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Outdated Persistent Farmables 1.03 EK 20140228

Crops grow even while you're not looking!

  1. JTE
    Persistent Farmables
    By JTE
    Last updated for Enraged Koala 20140228

    The End!
    Congratulations, everyone. Persistent Farmables is no longer a necessary mod now that Chucklefish has apparently finally fixed their crops to work as they always were intended to in the first place!
    It's been swell sticking with you all this time, but I guess it's time to move on now. See you again!

    WARNING: Please harvest your farm and keep spare seeds before installing or uninstalling. This mod will currently error out all of your planted vanilla crops when first installed, removing them.
    Wild crops should be unaffected, however, so you can still go hunting for new farmables on existing planets after installing.

    In vanilla starbound, all planted things seem to randomly decide when they'll grow and by how much whenever you load the map, instead of remaining consistent. This means they'll take a long time to grow while staring at them, and may either instantly grow or fail to grow at all if you leave them. This mod fixes that, for farmable crops specifically.

    This mod comes in two flavors, use whichever you prefer:
    jte_farming-gt.pak makes it so that all of your planted farmable crops will continue growing even while you're on your ship or other worlds.
    (default) makes it so that all of your planted farmable crops will continue growing even while your game is completely closed.

    This mod does not change how farmables work at all, only when they are growing.

    If you have a particularly compact large farm (for example, building in multiple layers for maximum effeciency), this mod may not be for you. The rendering Chucklefish uses for wired objects (which is the only way I know of to Lua script all this at the moment) is extremely slow and will probably kill performance with ~160+ plants on the screen at once (or less or more, depending on your graphics hardware), and there's nothing I can do about it. This mod is currently roughly equivalent to replacing all of your crops with doors that open/close on their own about once a second.

    Post questions and bugs in the thread, of course!
    And if you're including this mod in a compilation or as part of your server package, modified or otherwise, you have my permission to do so! Although I would be tickled pink if you would let me know!~

    This is your first time installing a mod, isn't it? Or are you having some trouble with this one particularly?
    Don't worry, it's easy!
    1. Harvest your farm, getting back all the seeds you can, ripping crops up if you have to!
      • This mod will smash ALL planted crops, making them vanish completely, so unless you have seeds to spare, this is important!
      • If you need verification that the mod was successfully installed/uninstalled, you might find it helpful to leave ONE plant behind, to check if it disappears, because otherwise the only hint would be buried somewhere in the server log...
    2. Download and extract the zip file. You should have a jte_farming folder with stuff in it now!
    3. Put the jte_farming folder in your Starbound/mods/ folder, so that you have a Starbound/mods/jte_farming/jte_farming.modinfo file!
    4. Make sure you have completely exited your game, closed your server, etc. because new mods are only loaded on startup! When you reboot everything, the mod will load!

    1. This mod is incompatible with vanilla multiplayer.
      If you go into a server which has not also installed the mod, crops will not appear and/or grow properly and you will have a bad time.
    2. All clients on your server need to install this mod.
      The farmable object type is changed to Lua scripted, therefore anyone who doesn't have the mod will not see any crops and/or they won't grow properly and you will have a bad time.
    3. If your seeds all turn into Perfectly Generic Objects...
      You installed the mod wrong! It goes in the mods folder, not in the assets folder, and not in another mod's folder!
      This shouldn't be an issue anymore with the new package system, but just in case someone extracted it or something...
    4. If your crops don't appear to grow at all...
      You're running the mod on the server but not the client or vice versa! Double-check that it is in the right place and make sure you reboot your Starbound and server completely and try again.
      • Remember to harvest your crops first! Installing the mod correctly will still smash them!
    5. If your crops appear to grow normally, but reset to the first stage whenever you leave them alone...
      You're running the mod on your client but not the server!
      If you have the mod installed on the server, make sure you restart the server or the mod won't be loaded!
      • Remember to harvest your crops first! Installing the mod correctly will still smash them!
    6. If you get a "DBException: Error, incorrect leaf block signature" error...
      You need to rename/remove your questPlanetSeeds.db from the universe save folder.
      Don't worry, your planets won't reset and nothing else should be lost or corrupt. This doesn't appear to actually be related to my mod at all, but happens at random when starting up / shutting down the server sometimes. (Did you just happen to close it in the middle of a write, maybe?)
    Simple mods which change farmable growth time/speed will generally already work with this mod, as it reads the growth stages and dropped items straight out of the matching vanilla config files.

    For completely new crops added by some mods, additional mods to support them will be listed here.
    Disclaimer: I don't make or test these myself. They may contain bugs or be outdated. Anyone can add support for any mod and I'll list it here if I'm made aware of it. (PM me or post in my thread!)
    Any bugs in other mod's farmables are not mine, I only made the base script and vanilla crops.
    I did this by completely reprogramming all of the farmable behavior from scratch in Lua. The farmables now save a system timestamp while they are running, and then check the system clock again when the world is re-loaded to see how much they should grow. This is not a CPU intensive operation, plants do not stay 'loaded' while you're not there, and my script should not make your game load or run slower in general.

    The game has been known to slow down with large numbers of crops on screen at once purely due to the crops all rendering as multi-part Entities rather than static Objects now that they're Lua scripted, or something weird like that, and I have no way to fix it at this time. ... It disappoints and upsets me. :(

    Other mods can add crops which also use this persistent system with very little changes, but it's currently hard dependency only -- Sorry! The best way to do it is probably to make a separate mod which is dependent on both Persistent Farmables and the target mod, and have users install that mod optionally, separately, for if you're using both.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Rävmunken
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
    I used this mod for a long time, thanks for it! I'm glad Starbound patched it though, I hope you keep making mods in the future. :)

    Thanks a lot for this.
  2. SnowHawk
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
    Thank you for making this mod while it still wasn't implemented.
  3. Amcapps
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
    Thank you for this great mod. This is so helpful for keeping crops growing while exploring. I recommend this for every explorer!
  4. aony3838
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
  5. Man in the Mists
    Man in the Mists
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
    Before Chucklefish fixed the crops, this was a vital resource for those of us who wanted to make farms without having to almost literally watch grass grow. Thank you JTE for this great mod.
  6. SpaceRobo
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
    Awh, I'm glad Starbound added it to the game but now this mod is useless :( It was great, thank you for that! You should really make some other mods, or have you? If you did, I'd be glad to download them! Now all I need is a "Bank System" that is personal for each character and can be accessed through various points, just like the safe and piggy bank in Terraria!
  7. Terode
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
    It seems like a great addition to the game.
  8. dharthoorn
    Version: 1.03 EK 20140228
    *** ALERT *** ALERT ***
    1. JTE
      Author's Response
      I put that warning in the page already.
      Sorry you apparently missed it.
  9. thisisFalafel
    Version: 1.03 Enraged Koala
    This should have already been in vanilla Starbound.
    Hopefully devs take notice of this and implement it.
  10. TheFizzler
    Version: 1.03 Enraged Koala
    One of the best mods available and a must have.
    I am recommending that this mod be featured and added to the game. For Great Justice.