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Outdated Smelting - Melt swords, shields, guns and other things into ore bars 1.1.12b

Melt swords, shields, guns and other things into ore bars

  1. Carl0sCheca
    Melt a sword into 2 iron bars or shields/guns into 3 iron bars.
    It can be used like a furnace.
    List of objects that can be melted:
    Iron block (3) = Iron bar (1)
    Steel chain (5) = Steel bar (2)
    Titanium panel (3) =Titaniumbar (1)

    Copper Drill (1) = Copper Bar (15)
    Diamond Drill (1) = Diamond (15)
    Gold Drill (1) = Gold Bar (15)
    Platinum Drill (1) = Platinum Bar (15)
    Silver Drill (1) = Silver Bar (15)

    Copper pickaxe (1) = Copper bar (6)
    Diamond Pickaxe (1) = Diamond (6)
    Gold pickaxe (1) = Gold bar (6)
    Silver pickaxe (1) = Silver bar (6)

    Copper Platform (5) = Copper Bar (1)
    Steel Platform (5) = Steel Bar (1)

    Ores work like a furnace does it

    Anchor (1) = Iron bar (8)
    Anvil (1) = Iron bar (8)
    Avian Emblem (1) = Steel bar (5)
    Avian Gong (1) = Steel bar (4)
    Classic Barred Door (1) = Iron bar (4)
    Fancy Avian Gong (1) = Steel bar (4)
    Glitch Cell Door (1) = Iron bar (4)
    Glitch Royal Bed (1) = Gold bar (5)
    Glitch Shield Display (1) = Gold bar (3)
    Golden Lamp (1) = Gold bar (3)
    Metal Crate (1) = Steel bar (3)
    Royal Bookcase (1) = Gold bar (6)
    Royal Cabinet (1) = Gold bar (4)
    Royal Candles (1) = Gold bar (2)
    Royal Chalice (1) = Gold bar (1)
    Royal Chest (1) = Gold bar (3)
    Royal Desk (1) = Gol bar (4)
    Royal Throne (1) = Gold bar (7)
    Royal Toilet (1) = Gold bar (5)
    Wall Shackles (1) = Iron bar (2)

    Generated Gun (1) = Iron bar (3)
    Generated Shield (1) = Iron bar (3)
    Generated Sword (1) = Iron bar (2)
    Tier 1 to Tier 4

    You need the metalworkstation to craft it(with 100 cobblestone, 200 pixels, 10 coal and 1 furnace).


    Review and installation (Thanks to Pedguin):

    More videos

    Known bugs and possible solutions:
    When install the mod with your character on beta sector or above, the smelting furnace doesn't show in metal work station correctly.
    To fix it you have take the upgrade to tier 2 again and it will appear.
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheAwsome
    Version: 1.1.12b
    This mod is a god send. Ever since I downloaded Frackin Universe I can never find any gold or silver. I mined a planet for over 1000 iron ore but only 1 gold ore. Thanks to this I got my needed silver from random pickaxes. Thank you!
  2. TackikalXereal
    Version: 1.1.12b
    I'll give this three stars for some items, like durassteel , turning into iron
  3. lawferran
    Version: 1.1.12b
    seems way usefull
  4. Hilerf
    Version: 1.1.12b
    Very very usefull mod. I have moar iron from swords :P
  5. Killane
    Version: 1.1.12b
    I really like this mod, it's great for getting useful materials out of my outdated gear. I wish it had a more "sci-fi" look though, it clashes with my various end-game crafting stations.
  6. Panzermensch
    Version: 1.1.12b
    This mod seems like it would be quite useful, but I couldn't hep but notice that whenever I try to start a server with the mod installed, I notice it listing errors regarding not being able to load or locate assets for it and instead using placeholders. Any idea as to what's causing that?
  7. troni
    Version: 1.1.12b
    very useful
  8. firefinger
    Version: 1.1.12b
    Does What it Says on The Tin.
    I really feel like this (or something like it) should be in the base game.
  9. Zzepish
    Version: 1.1.12b
    ty alot) very usefull mod
  10. FPSUsername
    Version: 1.1.12b
    Really cool, but does it work on multiplayer?