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Latest Reviews

  1. Mr.Puffinstuff
    Version: Another fix
    Used this to remove an NPC from the walls of my ship. works great.
  2. Justin Skyrune
    Justin Skyrune
    Version: 2.1.0
    Besides the Pleglaci my favorite race mod. I have been waiting a long time to play with this mod again.
  3. DominatorLegend
    Version: 2.1.0
    Overall, a good mod. The new races look awesome (specially the Trink) and their styles are fantastic.
    The reason why I don't give 5 starts is because the ship appears to be a little bugged and I can't build platforms and some other props.
    1. Aegonian
      Author's Response
      Glad you like the mod! The issue is probably related to the fact that the ship doesn't actually come with walls from the get go - they just use a background image, which you can't place tiles or objects on. You can manually add your own walls to allow for wall-mounted objects to be placed down, however.
  4. SkeithStone
    Totally awesome mod. Super useful if you want to have an automated farm!
  5. AstroSkye
    Version: 4.30.76
    Really awesome mod, but is there a way to get the original sprites back? A lot of them looked more futuristic
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      not sure what you are talking about, really. Every replaced station is a *vast* improvement and I have no plans to revert them.
  6. Godashkai
  7. Endred II
    Endred II
    Version: 0.9 v. Enraged Koala
    Update it...please...
  8. igorxramovDZS
    Version: Avian Waters
    You have an account on deviantart or something be like ?
  9. Aer-ink
    Version: version 0.61
    more dungeonds = more looting love this!
  10. Singkun
    Version: 1.0 Quick Fix
    Nice Mod, Guns do scale with the planet level not the gun itself, but if you do loot the same gun in higher levels the gun damage scales accordingly. Anyways M202 Flash is very op. Good mod tho.
  11. LOLzor404
    Version: 0.4
    Didn't work very well, specially because the food doesn't replenish your hunger bar, the drinks neither. And there's no way to uninstall the mod without removing your character.
  12. K'Braid
    Version: 2.1.0
    OH MY GAWD The mod's been updated! You're a real trooper for managing to get the mod working for 1.2. I watched and attempted to help Peglaci's update to 1.2 so i'm aware of how hard this must have been for you!
  13. DreamerDrop
    Version: 2.5
    This is a really cute graphical mod. It makes the whole game feel more endearing and sweet. Thank you so much for this!
  14. Sarduka
    Version: 1.0 Quick Fix
    4/5 bcs I was disapointed about the tiny amount of dmg of some weapons like the MG-42 or FG-42. An other thing I do not really like is the scope-curser. I've most of the time problems to see the prey through it.
    Everything else looks good so far and I think this mod could be really awesome in the future.
    Btw; a Steam version would be nice too.
  15. Lindazana
    Version: [SB 1.2] v1.0
    Oh thank you so much! If I had to run the mining facility one more time with a character while trying out a different set of mods I was going to go mad.
    sidequestion: Does this affect the tech vendor in any way?
    1. The | Suit
      Author's Response
      No tech vendor stays the same. I left it as it is - since you needed minerals to unlock each tech.
  16. ElenaRextor
    Version: 1.07a
    Cute animals especially the cow. It's weird that the pigs had no tails...
  17. ElenaRextor
    Version: v1.4.5
    Haha, thanks for whoever made this mod. I finally don't need to explore every places searching for someone because really that place is big!
  18. smyley5
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome mod~ now I can upgrade the weapons I actually use.
  19. ThetaAioShard
    Version: V2.3 BAT HORSE PR19
    This is probably my favorite race. My only request is for the bipedal the option for horns (since we can get wings in game)
  20. endermaryn
    Version: 1.0.1
    Love it. Thank you!!!