Announcement Stardew Valley PC Multiplayer Update - Available Now!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by superconsole, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. superconsole

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    Hi all!

    Stardew Valley Multiplayer update is out NOW for PC, Mac & Linux on Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle & WeGame.
    The update also supports cross-play between Steam and GOG Galaxy - bringing together all Windows, Mac and Linux players! :3

    Over the past few months during public beta, both our Programmer Tom Coxon and ConcernedApe have been working really hard to complete and polish the update. And thanks to the overwhelming support of players providing feedback and reports here on the community forums, we’ve been able to identify and fix a lot of reported bugs.

    Here's a blog post from Eric all about the new update, including new single player content:

    We hope you'll enjoy the features the new update brings! Next we'll be working on bringing the Multiplayer functionality to Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One - so we'll keep you posted on that!

    And pssst, if you DO find any more bugs, stick them here.
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    • YusufDurmus

      YusufDurmus Aquatic Astronaut

      Hey, do you have any updates on new languages? (Korean, Turkish, French and Italian)
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      • SSShakuras

        SSShakuras Big Damn Hero

        Any chance someone turn its eyes to the botched vita release and fix it now the PC beta's done ?
        • Queen Of Hearts

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          Love the PC update! Thanks a million!
          • DarkJustice

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            I exactly think about that I am Turkish (Of course I can understand english but you know own language is easyly to understand) and you say these language will come too but when ?

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