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Outdated Multispecies: Mistfen Race 1.1

Update in progress! One down, three to go.

  1. Mistfens are back!

    Long time no see. The Mistfen race is now updated for Upbeat Giraffe. I will eventually get the other races updated as well.

    Wrecking balls and flamethrowers have been redesigned.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also, new staves.

    In the future, the other races will be updated one by one. Also, custom foods and biomes will also return in a new mod independent of this one.

    • Mistfen tools have been redesigned to be tiered weapons.
    • Mistfens craft wrecking balls instead of axes.
    • Mistfens craft flamethrowers instead of spears.
    • Deconstructor armor set has been moved to Violium tier. Replaced with titanium Dismantler set.
    • Items can be smelted using the Smelting mod.
    • Corrosive flamethrower and pulse flamethrower have been removed. These will come back in the future.
    • Custom produce, foods, biomes, blocks, and dungeons have been removed. These will come back in the future.

    • Mistfen AI added
    • Two staves craftable at manipulator table: Malfunctioned Sky and Haywire Sky.
    • Added Energized Trumpet.

    • Mistfen spawner now has a proper image.
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