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Smelting - Melt swords, shields, guns and other things into ore bars 1.1.11

Melt swords, shields, guns and other things into ore bars

  1. Carl0sCheca
    Melt a sword into 2 iron bars or shields/guns into 3 iron bars.
    It can be used like a furnace.
    List of objects that can be melted:
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    Iron block (3) = Iron bar (1)
    Steel chain (5) = Steel bar (2)
    Titanium panel (3) =Titaniumbar (1)

    Copper Drill (1) = Copper Bar (15)
    Diamond Drill (1) = Diamond (15)
    Gold Drill (1) = Gold Bar (15)
    Platinum Drill (1) = Platinum Bar (15)
    Silver Drill (1) = Silver Bar (15)

    Copper pickaxe (1) = Copper bar (6)
    Diamond Pickaxe (1) = Diamond (6)
    Gold pickaxe (1) = Gold bar (6)
    Silver pickaxe (1) = Silver bar (6)

    Copper Platform (5) = Copper Bar (1)
    Steel Platform (5) = Steel Bar (1)

    Ores work like a furnace does it

    Anchor (1) = Iron bar (8)
    Anvil (1) = Iron bar (8)
    Avian Emblem (1) = Steel bar (5)
    Avian Gong (1) = Steel bar (4)
    Classic Barred Door (1) = Iron bar (4)
    Fancy Avian Gong (1) = Steel bar (4)
    Glitch Cell Door (1) = Iron bar (4)
    Glitch Royal Bed (1) = Gold bar (5)
    Glitch Shield Display (1) = Gold bar (3)
    Golden Lamp (1) = Gold bar (3)
    Metal Crate (1) = Steel bar (3)
    Royal Bookcase (1) = Gold bar (6)
    Royal Cabinet (1) = Gold bar (4)
    Royal Candles (1) = Gold bar (2)
    Royal Chalice (1) = Gold bar (1)
    Royal Chest (1) = Gold bar (3)
    Royal Desk (1) = Gol bar (4)
    Royal Throne (1) = Gold bar (7)
    Royal Toilet (1) = Gold bar (5)
    Wall Shackles (1) = Iron bar (2)

    Generated Gun (1) = Iron bar (3)
    Generated Shield (1) = Iron bar (3)
    Generated Sword (1) = Iron bar (2)
    Tier 1 to Tier 4

    You need the metalworkstation to craft it(with 100 cobblestone, 200 pixels, 10 coal and 1 furnace).


    Review and installation (Thanks to Pedguin):

    More videos
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    Known bugs and possible solutions:
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    When install the mod with your character on beta sector or above, the smelting furnace doesn't show in metal work station correctly.
    To fix it you have take the upgrade to tier 2 again and it will appear.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

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  2. Furious Koala
  3. Faster smelting ores

Recent Reviews

  1. OmniGeoff
    Version: 1.1.11
    I love this mod. Though I would like to see there be recipes for the various dungeon blocks you come across. Like the rusted metal blocks from the USCM prison into bars. That includes everything else from the prison/dungeons that are metal-based.
  2. D9sinc
    Version: 1.1.11
    It's a nice mod except I can't smelt anything besides above tier 2 weapons or even any armor :/ I have all these weapons from other races and tiers but I can't smelt them down to get back a bit of ingots (I don't need them but the weapons are taking up some space :/ I like the fact I can smelt down the tools though it's pretty cool.
  3. Davutduck
    Version: 1.1.11
    Thanks i was waiting for this to bringing back the steel bars ;)
  4. Sorrien
    Version: 1.1.11
    Great mod, but it would be infinitely more useful if I could use it to smelt down old armors. If you play singleplayer previous tiers of armor have absolutely no use to my knowledge.
  5. DraconX
    Version: 1.1.11
    Very nice mod, allow you to get rid of trash items
  6. Utildayael
    Version: 1.1.11
    Very handy :)
  7. Dis_conected
    Version: 1.1.11
    you mod was soo helpful during the beta sector any one that dose not have this mod is missing out i was wondering could i use this mod in a mod pack it will be an avali centered mod pack and your mod helps incredibly in obtaining the iron for the steel that is required for avali blocks that and helps clear ones inventory of junk weapons with the reward of extra iron :) thank you for your time :)
    1. Carl0sCheca
      Author's Response
      Yes, you can use it.
  8. Seru
    Version: 1.1.11
    I love the mod. But you should make it so that you can melt down armor and get above half of what you used to craft it.
  9. hamsterpowerftw
    Version: 1.1.11
    nice mod dude but like the comment under me cuold u make tierd ones like stone iron.... it would fit better in my dreadnoht
  10. Ren
    Version: 1.1.11
    It's cool idea dude, but there could be more versions for each tier. I don't like stoney things on my goddamned spaceship!