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Outdated Community Hairstyles Pack #1 (Discontinued!) 2/21/2014

A compilation of hairstyles done by numerous Starbound community members.

  1. Shadow Wolf TJC
    Note: Development for this mod has been discontinued until further notice. In the meantime, others are free to use assets from this mod to create spiritual successors to it, provided that they receive the necessary permissions from the contributors listed below!

    This mod is a compilation of hairstyles (and wigs converted into hairstyles) from the community. It incorporates (all or part of) the following mods by the following authors:

    Annuschka - AnTiHair (up to v1.9)
    Annuschka - Undy Color as Hair Detail for Humans (up to v1.1)
    IcyOrio - Beauty Blooms (up to v1.2)
    Lissar - Lissar's Hair Mods! (up to v1.5)
    Madosuki - Mado's Clothes and Stuff (up to v1.7.3, wigs remade into hairstyles with customizable palettes)
    Mio - Chuu2 Rikka (up to Furious Koala v1.0, wigs remade into hairstyles with customizable palettes)
    Mio - Majikoi Miyako Mod (up to Furious Koala v1.0, wigs remade into hairstyles with customizable palettes)
    Mio - Madoka Magica (up to Furious Koala v1.0, wigs remade into hairstyles with customizable palettes)
    ODABUTSU - Ningen Race Mod (up to v1.4, doesn't include hairstyles with animal parts or hats, though they're still present in the files for those who would like to add them into the humans' .species file)
    patchwork536 - PatchworkHaircut (up to v1.3)
    Team Aardvark - Team Aardvark's modified vanilla hairstyles (up to v1.0)

    Note: this mod is being released as part of a collection of mods. Don't expect any new features to be added to this mod in the future. (Any updates will be related to bug-fixing and optimization of code that would make this mod more compatable with other mods.) New features will be added into future community compilation mods such as, say, "Community Hairstyles Pack #2". This is being done so that other community members may freely create new community hairstyle packs without my permission, or a need to access my account so that they can update the mod for me (since this mod is just a compilation of other members' hairstyle mods, and since I can't guarantee that I'll be around for the next few months).

    I've decided to work into adding in new hairstyles by different authors, since it's STILL impossible for players to load multiple hairstyle mods at a time. Also, some authors have made wigs that I felt would make for great hairstyles, so I've been working on converting some of them.

    License: This mod may not be used in other mod compilations, or altered or redistributed anywhere else. If you wish to redistribute at least some of the mod's assets, please contact the contributors listed above. They have full licensing rights, not me!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Seripa
    Version: 2/21/2014
    This is great, thank you!
  2. TheBigBlueSerpent
    Version: 2/21/2014
    The Ningen race mod does not work in this pack and downloaded on its own it crashes!
  3. CuttsAndBruises
    Version: 2/21/2014
    Thank you for this. Our universe (server) has seen far more variety with this mod - whether it be our players, their inhabited buildings or the existing NPC colonies.
  4. aaa125
    Version: 2/21/2014
  5. greenRAM
    Version: 2/21/2014
    Thanks for all the hard work! Looks like you've put together something really amazing here.
  6. Zero127
    Version: 1/30/2014
    I manually updated the version in the modinfo and it seemed to work fine. Was able to launch and create a character, if anyone's waiting for an update and wants it now now. :) Really appreciate your hard work on this. I had multiple mods and apparently only ever got one of them. Kudos and much thanks!
  7. SmaugTheDragon
    Version: v1.1
    Good that these FF hairs were removed as they were the only thing stopping me of giving you 5 stars. Also, could you PLEASE add the classic glitch head mods to the pack, that would be great!
  8. Slug
    Version: v1.0
    How convenient and thoughtful. Good work bud, this was a great way to get all the hairs!
  9. sokie
    Version: v1.0
    I've always had AnTiHair but wanted to add lissar's hair mod as well, but never did because of compatibility issues, hopefully this fixes it,and adds a ton more.Thank you for this!