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Lopunny Improvements 1.41 (CG)

Hip hop hooray! Ho! Hey! Ho!

  1. Major Minor General Update

    - Fixed up Oran Berry crop, Oran Berry and Oran Juice with new sprites, new inspection text, and new effects. Oran Berries now take the same length of time to grow as Pearlpeas and have a much lower drop rate. Also, Oran Berry plants are the only way to currently get Lopunny colony tenants:


    - Added "Lopunny Compact" plugin, which makes Oran Berry plants take up half the space, like my own Compact Crops does for vanilla crops.
    - Moved Lopunny...
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  2. Blockloads of Placeholder Dialogue

    - Removed leftover terrestrial_worlds.config.patch from the Felins mod I used as an update base
    - Added lots and lots of placeholder dialogue that will allow Lopunny to be talked at if not uniquely. It's all dialogue aimed at and from humans. Next up, placeholder inspection text.
    - Added Lopunny tenants, which may or may not be able to spawn. Whether they can or cannot is not a priority. I'm just aiming to prevent issues.
  3. Cheerful Giraffe Update

    - Updated the mod for the full release of Starbound
    - Made independent of original Lopunny mod to make things easier
    - To reduce the number of plugins, all aesthetic body changes can be found within the mod itself and be changed at your whim
    - Also I added a handful of custom hats and helmets, mostly to accommodate the Lopunny ears when wearing human armors
    - I got more to do so stay tuned
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  4. Tech Sprite Hotfix

    • Moved the Lopunny ear fluff to head sprite layer, fixing issue where wearing a helmet would hide the ear fluff entirely.
    • Fixed nanoskin tech sprites on SAIL interface by changing the folders
    • Removed access to drastically overpowered "Item Finder" beamaxe through normal gameplay - still accessible through Admin mode.
    • Added compatibility for my other mod, Recipe Reorganization, by changing the Lopunny Spawner recipe file.
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  5. Big Update

    So, I was banned for a week. Totally messed up my plans to update this mod... I planned to update last Tuesday evening, but that fell through. So, I took some time and made more changes to compensate.

    What's different you ask?

    - I changed the beginning Lopunny codices to something a bit more interesting.
    - I improved the Lopunny body sprites by fixing the tail, animating said tail while moving, and increased the arm fluff a bit.
    - Added this mods Oran Berry seeds to the Terramart in the...
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