RELEASED Yama's Desert & Sewer Expansions [1.4 ready for testing!]

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  1. Yamadataiki

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    Hey all! I've been working on a expansion to the desert map. It's fully compatible with all other mods that don't modify any of the base warps in the Desert! I'm open to suggestions, but I will most likely not be doing any major edits to the original desert location, instead my plan is to create areas surrounding it. Let me know what you think!

    9/16/2016: If anyone out there would like to work with me to create more content that knows or is willing to learn some code, or is good with pixel art send me a message. Would be more willing to create a few new maps as I was suggested creating a jungle and have had a growing desire to do so.

    Version 1.4 requires both ALL and SMAPI!
    Be sure to use the latest version of ALL:

    V1.4 Fixes bugs (hopefully) presented in 1.3.8

    V1.3.8 Currently adds:
    - 3 Whole new areas in the Desert for you to explore!

    Basic xnb edit that slightly expands original desert map. Only use if you don't plan on using ALL for some reason.

    -There is currently a major bug involving saves that will sometimes cause it to show as your anniversary even when it isn't, and if you aren't married. This can and usually will break your game and save. Until I can fix this bug you may have to start a fresh game. This bug may or may not persist in 1.4 as some mods seem to cause the issue after this mod is loaded with it. If anyone wants to take a crack at this bug be my guest as I'm stumped.

    (9/15/16) V.1.4 The Bugfix Patch Out now!

    • Canyon
    • Dunes
    • Floodplains
    - Custom Flora and Recolored Palms!

    Currently in the works:
    -More locations
    -Warp puzzle maze
    -new flora designs
    -Custom Items (Yellow and blue Cactus Fruit ;))
    -new cave textures and aesthetics
    -wade-able water (Get your fishing boots!)

    For those who do not wish to use ALL or SMAPI I will leave the download for Alpha 1.1 up for you.

    [Sewer Expansion]

    For those interested, I started a project on the sewers, It's not finished and it's an early alpha but I'm releasing it as is until I have more time on my hands. I played a few different save games with it alone and it seemed bug free. Please report if you encounter any though.

    Don't Forget to check out Tego's Stardew Expansion! Fully compatible with YDE 1.4 and YSE 0.2!:

    Be sure to check out Stardew Valley Enhanced as well! I updated it to be compatible with ALL on page 3 in the following thread! Should be fully compatible with TSE, YDE annnnd YSE:

    [Possible ALL compatibly patches coming for other map mods too; unless specified by their creators not to.]

    Remember! Always back up your saves before installing new mods! These are all functional with new games but I can't promise everything will be seamless for games already in progress! Feel free to post bugs as I am willing to do my best to fix whatever I may have missed. I may fix bugs others may have missed within reason.

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    • tegobash

      tegobash Big Damn Hero

      That looks nice! I was planning a desert expansion myself but now I think I'll pass.
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      • Yamadataiki

        Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

        Thanks! I was inspired by yours to make mine. I'm currently at a roadblock though since I don't know C#. I'd be glad to work with you and integrate my project with yours if you felt comfortable with that. If I make this work with SMAPI I can link up my cave systems and outer map once they're in a more polished state. I've got a few custom tile sheets ready to go and everything!:DD
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        • tegobash

          tegobash Big Damn Hero

          That sounds great. I'm going to sleep now so I'll PM you tomorrow and we'll start talking :)
          • barfyscorpion

            barfyscorpion Pangalactic Porcupine

            Nice work! I always thought the desert was woefully small, and I really enjoy spending time there.
            • Yamadataiki

              Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

              Thank you! I just updated it with a few minor replacements/touchups. Next update will be within a week so stay tuned!
              • Cider

                Cider Ketchup Robot

                Ooh I'll definitely keep a watch on this.
                • Yamadataiki

                  Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

                  Here's A small preview of part of what will be in the next update. I aligned the edges of the map on the left to be aligned my expansion on the bottom of the vanilla map which is on the right. You'll be able to walk right to it.
                  Once I stop putting off the caves I'll throw you guys a preview of the sand dunes map. I was thinking of making a warp puzzle on one of the custom maps, there'd be 3-5 cave entrances next to eachother and I would have each layer of canyon wall have 3-5, whichever you went through would take you to another layer but I wouldn't put them in order. So it would look sort of like this;


                  Imagine each number is an entrance/exit that are linked, Numbers in parenthesis means they're one way exits which by doing makes it a maze to get through. If I were to do this I would leave the solution in a future Readme.
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                  • Vixxi

                    Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                    Yay! More coconuts!! This is great. I always wondered why the desert was so freaking small.
                    • GARRthePIRATE

                      GARRthePIRATE Big Damn Hero

                    • Yamadataiki

                      Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

                      Here's a screenshot of what I've done today. I want to release it to you guys but it's just not ready for the next update yet. Give me another week, and I'll have this and my other secret project out ;) Custom Tile Preview.png

                      Yes Tego I know the shadow is still missing >.<
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                      • tegobash

                        tegobash Big Damn Hero

                        Tho I love this red tree. And I think I see the same fern that I'm using. Good job!
                        • Yamadataiki

                          Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

                          What do you think of these then?
                          Pretty Palms.png
                          Yeah I was wondering if we both edited the same fern or not, but I think yours has an extra groove on top.
                          • tegobash

                            tegobash Big Damn Hero

                            Isn't that too many colors? I don't know. They look good tho :)
                            • Yamadataiki

                              Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

                              Maybe I went a little crazy yeah :rofl: I might not use them all, and if I do I'll probably keep them to certain areas. I had a ocean planet on Starbound with rainbow palm trees and that was sort of my inspiration for making so many if I'm honest.
                              • BoffoBoy

                                BoffoBoy Existential Complex

                                Looks great! A ton to learn eh?
                                • Yamadataiki

                                  Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

                                  Totally not gonna lie, I've pulled 2 all nighters this week retexturing sprites alone. Today I'm spending working on building my maps up. I can promise you that without slowing down your day, there's no way you'll have time to visit everywhere in the desert when I'm done with it. If your willing to, when you have custom shops and pathfinding working I'd love to be able to throw a few new npcs to find in the desert :). I'll share a few screenies tonight or tomorrow with the new maps.
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                                  • kodemunkey

                                    kodemunkey Phantasmal Quasar

                                    Could you make a mod which allows us to put Coconut and Cactus fruit through the seed maker so we can get the seeds which will only grow in the warehouse? You could integrate it with your desert mod.
                                    • Superior_s

                                      Superior_s Sandwich Man

                                      I'd probably go ask @Killerbotto he's working on a crops mod that so far adds 20 something new fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees to the game.
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                                      • Yamadataiki

                                        Yamadataiki Phantasmal Quasar

                                        Superior_s is right about you asking Killerbotto. I do have plans for making my blue and orange cactus fruit obtainable items along with some other interesting things, but I'm not going to be adding in custom items until I flesh out a few more areas I'd like to expand in the Desert. If I can manage to, you may end up seeing a traveling merchant in the desert who will sell you cactus seeds, for the vanilla fruit and my own, that you could grow only in the greenhouse.

                                        Next update will be coming out in a few hours,
                                        I just need to feel happy with the details in the Floodplains and I'll release it for you guys to check out. Unless there's a major flaw I won't be releasing any bugfixes untill next week.

                                        The only big one that currently exists does effect save games 70% of the time.
                                        It will cause it to be your anniversary day even if you aren't married and even if it isn't the day you were married, which seems minor but can cause the game to stop working after playing for a few ingame days. I haven't found the root of this problem but as soon as I am aware of a way to fix it I promise I will. Other than that this mod should be fully compatible with everything.

                                        Edit: Major bug involving warps is blocking me from releasing it.I should hopefully have this fixed before tomorrow. Sorry making you guys wait a little longer.

                                        Edit: 1.3.8 out now!
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