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bk3k's Tech Helper 1.10

Better way to enable techs.

  1. bk3k
    What is this?
    This is primarily intended as a prerequisite/requirement for people like myself who make tech mods, but adds a little better experience for all.

    • A mod you want to use may require this.
    • If you already happen to have bk3k's More Powerful Techs, you don't even need this mod because that mod already incorporates everything internally.
    • Your tech console UI is slightly larger with more room to read descriptions.
    • The techs are properly sorted by name - although non-enabled techs are still on bottom. Great when you use a lot of mods with techs!

    It can be a bit annoying to allow people to obtain your new tech, and annoying on the user's end too. Usually you either make a quest to unlock them, or tell people to use administrator commands. That's just not very friendly. I intend to change that.

    You can now control the conditions you unlock a tech with several nice options - aka all this is optional
    • Simple default unlock and enable. Once the user opens the console, they instantly have the tech available and enabled!
    • Unlock only setting - They don't get it enabled for free, but do have it available.
    • Administrator enable - administrators get the tech unlocked and enabled for free
    • Species requirements - only certain species (via list) get the tech! I'm sure some race modders will love this. A "species" array and a separate "excludeSpecies" array too.
    • A certain quest must have been completed
    • Modify the last option to accept active quests too.
    • Another specific tech must be available (it might not even be from your mod)
    • Another specific tech must be enabled (unlocked/paid for)
    • Universe flag set - aka how the Outpost handles different shops. So accomplishments from one character can unlock for all.
    The stuff I just listed can all done with a fairly simple /interface/scripted/techupgrade/techupgradegui.config.patch file. You can examine my own tech mod to see how that all works for real-life examples. You can also read this thread - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1279678818/1692659769940060684/ - strongly recommended.

    You can also control what items/currency are necessary to enable your tech! It doesn't have to be Tech Cards anymore! You can do that within your .tech file itself. They're still the default if you don't specify otherwise.

    What's more, the GUI won't reflect "Tech Cards" if you've chosen to use another item. It will reflect the "shortdescription" of the item. It includes fairly decent auto-pluralization of the "shortdescription" but also has an option to over-ride this. "Ancient Essence" is already over-ridden for example.

    It will also automatically show the icon for your Required items - with automatic image scaling in case you use larger/more detailed icons.

    For practical UI reasons, you're limited to require a single type of item (any count). You can easily get around that by making a recipe to get the required item - a recipe that uses more than one type of item.

    • I eventually want to optionally support "upgradable/configurable" techs. That doesn't exist yet, but look at the Matter Manipulator for an idea of how it would work. More like one of the mods that replaces the MM upgrade UI to allow you to downgrade too, and toggle some features.
    • I'm open to more requirement options if you have any good ideas.
    • I'm open to enlarging the tech selection buttons a bit so you can use a longer "shortdescription" for your tech, although you already can now use 2 lines. Upon request if needed. You also can already use a longer "description" to describe the tech or provide use instructions.
    • I haven't tried this yet, but I think it might be possible to add a tech to more than just "head", "body", and "legs". During beta we had "implant" too, and maybe more would work. Obviously that means notable UI changes/supplimentary UI screen. If could open up the possibility for modifiers too - like a tech that increases energy capacity/improves regen but also increases hunger, weapon type specific techs, elemental specialization, etc. This is just an idea currently.

    You can find this on Steam Workshop.

    Please ask questions or report problems in the discussion tab. That goes for any mod actually. I'll be glad to help you there. Suggestions would also be better placed there.
    The reviews are for rating the mod itself so that other Starbound players might know if the mod is worth their time or not.
    The reviews/ratings don't actually affect me, but please be considerate of your fellow Starbound players by only posting reviews that serve this purpose. Thank you.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Updates

  1. Cleaner UI, more options.

Recent Reviews

  1. Sock_Bunny
    Version: 1.10
    See, this is why we have modders! So they can add stuff that should've been in the game before it was released.

    Thank you for fixing Chucklefish's game :3
  2. sayter
    Version: 1.00
    nice! I'm wondering if this'll be inherently compatible with the changes FU makes to the config file for techs thus far. I'll have a peek!
  3. greenRAM
    Version: 1.00
    A very powerful tool. The initial core you've built is essential. It would be nice if this sort of tech mod support structure were built into the vanilla game. The ideas at the bottom looks very promising. I especially like the idea of an implant slot, though I can see how big changes like that will likely be a lot of work.