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Outdated BetterMerchants 0.09a (Enraged Koala)

Improving your shopping experience, one shop at a time.

  1. Mackinz
    Warning: This mod has not yet been updated for Upbeat Giraffe. The BetterMerchants Company is attempting to rectify this issue, but progress is slow because of a massive black hole which is threatening to consume its main office. When this issue is rectified, you will be notified.

    Warning: This mod is still in early development. As such, balancing, such as spawner costs and item values, is wholly subject to change. Errors may also be prevalent. If there are balance issues (i.e. an item is sold for too little or much) or gameplay issues (bugs, etc), please discuss them with me via a private conversation or in the mod thread. DO NOT USE THE REVIEW SECTION AS A PLACE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT BUGS OR BALANCE.

    In addition, please ensure that, prior to installation, you read the entirety of the "Installing the Mod", "Reporting Issues" and "Frequently Asked Questions" sections. It will save on headaches later.


    Hello Starbounders! I hope you enjoyed the small prank that we here at BM Co. decided to play on our loyal consumers. Hopefully your feathers aren't too ruffled from having to redownload our products, especially if you are one of our Avian customers.

    Anyway, today, we at BM Co. are proud to announce our Containment Update for our merchandise. Why is it call that? Because it is chock full of containers, of course! Ever worried about running out of places to store things? Now you won't have to!

    But it is also called the Containment Update because of how it reels in some of those loose strings our manufacturers have left while coding.

    That's right, we've polished up your BM Co. Package with the finest of elbow grease!

    From the Floran Sous Chef to the Apex Eremologist, every merchant now has many things to say before they drain your Pixel funds.

    And how do you access these fine merchants? With the new and improved Accelerated Signal Station Mk. V, of course! With a very user-friendly crafting interface, you can program spawners while cleaning the kitchen out!

    But I am running out of space on this letter so I cannot go into full detail on what you cab expect to find with this update. You'll have to find out for yourself!

    - Archer, Owner of the BetterMerchants Company


    Go to a Village, find a bunch of merchants selling the same things three feet away from each other. Travel around the planet. A bunch of merchants selling the same items out of their carts. Travel underground. Spend hours looking for any merchant NPC spawner in a Chest, and their selection is limited. Maybe a Frog selling bombs. Travel to a different planet, spend an hour or so repeating the process.

    Did you ever wish there was more to buy? More variety in the Merchants you could encounter in the game?

    If you did, you came to the right place.

    Welcome to The BM Company, a young start-up business looking to export our wares to whatever planet you desire.

    Here at BM Co., our goal is to serve you.

    Hey folks. I'm Mackinz, a first-time modder who got fed up with the complete lack of variety in wares in Starbound. To vent the ideas for improvements I normally come up with in a situation like this, I decided to learn modding. After a couple weeks with a few test versions, I've decided to widely distribute the fruits of my labor. Bow at my feet.

    Welcome to my mod. Its goal is simple: to improve the variety of NPCs the player, you, will encounter within their Starbound adventure. It is still in a very early stage, but it has quite a bit added already, probably with things you never thought you'd see being sold in-game.

    Without any further ado, onto the mod.

    Mod Contents

    0.09 (Containment Update)
    - Edited NPCs:
    - ALL NPCs
    - Improved Interact texts
    - Made the Mall Santa especially awesome. Fox News viewers beware.
    - Sous Chefs
    - Adjusted outfits
    - All wear White Sassy Berets​
    - Apex Scientists:
    - Adjusted inventories
    - Removed Bone from Tar Eremologist
    - Removed Purple Crystal Block from both Volcanists
    - Now sold by Crystal Volcanist exclusively​
    - Hunter
    - Adjusted inventories of all varieties
    - All sell Bone, but no longer Flesh Lump and Raw Tentacle
    - Flesh sells Flesh Lump and Raw Tentacle
    - Special sells Superior Brains and Inferior Brains​
    - Landscaper
    - Adjusted outfits
    - Regular designated by Green Kimono
    - Fancy designated by Grey Kimono and Monocle
    - Seeds designated by Brown Kimono and Floppy Hat
    - Toxic designated by Pink Kimono and Toxic Flower on back
    - Mushroom designated by Red Kimono and Mushroom Hat
    - Flower designated by Yellow Kimono​
    - Adjusted inventories of all varieties
    - Regular sells blocks and misc. items
    - Fancy sells special plants and plant furniture
    - Seeds sells seeds
    - Toxic sells Toxic Top Seeds and Toxic biome recipes
    - Mushroom sells Mushroom Spores and Mushroom biome recipes
    - Flower sells Blue/Red/Yellow Flower Seeds and Giant Flower Petals and recipes​
    - Bard
    - Adjusted outfit
    - Designated by White Monk outfit​
    - Adventurer
    - Adjusted outfit
    - Designated by Yellow Hiker outfit​
    - Miner
    - Adjusted outfit
    - Designated by Grey Hiker outfit​
    - New NPCs:
    - Treasure Hunter
    - Sells Hoard items
    - Designated by Black Moneybags outfit
    - Is Human​
    - Ship Merchant
    - Sells various metal blocks and the Paint Tool
    - Designated by partial Grey Pilot outfit
    - Is Human​
    - Shipping Merchant
    - Sells very large Cargo Crates
    - Designated by full Brown Pilot outfit
    - Is Human​
    - Improved Drills
    - All drills now mine a 4x4 radius​
    - Improvement: BM Signal Station
    - New UI
    - Buttons on left side correspond to different sorting choices. See BM Filters.txt for these filters​
    - New Appearance
    - Cycles through all six default race images, along with custom Avali, Novakid and Argonian race images​
    - Improvements: BM Signal Interpreters
    - New Appearances
    - Unique between specific versions​
    - Improved Description​
    - Improvement: BM Produce/Block Crates
    - Now act like Furnaces
    - Now has a electric blue fire/warping wormhole and a small conveyor belt​
    - Improvement: BM Bamboo Sprout
    - Now slightly more yellow to appear slightly different to Frackin' Flora users​
    - Improvement: BM Vending Machine
    - Is now a snack machine that only sells food​
    - New Object: Soda Machine
    - Sells various Sodas, as well as Bottled Water and Milk
    - Crafted at Wiring Station for 300 Pixels​
    - New Consumables: Sodas
    - Bought at Soda Machine
    - Multiple varities
    - Bananaid
    - Blue Blast! Soda
    - Charge! Cola
    - Kelp O' Kola
    - Marrow Pop
    - Nebula Tonic
    - Seed Oil Soda​
    - New Consumable: Cooked Sweet Corn
    - Cooked at Campfire, Nanostove, etc.
    - Improved version of Sweet Corn
    - Heals more (+10) and recovers more energy (+10) than regular Sweet Corn​
    - New Consumable: Perfectly Generic Treat
    - Prepared at Cooking Table
    - Recipe learned by picking up a Perfectly Generic Item
    - In other words, automatically for older players​
    - New Furniture
    - Vanilla tiered tables now accessible
    - Use associated Starmap Upgrade or pick up related metal bar to learn recipes​
    - Bamboo Cabinet and Bamboo Sofa from Frackin' Flora
    - Pick up Bamboo Stalks for recipes​
    - Updated Ore Plants
    - Now do not conflict with Industrialization
    - As a result, anyone without Industrialization will end up with PGIs in place of their ore seeds and berries
    - Fret not, as the download includes a folder that keeps the items and their respective recipes in-game until you delete the folder​
    - Now give Ore Chunks instead of berries
    - New visuals from Goldobsidian's TiberiumBound mod​
    New Mod Implementations:
    - 4x4 Drills mod by bear irl
    - Now uses __merge to change radius so is fully compatible with other mods which do not change mining radius of drills​
    - Cooked Sweet Corn Mod by MentoIDP
    - Perfectly Generic Treat mod by Healthire
    - Containers mod by pbonomi
    - Tiered Furnaces Mod by NovastarX
    - Drink Vending Machine mod by NovastarX
    - Tiered Tables and Chests by CyborgDragon
    - Rebalanced Beds by ShadowWolfJTC
    - Tiered Furniture Improvements by Macuco
    - Bigger Chests by Spacedino
    - Placeables Overhaul by Niran​

    Demonstration of Avali Mod compatibility and updated Signal Station graphics:
    Demonstration of the variety of Landscaper Merchants available:

    All NPCs listed and a few others from the game can be spawned using the Signal Station to craft their respective spawner.

    Merchants Available Through Mod:
    Apex Chef
    Apex Sous Chef
    Apex Geologist
    Apex Eremologist (2 Varieties)
    Apex Volcanist (2 Varieties)
    Apex Cryogencist (2 Varieties)
    Apex Space Explorer
    Avian Chef
    Avian Sous Chef
    Avian Quartermaster
    Floran Chef
    Floran Sous Chef
    Floran Hunter (3 Varieties)
    Glitch Chef
    Glitch Sous Chef
    Glitch Carpenter (4 Varieties)
    Human Chef
    Human Sous Chef
    Human Mall Santa
    Human Adventurer
    Human Miner
    Human Ship Merchant
    Human Shipping Merchant
    Human Treasure Hunter
    Hylotl Chef
    Hylotl Sous Chef
    Hylotl Landscaper (6 Varieties)
    Hylotl Bard
    BlackMarket Goon
    Bartender (3 Varieties)

    Items Sold
    Far too many to list. Lots of recipes are sold at various merchants, such as the respective Sous Chefs, the Bartender and at special merchant varieties. Lots of colored materials and otherwise rare or hard to get blocks. A wide variety of plants... and more!

    New Flora
    This mod is one-part original content, and another part mod compilation. It contains an ever-expanding assortment of custom crops such as Cotton, Soy, Coffee, Tea Leaves, Bamboo, and various Ore Crops, as well as changes to vanilla crops like a fully farmable Mushroom crop, Blue, Red, and Yellow Flowers, and changes that ensure that Wheat always drops Wheat when harvested! Sugarcane also drops a Sugarcane item instead of Sugar (which made no sense whatsoever)!

    New Objects
    This mod centers around the new Signal Station object. At the Signal Station, you can craft Spawners and Displays, objects with the appearance of Spawners that don't spawn NPCs. All Spawners and Displays require a Blank Spawner, which costs 100 Pixels at the Signal Station.

    In addition to the Signal Station, there are other niches filled by objects in this mod.

    The BM Blender and BM Vending Machine are two new objects that are integral to the full use of your Sous Chefs and Bartenders. The Blender allows the player to use drink recipes sold by the Bartender to craft various beverages, and the Vending Machine sells a few drinks and food products that are essential to cooking.

    The BM Fuel Refinery turns various crops into usable fuel for your ship!

    Eventually, there will be other objects such as a Seed Extractor.

    Items Revamped
    In addition to the above changes, there also some minor changes in the game. Coal is no longer as important a fuel source with the revamping of Uranium/Plutonium/Solarium Rods, and now with Molten Cores as a usable fuel source! The Vegetable Soup and Meatballs foods have had their icons changed to a bowl instead of a can. The Rust Chest has been fixed to display the name "Rust Chest" instead of "Ice Chest". And much more!

    Installing the Mod

    1. Locate the Starbound folder
    • If you already know where Starbound is on your computer, then you can skip this step.
    • Starbound can be found at ...\steam\steamapps\common\starbound.
    • If you do not know where the Steam folder is on your computer... get looking. Ask for help if needed.
    2. Download the Mod
    • Download the mod. If the primary download does not work, use the mirror.
    • Open the .zip file that you downloaded.
    3. Install the mod
    • Make sure the zip file you downloaded for the mod is open.
    • Make sure you're at the Starbound folder.
    • Drag the "BetterMerchants.modpack" (and any other modpacks in there, to be safe) inside the .zip into Starbound's mods folder.
    4. Delete any conflicting mods
    • As BetterMerchants incorporates other mods into its framework, there will be issues with some already incorporated mods.
    • With the exception of Frackin' Flora, please delete the following mods if you have them already installed:

    1. (Customized) Oh boy, Soy! by steelndirt - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/oh-boy-soy.1324/
    2. (Customized) Caffiene by steelndirt- http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/caffeine.1234/
    3. (Customized) Miner Spawner by Indigochill - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/miner-spawner.1642/
    4. (Partially, Customized) Frackin' Flora by sayter - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/frackin-flora.925/ (Note: Frackin' Flora is entirely compatible as of Version 0.08c of BetterMerchants)
    5. (Partially) Fuel Mod by silver7017 - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/fuel-mod.1284/
    6. (Defunct) Craftable Merchant Spawners by Star-X - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/craftable-merchant-npc-spawners.375/
    7. Extended Saplings by debugman18 - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/extended-saplings.760/
    8. Rebalanced Beds by Shadow Wolf JTC - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/rebalanced-beds.1688/
    9. (Customized) Sugarcane Fix by Inny - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/sugarcane-fix.1731/
    10. Bricks from clay by Quacksol - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/bricks-from-clay.1094/
    11. Vanilla Recipe Fixes by RenegadeVeggie - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/vanilla-recipe-fixes.1402/
    12. Tomato Fix by Inny - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/tomato-fix.1706/
    13. (Customized) Ore Farming - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/ore-farming.1393/
    14. (Customized) Cotton Plant by steelndirt - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/cotton-plant.1181/
    15. Glitchfix by Hoax Rumors - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/glitchfix.1321/
    16. (Customized) 4x4 Drills mod by bear irl - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/4x4-drills.1468/

    17. (Customized) Drink Vending Machine mod by NovastarX - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/novastarxs-drink-vending-machine.1498/
    18. Tiered Furnaces Mod by NovastarX - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/novastarxs-tiered-furnaces.1605/
    19. (Customized) Containers mod by pbonomi - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/containers.1609/
    20. (Customized) Tiered Tables and Chests by CyborgDragon - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/tiered-tables-and-chests.1518/
    21. (Customized) Rebalanced Beds by ShadowWolfJTC - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/rebalanced-beds.1688/
    22. (Customized) Tiered Furniture Improvements by Macuco - http://community.playstarbound.com/...cludes-64-slot-chests-and-mp-compatible.1516/
    23. (Customized) Bigger Chests by Spacedino - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/bigger-chests.200/
    24. (Customized) Placeables Overhaul by Niran - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/placables-overhaul.1293/
    25. (Partially, Customized) TiberiumBound by Goldobsidian - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/tiberiumbound.1810/
    26. Perfectly Generic Treat mod by Healthire - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/perfectly-generic-treat.552/
    27. (Customized) Cooked Sweet Corn Mod by MentoIDP - http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/cooked-sweet-corn.969/

    Reporting Issues

    Warning: The merchants in this mod sell ores, recipes, and various rare gear. If you enjoy being forced to explore planets to find resources and items, this mod may not be right for you. Ask your spawned-in Doctor NPC if BetterMerchants is right for you!

    Find the Mod's thread, and comment on your issue. Please include a copy of your starbound.log contents (found in .../starbound/ and opened with a text editing program like Notepad) and a description of your issue. An update will be issued as soon as time allows.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Where can I craft the BlackMarket Hammerspace Crates?
    Answer: The BM Goon sells them for around 300 Pixels each. He is available right as soon as you obtain your first Signal Station. Spawn a Goon. He'll be important later on.

    Question: Is this mod compatible with Unstable Starbound?
    Answer: In its base form? No. However, there is a separate un-packed version, found under "Installing the Mod", that is perfectly compatible (and up-to-date, too).

    Question: Is this mod compatible with Frackin' Flora?
    Answer: Yes. Both versions of the mod, Packed and Unpacked, are fully-compatible with Frackin' Flora.

    Question: Does this mod work in multi-player?
    Answer: I'm not sure. I have not ever tried it in multi-player, but it should. Provided that:
    1) The server has the mod installed and:
    2) Every player connecting to the server has the mod installed then:
    3) There should be no issues other than ones that exist in single player.​

    Plans for the Future

    Here at the BetterMerchants Company, our available resources are constantly updating. Our plans for the future are always changing, and are likely to change, especially with user feedback in the related thread. Here is our current projection for the future:

    Mod Compatibility(!) - Requires better understanding of JSON, __merge functionality, and other aspects of modding. Tips are welcome and compatibility issues are especially important to note.
    "Reverse" and Item-for-Item trading through NPCs - Currently possible, but requires better understanding of LUA.
    Thread Decor and Aesthetics

    New Custom NPCs
    Archaeologist (Apex) - Sells items normally found from structure generation.
    Apostate (Avian) - Sells items found in Avian Tombs
    Tomb Raider (Avian) - Sells items found in Avian Temples
    Stone Worker (Avian) - Sells blocks found in Avian Structures
    Scavenger (Floran) - Sells items and blocks found in Apex Labratories, etc.
    Stone Mason (Glitch) - Sells stone brick blocks found in Glitch structures
    Banker (Human?) - Sells... Pixels?
    Plumber (Human?) - Sells Pipes (block), as well as anything appropriate like Sewer items.
    Furniture Peddler(?) (Human?) - Sells furniture
    Librarian (Hylotl) - Sells Books, Codex entries, and Bookshelves(?).
    Arborist (Hylotl) - Sells Saplings of various sorts and colors.
    Custom lines for all.

    Edits to Custom NPCs
    Landscaper - Should they sell Plant Fibre?
    Carpenter - Increase the variety in Wooden Planks colors?

    Edits to Existing NPCs
    Ingredient Merchant - Inventory varies based upon race of merchant. Custom spawners
    Clothing Merchant and Vanity Clothing Merchant - More variety and better inventories which rewards finding these merchants. Custom spawners.
    Blacksmith - Split into Weapon and Armor varieties, which specialize in either. Better organization and management of existing blacksmith shops. Custom spawners.
    Doctor - Expanded Medical inventory. All stim packs for sale.
    Stim - Repurposed for... something. New stims?
    Tool - In addition to existing inventory, he will also sell various mining and chopping implements, which vary from tier to tier.
    Wizard - Stumped.
    Custom lines if needed.

    Non-testing recipes for added items.
    More BlackMarket Hammerspace Crate varieties to convert items into Pixels.
    New items as needed to add variety to NPC inventories (ex. Doctor, Stim, Wizard).
    New recipes for Food which lacks it, and a variety of other items as to be decided.
    Changed existing recipes.
    Some blueprints may have a different background (specifically Food items), if possible.
    Various changes to existing items as desired.
    Thinking about incorporating other mods within this one.

    Villages and Dungeons
    Changed NPC generation in Villages to include new NPCs
    Merchant Airship(?)
    Merchant Space-Station(?)
    Merchant Village
    Randomly distributed Merchant stores

    BetterMerchants Recommended Mods


    Assortment of NPCs:

    Sous Chef WIP:

    Chef WIP:

    Dirt Shop WIP:

    Chefs running around:
    credit: KittenTamer

    Special Thanks
    • @Otata for help with some __merge functionality
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. ravenvalentine
    Version: 0.09a
    i am changing my rating to 5 after dinaly daring to test it amazing mod really one thing i need to ask.. where to get the damn drinks blender !!
  2. D9sinc
    Version: 0.09a
    Pretty awesome mod Idk what the hell I'm suppose to do with the chunks but still I enjoy it. I like having this with the Ore Farming mod as well as others so I can have all of my characters share a base and it also seems like A mall (of sorts) while also being a base:D 10/10 would download again.
  3. ChaosBr
    Version: 0.09a
    Well, I like the idea of having new merchs, but his mod screws up some basic mechanics of the game, for instance, I can't create durasteel anymore after I install it because is basically changes the recipe to "2 Coal Berries" and "1 Titanium Bar", what the heck is coal berry and where can I find it I really don't know. Is there any way to reverse this to the old recipes?
  4. Ram Hum
    Ram Hum
    Version: 0.09a
    I really like the idea, but it seems to not do anything for me. I've checked a couple times, maybe it's my computer. :(
    1. Mackinz
      Author's Response
      Please reply to the main BetterMerchants thread.

      In addition, please ensure you have access to the Metalwork Station, where you can craft the Signal Station.
  5. Lannahtreeve
    Version: 0.09a
    Alright! I was getting tired of finding people selling things I don't use... like clothes. :)
  6. Damiano de' Caretti
    Damiano de' Caretti
    Version: 0.09a
    It does what it is supposed to do!
    May I ask if can i have the permission to implement this modification in a modification pack?
    1. Mackinz
      Author's Response
      Sure! Just tell me a little about it, first. :)
  7. Windcaller
    Version: 0.09a
    Really nice mod! I really like it a lot! ^^
    1. Mackinz
      Author's Response
      Wonderful! Glad you enjoy it!
  8. Iris Blanche
    Iris Blanche
    Version: 0.09a
    Wonderful mod and a must-have.
    1. Mackinz
      Author's Response
      That's fantastic to hear!
  9. Daunikkek
    Version: 0.09a
    Great really makes the game more immersive.{ Greg Stevens}
    1. Mackinz
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  10. Mini_Ginger
    Version: 0.08c
    First of all, this mod shouldn't have to be a mod, Chucklefish should just add it into the game for people like me who hate mining and love exploring. Why spend half an hour in a cave mining when I can spend half an hour exploring and then come back and get ores anyway, exploring and dungeon diving is twice as fun and, you don't get legendary drops from copper do you now? Kudos to the author for responding so quickly to my request. Thank you very much!
    1. Mackinz
      Author's Response

      Not a problem, Ginger! It will only get better from here on out! Please enjoy your business transactions with BM Co.!