or do you?

    As per the original, you have a customizable "build it your way" ship world combined with the vanilla ships. Have it all.

    *This is updated for post 1.0 Starbound and I don't know if the original works or not.
    *The ship bays are all standardized, and much larger. Any bay could hold any ship which is more realistic.
    *The hallways and shaft areas are doubled. I have a good reason for this, as I'll get to later.
    *The hallways and shaft areas are also redesigned.
    *The airlocks don't look like more hallway - although I still hate my new solution. I'm eventually replacing these blocks with proper docking objects - objects that look like they deployed as of the ship.
    *The custom doors I used are automatic no matter if you have Automatic Doors installed or not. They also open for vehicles (in case you feel like racing around the shipyard).
    *Changes you make WILL NOT be undone when upgrading.
    *I believe I have the lag beaten. You shouldn't have any(from this mod) after initial creation and reboot.
    *Instead of purely vanilla ships, I have used Tier9 ships (by eLe) as the base because they're awesome. That includes the ship improvements, and the larger extra 9th tier. I also fixed the ship door issue her mod had. Also this is updated(I'm aware an unofficial update exists but it took a different path).
    *All ships look and function like they should. They all have the correct wall tiles, trim, doors, teleporters, etc.
    *Your spawn point is on the ship of the race you choose, not a hallway. Ditto for AI computer, ship locker, etc. Note that you can change this to another ship or anywhere in the shipyard with my World Start Modifier mod.
    *You have fewer invisible blocks. Only what is absolutely necessary. So you can build very close to your ship if you choose, although be careful placing blocks where the ship will expand upon upgrade. Your ship, your choice.
    *I have rebuilt everything from the ground up to make it really easy to "mod the mod." Changing to say - an avian themed shipyard - amounts to changing a few lines. Likewise you could use blocks from other mods instead.
    *The fuel capacity increases the larger the ships get. I just makes sense and refueling can get annoying.
    --*T3 1k (vanilla amount)
    --*T4 3k
    --*T5 5k
    --*T6 7.5k
    --*T7 10k
    --*T8 20k
    --*T9 65k
    *200 crew capacity(because you have stupid amounts of room so I can't justify tiny limits)
    *I have a huge farming dome. By huge I mean more square footage than a T9 ship huge. So you can easily(some tilling required) set up a massive farming operation without fear of birds. **Actually the setup was designed to incorporate Irrigated Pipes but sadly I don't think that mod is presently updated(or open permissions so I could just fix it). If it gets an update, I'll release a version of the shipyard that is ready and setup to use it. Obviously that version would also require it. The farming dome even looks cooler with his pipes over (vanilla) heavy pipes I'm using now.
    *Huge warehouse with containers that hold giant sums.
    **I don't (yet) have the fancy features on those from the modern container mods. They're a bit dated I'll admit. But they aren't lacking in capacity and you have a ton of them so you won't easily run out of storage space.
    **I recommend one of the stack increasing mods to compliment.
    **obviously you could just replace them with your container of choice... or anything.
    *Teleporter room that currently is pointless
    **for now but hey just tear them down and build whatever you want there if preferred.

    That should cover the basic differences. Although those differences will increase depending on what version of this mod you use. Currently only 1 version is actively up to date.

    I have 1 versions up now, and that will increase in time.

    2. lessVanilla - requires my blocks and objects mod to add additional tiles, objects, etc that the shipyard will make use of. Everything will be self-contained within the mod. I believe multiplayer should not be an issue, but the server and everyone would need these mods. I (re)built this mod with multiplayer in mind (although I've never actually played it with my spotty internet connection). It will end up pretty well suited for the task of having a full team/crew.

    For now the difference is -
    *Replaced the invisible/invincible blocks surrounding the ship with really hard(>9000 health) blocks that can be destroyed through extraordinary means. You certainly won't destroy these by accident. Base in a Box's "area cleaner" and buildings can do it. So could a powered up(modded) Matter Manipulator. The results could look weird, but hey it is your ship so I won't judge.
    I added NO recipe nor matItem as the multiplayer griefing potential is too great and I intend this mod for multiplayer. You can't even get them with /spawnitem.

    I'll probably throw out a separate single player oriented mod(very small) could add them for meteor protection etc - without loosing the look of your base.
    Because it will be separate, you couldn't make use of it without that mod also being present on the server etc.

    *There will be many more things to come - see future plans for details.

    3. moreModded - This doesn't exist yet. These versions will include everything lessVanilla versions have and will also utilize content from external mods(thus it will require those mods). That opens up more possibilities for sure, but may be less suitable for multiplayer. These will probably be the best versions to include in modpacks, and (arguably) will be the best version to use in single player.

    I may put out other variants (such as glitched themed shipyards etc), but they'll all be labeled as one of these basic versions. If someone has as sample layout that looks good, send me a screenshot and I may put out a version of the shipyard to match. If you are using mod assets, please point me in the direction of those assets so that I can add it as a requirement for that version. Note that if the assets used aren't available on the Steam Workshop, I can't realistically upload that version of the shipyard there. I'll still do it, but keep that in mind.

    Install just like any mod. Extract the file and place in /mods/ or follow the Steam Workshop link and subscribe to it and the requisite blocks and objects mod.

    I made a thread on the workshop to cover something important - read it or don't complain to me about the results.

    IMPORTANT: For those with existing ships

    I also threw that up top. I want you to notice... and seriously read it.

    I intentionally made it pretty easy to change the blocks used in the shipyard without messing up the ships themselves. Get a decent image program - something like paint.net (what I like), GIMP, Photoshop(I have no experience but it is probably full of options I don't need for this).

    Then open up /ships/shipyard/shipYard_rebuild_0.png
    With the color picker, find an area with some tiles you want to change. Note the color(RGB values).
    If you don't have and advanced text editor like notepad++ get one.
    Open up /ships/<race>/blockkey.config
    I recommend clicking on the language bar up top and selecting JSON because that's what it is. In fact I also recommend you learn a bit about JSON before attempting this so you can fix mistakes. Anyhow that makes it easier to read.
    <CTRL>+<F> to bring up the search box. Type in the colors level the color picker gave you. For example [255, 255, 255
    Yes I put that bracket in from for a good reason as I added comments that may contain the same values but without the brackets.
    That will bring you to what that color is mapped towards. As an example you could change "apexshipwall" to "aztectech" and that's what you'd get when the shipworld generates.

    Now obviously you could go further. You could change the blockImage itself to change the shape and/or layout of the shipyard. You could map more colors for more combinations. Etc.

    Note that I have plenty (perhaps too much) documentation included in my mod in the "Misc Information" folder. It won't be useful to most people, but may be useful to people who like to tinker with mods.

    Most of these will not be in moreVanilla versions of the mod except those that can be accomplished through strictly vanilla means. Most of these cannot.

    *Add different mod ships to the many empty bays.
    --*Lots of great ships to choose from. Many are depreciated but could be added easily enough.
    --*I'll keep them on the outside to leave the inner bays for actual "station" areas.
    --*Only ships with open permissions. I'd be hesitant to add even long dead ships without.
    *Replace the "airlocks" with custom objects that seem like airlocks and can deploy/retract too.
    --*Elevator that probably goes up/down and sideways for faster travel around the shipyard
    --*Shuttle for flying outside the shipyard.
    ----*I plan to blatantly steal an unused(wasted) shuttle image from an older Starbound version.
    ----*Not affected by gravity at all.
    ----*Possibly make it magnetically attract to the station when no thrust engaged in if close.
    *Figure out if I can affect the gravity level of the station, and if so make a "gravity generator" that can change this at will.
    *Add teleporters in the corners of the shipyard bays because this place is huge.
    --*Put together something myself that lets you instantly teleport without a menu or disruptive animation.
    ----*Make the teleporter functional/serve a purpose. Teleporters near ships would bring you there.
    *Lots of areas that would make this more like a station rather than just hallways and shafts.
    --*Control Room
    ----*May have shield generators, "Station commander's chair" to engage FTL, etc.
    ----*Maybe have console to lock certain (custom) doors.
    --*Warehouse (probably near teleporters)
    --*Vehicle Hanger?
    --*Power Generator Room(for looks only - for now)
    --*Science lab(mostly looks cool)
    --*Factory area(also looks cool perhaps with moving machinery)
    --*Production area(more practical place for workbenches probably near warehouse)
    --*"Crew" quarters aka tenant quarters
    ----*No colony deeds included in case you don't want NPCs lagging up the place.
    --*Possibly a bar/shopping area?
    ----*still not sure where NPCs are involved but would add some "life" to the place.
    ----*Bar patrons could offer some additional quests?
    *For the moreModded versions
    --*most likely the areas above would come as "base in a box" modules or my own equivalent that you can place where you like
    --*place something like "Graviton Projectors" in the hallways and shafts to allow you to quicky zip around.
    ----*That a major reason I have double hallways and shafts. But also for vehicles.
    --*Possibly use tiles from different mods to replace or supplement the tiles used in the shipyard.
    ----*I'd make an alternate moreModded version if it required something that major.
    --*Possibly utilize aspects of "Fully customizable ship" like the lack of air when you have a breach and cool things like that.
    --*Speaking of, maybe include some people's ready to deploy ship modules as scanned by "Fully customizable ship" so you can just print them in an empty bay.

    ...but probably can't unless anyone has any ideas.
    *The AI will be your racial AI in every ship. Well not as of post 1.0 they're all the same but recolored anyhow..
    *The shipworld's maximum size no longer seems large enough for my taste. Especially once I add vehicles this becomes restricting.
    *I'd like to play around with the gravity level. For everything... not the the player(I already know how to do that).

    Q: "I want to use this for some new characters, but keep the ships my existing characters have"
    A: That shouldn't be a problem actually. Just don't upgrade those characters with this installed. Preferably you should upgrade them completely before installing this.

    Alternatively You could also delete the "universe_server.config.patch" file from my mod, upgrade them, and then restore that file from the Recycle Bin(or just completely reinstall my mod).

    Q: Same question as above but "and their ship is a mod ship."
    A: Mostly the same as above. But you will want to remove the "universe_server.config.patch" file from that mod so it can co-exist with mine. You don't actually need to remove other ship mods as long as you do that.

    If you do that - you can have both this and something like "Fully customizable ship" (etc) installed at the same time - so you can use the extra things that mod includes.

    I would probably want to add a patch file though (to let you use their starting treasure pool) as you will want their stuff too. Let me put that on my "to do" list.

    Q: I want to use some of the stuff added by your mod, but I prefer vanilla ships or another mod ship.
    A: Not a problem! You're probably talking about the "lessVanilla" version. Just delete the "universe_server.config.patch" file from my mod. You could delete \ships\ folder too, but that isn't strictly necessary as I intentionally don't use vanilla names for my blockKeys or blockImages.

    This will allow you to use any of my modded assets without being tied to the shipyard itself. You won't hurt my feelings by using my mod any way you choose. I'll even help you do it if you ask in the discussion tab.
    That's kinda out of date because the stuff I added is moved to another (required) mod. I did this to make it easy to use my stuff without requiring the shipyard be used too or forcing people to play with files. I know that's outside of some people's comfort zone.

    Q: I have a modded race and want to use the shipyard.

    Go into their mod and find universe_server.config.patch then delete the contents. Replace it with this
        "op" : "add",
        "path" : "/speciesShips/apex",
        "value" : [
    save for one small difference. In
    "path" : "/speciesShips/apex",
    you are going to change apex to the species name. The exact name used internally. For example
    "path" : "/speciesShips/neko",
    Would put the neko into the shipyard starting on the apex ship. You could change the racial ship for all the values within value: if you really wanted to start on a different ship. But who cares anyhow when you can just change the start/spawn point after. That's how you do it anyhow.

    Adding a mod race's custom ship is also possible, but it does involve a little more work and I definitely won't do so unless it has open permissions. But I have many open bays for a reason...

    All assets I used to make this mod - or intent to add to in in the future - are mods that have open permissions. Equally you may use any of my mod assets(from any of my mods) in other mods (please rename the files to avoid compatibility problems).
    Obviously I can't directly give you permission towards the assets of others I have used (even if modified), but that isn't really a problem as they all have open permissions anyhow - and thus you do have permission.
    However I do ask that if you use any of my assets in another mod, that you keep your own permissions open as well.

    I should probably take new screenshots because these are a bit dated. Everything is improved over these. They don't show off custom doors, revised hallways, or even the cleaned up connectors(even if they're temporary placeholders) etc.

    All pictures are thumbnails. Click to enlarge.
    Screen Shots - it is difficult to capture very much in a screenshot. The place is huge.
    Shipyard 1.png Shipyard 2.png Shipyard 3.png Shipyard 4.png

    Some actual blockImage files used in the mod. This should show the general layout and scope.
    shipYard_rebuild_1.png shipYard_rebuild_9.png
    Already pretty huge. It could get bigger if I add enough mod ships to need the space. The very center is going to be "Station areas" I will add.

    Of course that also makes for plenty of building space for you to do as you like. For that matter, there is plenty of space to expand in any direction outside the shipyard. My base in a box modules mod could be useful for that purpose. The hallways and shaft where made for this mod, although I have improved the hallways since, so it won't completely match where style is concerned. It will fit perfectly though.

    Please ask questions or report problems in the discussion tab. That goes for any mod actually. I'll be glad to help you there. Suggestions would also be better placed there.
    The reviews are for rating the mod itself so that other Starbound players might know if the mod is worth their time or not.
    The reviews/ratings don't actually affect me, but please be considerate of your fellow Starbound players by only posting reviews that serve this purpose. Thank you.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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