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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WelshPixie, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. jintoya

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    there is one weapon type im exited about in my new RPG, its the canister rifle, it can shoot grenades, seeker ammo and specializes in custom ammo. if you can dream up crazy ammo, this gun can fire it. my fav is going to be sticky seeking grenades and adhesive grenades (its gonna be good!) the weapon system in my RPG will not be as random but im looking to keep it just as varied with weird ammo and tech addons. the enemies are going to be anything i can imagine, i dont know if i want to make a random generator for it but i could if i wanted i suppose. (not sure if i should have zombies at all.)
    ships and stuff wont be ripped from Starbound, instead i going to make up a butt-load of ship parts (allot of it is ideas i got from the suggestion forum, Star Wars & my other futuristic RPG's)
    Im starting my beta tonight and hopefully i have a good crafting system if not it will require ALLOT of tweaking, but i can do that after the beta campaign is over.
  2. Neapher

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    I feel like we need to collaborate on this. You seem to have a good understanding of player interaction, I have a knack for game mechanics.
  3. what is this player interaction you speak of
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    comes naturally to me, ive been a player of D&D since i was 12, a DM since i was 14 and now im 25...i think *has no mind for calenders * yup 25...so its been a while doing this for me and im not even all that old...i think its a win win, but i get underestimated due to age, unlike most i started this REALLY early for my age-group. although i forget what year it is sometimes, im a little scatterbrained.
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    That's basically the story of me, but reduce 25 - X = 16.

    If you want to do a collaboration, I can get it set up so we can both work on this together. It would be nice to get someone to help me out here as I already have a ton of projects started. (some starbound related, many not)

    Plus two different but similar Starbound RPG's by two different people could cause an issue.
  6. jintoya

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    im fairly non-confrontational unless someone is being unreasonable and would likely give you the floor if you posted yours up first, shall we talk over steam or other media to swap ideas or would you prefer the forums? my steam name is the same as my name on here, is almost everywhere i go. never in caps.
    i just worked out starting gear and things recently and have started the beta with my fiance, i think il introduce you to her seeing as she is a large part of my creative process and is my current only beta tester.
  7. Neapher

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    I love to work on custom RPG's, but I usually get bored and drop it half-way through. If I have someone else I'm working with, even just slightly, it should be more than enough to keep me on track. I'll add you on steam for now under the name Facetoast
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    Actual gameplay, how players think and cooperate in an actual game. My group is.... well, not very clever.
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    Ok then
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    I almost want to make a story, but...Ennnnngh.
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  12. Suntoo

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    Once upon a time, there lived an Ape named Prometheus. Created in a USCM testing facility in the Delta Sector, he grew to be the most ingenius and powerful of all the test subjects. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before he escapes.
    (Tag this post and then add the next part, go with something about his escape or whatever, put your comment in parenthesis after your lines like so)
  13. Wrong place for this, jack. Make a thread of your own for it.
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    The most basic inspiration? Think of something cool or original, even if it goes against the codex, and apply it to a character of yours. A little extra elbow grease and you have a backstory, which (most of the time) inspires more to be written.
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    Thanks, but I got around to thinking of an idea in the end(that was quite a while ago xP)

    Still haven't updated it in ages... been busy with other writing projects, and that.
  16. So many new stories... so little time to read.

    Some of these are quite nice, from the look of it. More people should come in here and have a look! Post on each other's threads, authors. You'll learn from critiquing others works as well.
  17. CaptainKobold

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    Would this forum be the place to do Community Stories ala Dwarf Fortress Community Fortresses or is there a more appropriate place for that?
  18. As long as it's Starbound related, go crazy. If not, feel free to use the Literature section of the forum.
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    Beautiful! Thank you very much!
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    ironcly despite the enthusiasm no ones actually made a story

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