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Stardew Valley SWITCH: Known Issues & Fixes (Patch 1)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. GalaxyBean

    GalaxyBean Space Hobo

    I was just playing Multiplayer with my Boyfriend,
    the Community center cutscene only showed my character and
    he couldn't access the wizard's tower to complete the Wizard quest... is there anyway around that or do we just start over.
    • veshael kurun

      veshael kurun Big Damn Hero

      we're having a HUGE pile of issues with multiplayer on Switch. there are four of us in the same house that play together but the world only appears on "local" every once in a while and usually only for a pair of players at a time. we pretty much have to play "online" even though we're all on the same network. the game crashes WITHOUT FAIL every time we play. we pretty much just play until a crash happens then maybe replay the latest day if we're not too discouraged by what was lost. the crashes seem totally arbitrary/random but after skimming this thread i've noticed we just happen to be doing things that are known to cause crashes (i.e. different people cutting down trees at the same time, playing two separate games at the fall festival, etc.). our most recent crash cost us over an hour of grinding the fall festival games for star tokens and we haven't been able to motivate ourselves to do it again since the crash.

      essentially multiplayer is unplayable at this point; we have lost upwards of ten hours of gameplay at this point and we're only in fall of year one. no one really wants to keep putting forth the effort at this point even after waiting YEARS for the multiplayer to come to Switch. i bought Stardew the day it was released on Switch and waited patiently to play it until the multiplayer came out. i even bought my wife a Switch so she could play too when we found out there was no split-screen!

      please fix the constant crashes! we love Stardew and it's sad that it's basically not worth playing in its current form.
      • Gandalor 75

        Gandalor 75 Star Wrangler

        Hey, you should post this in the new support thread if you are still having issues. As of Jan. 21 when the last update went live they started a new bug/issue report thread for 1.3.33. Please put this info there so that they know if you are still experiencing these problems and so that they know how many people are still having some major issues and concerns.
        BTW, I am just another fan of the game and not actually affiliated with CA or Chuckle Fish so I can't make anything happen here, but I really want them to acknowledge that they didn't fix hardly any of the issues they thought they did with the last update.
        • voorhees_13

          voorhees_13 Tentacle Wrangler

          Hi, (I posted my own thread but it hasn’t got any responses so I figured I’d use the actual support thread) I’m in Year 3 spring and I’ve noticed that there’s sometimes no music anymore when I get into the actual game (there’s still the title screen music) I don’t know why this is happening but it seemed to have started with the most current update. I’m kinda bummed that the music doesn’t always come on. Sometimes it’ll come on like normal during the day but other days it’ll be silence. Some sound effects will also be delayed or just not play at all sometimes. My version is 1.3.33
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          • Gandalor 75

            Gandalor 75 Star Wrangler

            Try posting this here. https://community.playstarbound.com...ultiplayer-patch-1-known-issues-fixes.151679/
            This should be the latest support thread spacifically for issues found in 1.3.33
            • MasterLDZ

              MasterLDZ Space Hobo

              I have been having an issue where when I put some processed products into the shipping crate they are randomly voided. It seems to happen somewhat randomly though as it sometimes voids my mayonnaise, but when I put in in the box with jelly my mayo stays and the jelly gets voided, which is really aggravating when I had 5-6 starfruit jellies just vanish. I looked around and couldn't find anyone talking about it or any fixes so maybe its just my file or there is a fix. Hopefully someone can help me out.
              • Terrawin

                Terrawin Void-Bound Voyager

                Currently experiencing an issue on the Nintendo Switch. While I'm hosting a game my friend experiences this strange glitch where only a portion of the screen whill reflect the time change. This doesn't happen while their Switch is running in docked mode, just handheld.
                • sashoom

                  sashoom Master Chief

                  They really haven't been acknowledging anything in the new thread. Nothing has happened since January: the bug list hasn't been updated and no one replies to the bug posts anymore. It's like crickets (no pun intended).
                  • Effigylord

                    Effigylord Void-Bound Voyager

                    Having the exact same issue. Joining my friend, same two screen edges.
                    • xitpu

                      xitpu Space Hobo

                      Hello, any eta for the 1.3.36 patch for Switch version? I'd like to play in italian language
                      • pizzarati

                        pizzarati Space Hobo

                        I can't plunk anything in corners in a building. What I mean is, if I put three kegs in a corner in a shed or barn, the two on the outside of the L formation plunk fine, but the one in the corner doesn't work even with the cursor over it. Outside, I can do that just fine.
                        • timid_one

                          timid_one Space Hobo

                          I've encountered two bugs on Version 1.3.33 (Switch firmware 9.0.1):

                          1. When donating to the community center, the game will soft-lock (music plays, can still move cursor with right stick, but cannot move or open game menus) if the item I am trying to donate is selected in my hotbar.
                            1. EDIT: I just went to the community center, did not donate to a collection, and still soft-locked. I was holding a Bok Choy item. Perhaps this is a bug with consumables?
                          2. When the option "Use Controller-Style Menus" is selected, I often am unable to select the menu option to view community center progress. I am able to occasionally, but there is no discernible reason as to why.
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                          • flattery

                            flattery Mop

                            I’m having an issue on the switch single player. I opened the letter for the Linus Blackberry Basket quest, but the quest has not appeared in my journal and the basket has not appeared where it should be.

                            Unfortunately I didn’t realize this before the date rolled over so now it looks like I can’t get the quest, nor can I try to replicate the bug.

                            Software version 1.3.33
                            Switch firmware version 9.0.1
                            • Yudoku.Cyanide

                              Yudoku.Cyanide Space Hobo

                              If you need some more details on the softlock while fishing I'm willing to talk. I just bought the iridium rod at 11:00 am in ingame time, this'll be important later. So I hooked my rod with exactly 100 bait and a dressed spinner. I fished right above willy's fishing shop, accidentally landed on max and the animation of the fishing line coming back happened. My character stood there unable to move as the iridium rod was still coming out of it as if I were fishing. If it were any other day, I would've just reset the day and go buy it again. But I had just redesigned my character through the shrine of illusions in the wizards tower, I didn't wanna do that over again. So I sat there, hoping it would unlock at some point. Time passed till 12 am hit, no sign of unlocking. 1 am passed and I got the sleepy (zzz) speech bubble, but it didnt stop. 2 am struck and my character didnt even pass out. It just sat there. At this point I didn't care if I lost money I just cared if I could save my data..I sat for around 5 minutes hoping for some kinda save screen,but nothing. I gave up on my data and redid everything, so this bug needs to be patched up sooner or later, cause it was heartbreaking to lose that day. Hope my experience helped!

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                              • Madosuki

                                Madosuki Pangalactic Porcupine

                                I have crashed twice now when trying to bomb multiple mummies at the same time
                                • TheShineNSB

                                  TheShineNSB Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Seconding this crash. It happened to me thrice tonight. I crumpled three+ mummies with my sword, then bombed them. The instant the bomb went off, the game crashed. I was able to bomb two mummies without a crash, but the each time I bombed three or more consecutive mummies, the game would crash with, "The software was closed because an error occurred." I was playing on a docked Switch with the Pro Controller.

                                  On a side note, is there a way to recover the Master Slingshot? I accidentally trashed mine (I swap between playing the Switch and PC versions, which have their confirm/cancel buttons swapped, so I accidentally confirmed trashing it instead of cancelling the trash). Unlike the other "found in the world" weapons, the Adventurers merchant doesn't appear to sell slingshots. I appreciate that we can trash slingshots now, but it'd be great if we could buy them back later.
                                  • RedMalicious

                                    RedMalicious Space Hobo

                                    Game is encountering an error and closing when encountering more than two or three monsters at a time. Not just mummies—infested level of the regular mine has caused a crash multiple times now.
                                    • JN1234

                                      JN1234 Space Hobo

                                      I have also been having this issue. I have restarted my switch several times, as well as deleting and reinstalling the game.
                                      • Zyzic

                                        Zyzic Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Wife and I have been playing a multiplayer farm on Local Communication until winter year 1 (she hosts, I join). Never had issues connecting to the same game. Decided to try the Online option for the same farm. Now the farm can no longer be connected to in Local mode, only Online (the farm doesn't show up for me in the "Join" list). It's almost as if the farm becomes locked into Online mode once you play it Online, and cannot go back to Local. This is frustrating since local mode works better for us than online.
                                        • Elitehippo

                                          Elitehippo Space Hobo

                                          Nintendo switch player: I was wearing the Napalm ring. When I killed multiple slimes, my game crashed. The multiple explosions must be triggering the game to crash.

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