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Outdated Mandalorian Protectors 1.1

Spawners for Mandalorian NPCs, and craftable Mandalorian gear!

  1. CrimsonGiraffe
    Mandalorian Protectors

    • 10 different Mandalorian NPC guards you can craft spawners for! Spawners are crafted at the Employers Station, like other spawners, for 20 Titanium bars.
      • They will patrol the area they are spawned in, attack monsters, and don't care if you have a weapon out (unlike village guards).
      • The NPCs have 90% custom dialogue, with some lines actually in Mando'a!
    • You can craft their armour and weapons for yourself, too! All armour and weapons from the mod are crafted at the Manipulator's Table.
      • 7 recolourable Mandalorian helmets in the supercommando style, with stats equal to Cerulium. You will need Dye Mod to recolour them.
      • One unique Sniper Rifle/Marksman Rifle, the SR-414 Commando! It's slightly better than the Ferozium Sniper Rifle, with extra material cost to compensate. It also has a custom sound effect :)
      • Recipes:
        • Helmets - 6 Cerulium Compound
        • Chest - 10 Cerulium Compound
        • Legs - 4 Cerulium Compound
        • SR-414 - 16 Ferozium Compound, 1 Cerulium Compound, and 1 Circuit Board

    Future Plans:
    • Supercommando helmets made to fit the heads of Avians and Hylotl.
    • Recolourable jetpack back item, and a jetpack tech!

    • @draco1122 for "Jango Fett's Helmet" in his Star Wars Armor mod, which I based my helmet sprites off of.
    • @Markelius for the SR414 firing sound effect.
    • Karen Traviss for the Mandalorian language
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Recent Updates

  1. Bugfix & spawner recipe tweak!

Recent Reviews

  1. shinobi1027
    Version: 1.1
    NIce mod brother keep it up man :)
  2. Etho's mod testing
    Etho's mod testing
    Version: 1.1
    does this have a jet pack tech
  3. GlowMan11
    Version: 1.1
    boba fett is my fav character also I went looking for a boba fett mod and this one is close enough! XD
  4. Minxling598
    Version: 1.1
    Ahhhhh im the conquer of planets with my mandalorian army the strongest clan in the known galaxy and beyond mwhahaha *dies from fall damage* i need a jetpack please