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    Defenders of the Galaxies, Saviors of the Stars. Established July 16th 2012.
    Welcome to the Star Veterans' thread. My name is Shark, and I am the founder and leader of this clan. We are an assembly of space travelers that have come together to extinguish the evil and wrongdoers that corrupt the cosmos. I'm searching for new Soldiers, Builders, Medics, Infiltrators, and Demolitionists to recruit so that we may expand our friendly, beneviolent empire and spread justice. We are looking for Pilots and Trainers as well. Our factions of these members are overseen by the Veteran Council, an elite subgroup of my most trusted affiliates. If you wish to learn more about our clan, I suggest giving the backstory a read.

    As one of your fellow forum-members and Starbounders, my goal is to create a fun, special group of exceptionally nice people that can socialize and game together. We have a dedicated Starbound Server that, once the kinks are worked out, will be online 24/7 for clan members' access. Once director mode is released, myself and some of the other members plan to use it to make an in-game roleplay where you will be guided on an adventure across many planets and take on enemies such as The Black Code and the League of Space Assassins.
    Together as warriors and tacticians, we will take down the evils of space and forever protect the universe.

    Clan Rules
    There are only three main rules you have to worry about as a member of The Star Veterans, alongside the main forum rules.
    Respect: All members are expected to show respect to everyone. Go by the classic "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself" rule if it makes it simpler. In other words, please don't flame, argue, discriminate, bias, or put others down.
    Think: Reading this post proves to me that you are capable of basic thought. So, please, think before you post, before you act, before you do anything that might impact anyone else. When in doubt, don't post it.
    Enjoy: The clan's purpose is to group people together into a fun environment. You shouldn't be focused on being the best, being the smartest, the most talented, etc. Just have fun. Don't hold grudges. Don't create drama. Just have fun.

    Application is currently limited, meaning that you must send me a private application for the clan through the conversations (Private Messaging) feature on these forums. I hold the right to deny anyone access to the clan. If you wish to join, fill out the form below;
    Forum Username:
    Steam Username:
    Self-Title (shown on member list):
    Name of the three rules:
    Faction (Pilot, Spy/Infiltrator, Soldier, Demolition Unit, Medic, Builder, or Trainer/Researcher):

    You can read the Faction Descriptions/Backstories if you want to know more about the groups.
    Server Rules
    Aside from the basic clan rules, we have some other, server-specific rules. Breaking any of the rules below will result in a ban from all Star Veterans servers forever and perhaps even clan expulsion. You have been warned.

    1. Griefing of any kind is strictly prohibited.
    Just as you might expect, we're not going to put up with anything that could be considered griefing. This is included, but not limited to; destroying others' property, building on others' property without their permission, stealing, going through other peoples' chests and storage containers, building inappropriate structures, spawn-camping in PvP, blocking someone's path, trapping other players, and trolling. If you think you could get in trouble, even if it's just a very small chance, don't do it. Also, simply being annoying counts as griefing. Other player's ships are considered their property, and if they tell you to shoo, shoo.

    2. No cheating, exploiting, or abusing glitches of any kind, and no non-clan members are allowed.
    This is also under a complete no-tolerance policy. No cheating of any kind, even if it's just slight modification to your character. All items must be obtained legitimately. You will be banned immediately and indefinitely. Exploitation of glitches, such as the duplication of items, is no exception either. We're also not accepting any non-clan members on the servers, please DO NOT give out our IP or password to non-clan members, or anyone for that matter. Have them apply to the clan first. You are responsible for you own account under every circumstance as well.
    3. No unauthorized building/mining on the homeworld planet and other territories claimed by the Council.
    On our server we take care of a specific planet called our 'clan planet' that serves as a hub for us to meet, talk, play music, and the likewise. There shall be no building, digging, mining, looting, of any kind on the clan planet, with the exception of killing monsters. Each faction will have its own building on the homeworld, but they must be built together and after getting permission from Shark. The council building's offices are off-limits. The clan planet's purpose is mainly to just serve as a hub. The moons and satellites of the clan planet are also included in these rules.
    4. All clan rules apply as well.
    Obviously, the Respect/Think/Enjoy policies are enforced on the server as well. Beyond what's already written about them, they also include no flaming, trolling, disrespecting of anyone, arguments, etc. If someone tells you to get off their ship, you get off their ship. Someone tells you to leave their house, you leave their house. There is also a zero tolerance policy for impersonation, especially of council members and server admins. Oh, and please don't ask to be a moderator or administrator. Ban evasion is also a serious offense that will not be handled lightly.
    And remember, only Shark may wear the sacred Shark hat.

    Starbound Server is currently: online as of February 7th.

    Notable Members' Titles
    Shark is our fearless leader.
    Dtb290 is our server captain.
    Ketoth is our construction overseer.
    Mopy is our head researcher.

    The Veteran Council is led by Shark and includes Dtb290 and Seb. They lead, command, plan, and enforce.

    The Soldiers faction includes Chaoseagle, Vesuvia, Hugt, AuraKnight, Gravik, Mandalore36, Valen, steelraptor53,Wolf_1557, Deathbringer, VitalGuard, Knivez5, Darkhenge, Miss Leijon, Vanderous, Stalkish Cockatiel, Accoylive, Stytripleflip, Diesel, Spartan_Warrior, bluhavoc13, VonBraun, Coded-Dude, Coite-Bodher, Hawk Novablast, Dark Jesse, Tbone9921, cooldrewo, Klobbson, and Gameslayer. They fight, protect, and train.

    The Builders faction includes playerjerry2, Orialcum, Seadar, Clemonster, Neon Ai'Toruu, Flying Potato of Doom, Cloudhopper, Yaxlat, Valkon, Happyvader, Ander, dragozing, FreshSheet, Ketoth,nuggetjune,Navar0nius, deplhia1, Techno9200, Kingmantis, Infamous2010, Legacy95, and MrToyBox. They gather, build, and expand.

    The Medics faction includes Pigrocket, Shooting Star, Ellie396, Arctic Dragon, WoxandWarf, dr_takumi151, Melomie, Wuzhles, tonedragon, Octopie, fabledClockwork, Pericles, michealv, Sazaraki, SaitaM, Febilian, Lostduck, MitzSBnovakid, Ditome, and Rinoreiri. They heal, cook, and support.

    The Pilots faction includes Panda, Seb, RikSharp, Ripin, Mastercreate66, Daedalus, Norluck, Redseven, $4R4H, Warthog155, Vines, Shuriken, Will Liferider, and Luxonik. They fly, drive, navigate, and collect fuel.

    The Spies faction includes Captain Mcmanface, Dunamax, MoursiFanshawe, Shasta, Jornut, Elijah, Taleon, Damuranashi, Grokmin, WhiteRook, GravityFlux, Brotodile, mechaplat, TwistedCodex, Virdi, Arcice, matt_the_great, Jiik, Tcross, Mitshide, glowling, Ninjaman59, JayZulko, bigcheese556, Cpain, Dj_Rubiks, and Atomic_Ghost14. They sneak, infiltrate, and sabotage.

    The Demolition Unit faction and includes TheWalrusLivesInMe, Tiny Master of Music, Thatamazingperson, Rabbit, Soul93, Manillian, Dynamonsta, Redweevil, WilsonTheBall, EnergyProExtreme, Avi8er, Cheesyduck, ConvelGuardian, and procat. They demolish, dig, and burn.

    The Trainers and Researchers faction ncludes Blackleaf, Prophet of Deception, Jimiboy666, Chjon, Shooshy162, Dtb290, Woodrow. MaceToTheEyes, Pepp1391, themightywizar, harnackam, Rasphelon, Julie, Knowva1, Yongzhi2000, Lightfinder Tlazati, and Cameron. They train monsters, manage intel, and strategize.

    Shark: The Leader
    Dtb290: The Sniper
    Admiral Obvious: Needs more gun
    Playerjerry2: Master of Puppets
    Seb: The British
    TheAmazingPerson: The Simplest Member
    Shooting Star: Crescent Lightning
    Ripin3: Reaper
    MoursiFanshawe: The Chicken God
    Panda: The Assassin
    Arctic Dragon: Noble Guardian of the Tundra
    Noble: Panda-king
    Manilian: Wrinkle in Time
    Blackleaf: Bold Deciever
    Jimiboy666: The Archivist
    pigrocket: The Burninator
    RikSharp: The Machine
    Ellie396: Rainbow Girl
    choaseagle: Best on his planet
    Jornut: The Shadow
    AuraKnight: Knight of Aura
    Gravik: Mysticman
    Imtherenothere: The Cosmonaut
    FreshSheet: Fortifications
    Ketoth: The Shipmaker
    WoxandWarf: Tobor
    Doombringer: Evil-Laughing
    Ander: Artist?
    Yaxlat: Acidic Engineer
    Rabbit: Witch of Void
    Mopy: Moon Haze Dreamer
    Noobih: Rocket Jock
    Deathbringer: Tinkerer
    Mastercreate66: Mastercreate66
    Knivez5: The Mercenary
    WhiteRook: Arch-Inquisitor
    Rasphelon: The Jackal
    Immortal Frog
    GravityFlux: The Black Hunter
    Vanderous: The Vanguard
    Techno9200: The Technic Thinker
    Wuzhles: MD
    Knowva1: The Solo
    Brotodile: The Grim Linguist
    Norluck: The Destitute Pilot
    Redseven: Sol Dawnbreaker
    Tonedragon: The Pirate Dragon
    WilsonTheBall: The Survivor
    EnergyProExtreme: I'm gonna wreck it!
    fabledClockwork: The Paramedic
    Sazaraki: Space Knight
    Twisted Codex: The Phoenix
    Stalkish Cockatiel: Ugly Hatchling
    Accoylive: Sicarius
    Virdi: The Curious
    Warthog155: The Navigator
    Pericles: Icebox
    Arcice: Penetrator
    Jiik: Shadowbringer
    Avi8er: The Manly
    Diesel: O-Zone
    Daedra: The Space Demon
    Spartan_Warrior: The Tank
    Kingmantis: Master Builder
    Mitshide: The Kinky Britt
    glowling: Flower
    Vines: The Starry-Eyed Explorer
    VonBraun: Fearless German
    michealv: GoldX
    Coded-Dude: Coded-Cosmos
    Yongzhi2000: Space Penguin Leader
    Infamous2010: More Wood
    Ninjaman593: The Slenderman
    Chessyduck: The Traveler
    Coite-Bodher: Voyager
    Legacy95: Sandwich Man
    JayZulko: The Experiment
    SaitaM: The Self-Taught Physician
    Hawk Novablast: USCM Supreme Commander
    Shuriken: Everfree
    ConvelGuardian: Dark Spirit
    bigcheese556: Silent But Deadly
    Will Liferider: Dreamer of Electric Sheep
    procat: Aquatic Astronaut
    DarkJesse: Aquatic Astronaut
    Dj_Rubiks: The Great Odyssey
    Tbone9921: Talmadge Vicarious
    MitzSBnovakid: Starry Medic
    cooldrewo: Bird Man

    Happyvader: The Apprentice
    Oricalcum: The Alchemist
    Tiny Master of Music: The Future Sound
    Valkon: The Thaumaturge
    Taso: The Ramming Hero of Justice
    Pacific: The Blue Wonder
    Doomhawk5: Captain Doomhawk
    Mr.Braun: The Braun
    Cynic: The Mastermind
    Barnsley: Doctor
    recentteen14: Fluffy kitty guy
    Enemarius86: Yo
    TheWalrusLivesinMe: Beast puppy
    Kanage: The Oblivious
    Shasta: Intergalactic Soda
    Jedesis: Lightning Thunder
    Miss Leijon: Mage of Time
    Vesuvia: The Demanding
    SelfAwareChimp: The Cheerful
    Chjon: Pirate Man
    Seadar: The Wise One
    clemonster: Engineer Clemonster
    MoonyGekko: Bridge Jumper
    dreeper: stardude12
    Dumamax: The Ninja
    Steelraptor53: The CQC Guy
    GunmanRex: The Techno Mage
    Hugt: The Pizz
    Neon Ai'Toruu: Some Female
    vbifbk: Dwarven Bearling
    dragozing: The W0lf
    nuggetjune: Dragon LOTR
    Gunzier: The Godzilla
    Prophet of Deception: Space giraffe wrangler
    Mandalore36: Scout Unicorn
    Valen: The Daft Marksman!
    Soul93: Super genius in a potato
    Navar0nius: The Bear Calvary
    Rocco101: No Questions Asked
    Elijah: The Hidden Kitten
    HerpDerpy: crystaltechharnackam: harnackam
    Neptz: The Green Mecha
    Taleon: Silly Swede
    Woodrow: ProfessorOaky
    Julie: The Tsundere
    MaceToTheEyes: The Jovial
    DynaMonsta: The Dynamite
    dr_takumi151: Trickster Wraith
    Melomie: The Silver Mask
    Darkhenge: Aztec
    Wolf_1557: Wolf
    Pepp1391: Dirty Hands
    VitalGuard: The Starcaller
    Damuranashi: The Dark Light
    Klobbson: The Bounty Hunter
    Luxonik: Cryo the Insane
    Lightfinder Tlazati:
    Rinoreiri: That other guy

    This thread is for chatting about pretty much anything that interests you with other clan members, organizing games and servers for games such as Starbound, Team Fortress 2, Risk of Rain, etc., and making friends! If you're new, feel free to introduce yourself or start up a new discussion.


    Links: Old Thread | Steam Group | Backstory | Faction Roles | Shark's Steam Profile
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    Could I join? Desperate to play multiplayer instead of on my own all the time.

    Steamid: xexitar
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    send shark ( leader) an application.
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    the application is in the main part, copy it, fill it out, send him a message with the filled out application in it.
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  18. Please read the entire first post before joining/posting here.

    Forum Username:
    Steam Username:
    Name of the three rules:
    Self-Title (shown on member list):
    Faction (Pilot, Spy/Infiltrator, Soldier, Demolitionist, Medic, Builder, or Strategist/Researcher):
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  20. He knows how to send me a message, he already did, just not with the proper application form.

    On an unrelated note, I want the Starbound Update to come out now so I'll have time to get going on a new character.

    EDIT: Oh, looks like there was a new blog post about even more stuff going into this update on the main page.
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