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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes 2

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    UPDATE: This thread has closed as beta is ending with the update. Please report any issues into this new thread.

    Hello everyone,

    We're going to be monitoring for bugs and issues which multiplayer beta branch. We'll try to keep issue status updated inside this thread to make it easier on everyone to get an overview of where things are at.

    Instructions on how to access the multiplayer beta are here. Make sure to back up your save files before opting in, and some mods may not be compatible yet! Instructions for GOG are here, and use the same password.

    If you're having trouble connecting check your settings. Both within the game and your privacy settings on your steam profile. Full instructions are in the blog post - it's important that you closely follow the necessary steps.

    Reporting Tips
    • If you're reporting a crash, please attach your crash log and/or save file. This will help identify the issue much, much faster.
    • Make sure you're on the current version! Things are getting fixed all the time, make sure you've updated before reporting
    • Please be as detailed as possible about what you were doing in game when you had the issue
    • Even if the issue has been reported, if you have new details please share!
    Below is a list of issues which we've identified since launching on the multiplayer beta. If you're having a problem in this list marked 'need more details' it would be helpful to provide more info - we're still working on reproducing/determining a cause for these issues. If your issue isn't listed here then please be as detailed as possible reporting it so we can review. Always check you have the newest game/system updates before reporting an issue to make sure it hasn't already been fixed!

    Current Beta Version: 1.3.27
    Make sure you have the latest version before reporting issues. Fixes are being pushed very frequently.

    Color Key:
    Fixed - This issue should be resolved in the recent bugfix patch
    In Develop - Fixed or have a solution in development for a future patch.
    Investigating - We have reproduced or confirmed this is an issue, but are still developing a solution
    Need More Details - We're aware of the issue, but don't yet have enough information to reproduce/fix

    1.3.16 (05 June 2018)

    • (Fixed) Client 'introductions' quest tracking the wrong number of villagers
    • (Fixed) Cabin fridges emptying when host reloads
    • (Fixed) Secret Santa assignments changing
    • (Fixed) Items missing from festival shops playing in Chinese
    • (Fixed) Fishing tackle traded breaking after one use
    • (Fixed) Tree seeds not harvestable in multiplayer
    • (Fixed) Spouse position issues
    • (Fixed) Players stuck in wall after Emily's 10 heart event
    • (Fixed) Wallpaper/Floors vanishing and resetting
    • (Fixed) Host and client don't sync if a ladder or shaft spawns
    • (Fixed) Slimes aggroing player during secret woods event
    • (Fixed) Horse becomes unmountable after entering a new location
    • (Fixed) Horses vanish when jumping between two quickly
    1.3.17 (07 June 2018)
    • (Fixed) Farmhands not able to interact with bundles inside community center
    • (Fixed) Farmhand tools disappearing after logging out while being upgraded
    • (Fixed) Museum donations disappearing
    • (Fixed) Farmhand profession sale bonuses not applying
    • (Fixed) Artifact donation message appears in English for all languages
    • (Fixed) Profit margin mistranslated in German
    • (Fixed) Character names appearing in English while playing non-English character languages
    • (Fixed) Unable to walk through animals while inside a building
    • (Fixed) Bug which could make farm animals disappear
    • (Fixed) Baby gender assignment issue for player/player newborns
    • (Feature) Invite code now copyable to clipboard
    1.3.18 (12 June 2018)
    • (Fixed) Active players can cancel new player creation for farmhands
    • (Fixed) Mouseover hover missing for buffs
    • (Fixed) Horse footsteps using wrong sounds
    • (Fixed) Crash whenever Marlon's name is used
    • (Fixed) NPCs end of route animation playing at double speed for clients
    • (Fixed) NPC positions not syncing at end of route animations (multiple NPCs)
    • (Fixed) Extra tools spawning overnight if another player has them
    • (Fixed) Gift giving not properly resetting after upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3
    • (Fixed) Mistranslated pt-br seed disc saying to plant in winter
    • (Fixed) Spa sign in English while playing in Chinese
    • (Fixed) Proposals cannot be canceled
    • (Fixed) Fishing rod event not triggering for farmhand
    • (Fixed) Machines producing 'empty' products
    1.3.19 (14 June 2018)
    • (Fixed) Client crashing when joining game due to null quest
    • (Fixed) Beach Bridge not updating for other players when one repairs it
    • (Fixed) Controls locking up inside fishing tent
    • (Fixed) Loss of 'Dating' friendship status when upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3
    • (Fixed) Wedding ring not appearing in crafting list in smapi
    • (Fixed) deepestMineLevel stat only updating when they go deeper then any other player
    • (Fixed) Seasonal tileset / smapi compatibility issue
    • (Fixed) Farmhands unable to enter pierre's on Wednesday after Community center completion
    • (Fixed) Rain totems not working in multiplayer
    • (Fixed) No blue chickens in mulitplayer
    • (Fixed) Gus walking through walls in Community Center
    • (Fixed) Some animations playing at double speed inside buildings
    • (Fixed) Pam disappearing (potential fix)
    1.3.20 (19 June 2018)
    • (Fixed) Fish splash points not properly syncing
    • (Fixed) Missing elevator dings for clients
    • (Fixed) Objects broken by weapons breaking twice when there is latency
    • (Fixed) Glitched chest object in inventory UI
    • (Fixed) Horse missing sounds/animation for clients
    • (Fixed) Crash when trying to display dialogue for NPCs without any dialogue left
    • (Fixed) Players hidden from view when local player uses a return scepter
    • (Fixed) All players teleported when return scepter used
    • (Fixed) Structures can be placed where players would get stuck exiting them
    • (Fixed) Allow players to walk out of resources (stumps/rocks) if they become stuck inside
    • (Fixed) Grandpa's candles not lighting
    • (Fixed) Freeze up when all players are not in bed at 2am
    • (Fixed) Farmhands not seeing giant mushroom trees until they relog
    • (Fixed) Translation fixes
    • (Fixed) Door/footstep sounds can be heard mapwide
    • (Fixed) Item duplication if farmhands login while their inventory is open
    • (Fixed) Stamina resetting to max when you leave/rejoin
    • (Fixed) Trash items respawning when player travels to a different location
    • (Fixed) Crash after blowing up a rock crab
    • (Fixed) Fishing treasure chest causing a new cast
    • (Fixed) Filled chests breaking when they're next to an empty chest
    1.3.21 (21 June 2018)
    • (Fixed) Animal sounds playing outside of map
    • (Fixed) Player icons overlapping on the map page
    • (Fixed) Fishing rod casting temp sprites during the fall mini game
    • (Fixed) Unsynced exhausted state and passing out
    • (Fixed) Remote characters not blinking
    • (Fixed) Grubs invincible to host while retreating
    • (Fixed) Floating lamp sprite in mines
    • (Fixed) Secret notes fished up spawning without a note number
    • (Fixed) Beer sprite overlapped by counter in Clint 3 heart event
    • (Fixed) Secret note #4 description fix
    1.3.22 (3 July 2018)
    • (Fixed) Crash after 596 hours of gameplay
    • (Fixed) Mistranslated Chinese co-op button on main menu
    • (Fixed) Divorced status not carried over from 1.2 saves
    • (Fixed) Post-6pm animal mood drain
    • (Fixed) Animal happiness overflowing
    • (Fixed) Spa not regenerating stamina when a menu is open in multiplayer
    • (Fixed) Second player-player parent pregnancy causing crashes
    • (Fixed) Farmhands able to retrieve last item shipped after it has been sold
    • (Fixed) Lighting detaching from sources when upgrading house
    • (Fixed) Players losing cursor slot items when they become disconnected while managing inventory
    • (Fixed) Farmhands unable to enter tower if they join after CC is completed
    • (Fixed) Armored bugs not invincible
    • (Fixed) Wrong fish appearing in fishing minigame tent
    • (Fixed) Slingshot minigame crash
    • (Fixed) Broken skull cavern level 100 event in Russian
    • (Fixed) Cave carrot quest crash
    • (Fixed) Buffs not clearing when farmhands log out
    • (Fixed) Farmhands can't open chest in Junimo huts
    • (Fixed) Goblin problem quest still in log for other players after goblin is removed
    • (Fixed) New songs on Jukebox show wrong names
    • (Fixed) Duplicate songs on Jukebox
    1.3.23 (5 July 2018)
    • (Fixed) Prismatic shard drop rates don't increase when players hit the bottom of the mine
    • (Fixed) Farmhands warped to the wrong version of Marnie's house after purchasing animals
    • (Fixed) Crash when player/player child is born and one of the parents is offline
    • (Fixed) Multiple spouses standing in same space on farm
    • (Fixed) Using a weapon after eating nullifies the food effects
    • (Fixed) Walk around (instead of through) Pam when getting on the bus
    • (Fixed) Toddlers not moving inside cabins
    • (Fixed) Stop fly buzzing sound when it dies
    1.3.24 (10 July 2018)
    • (Fixed) Players stuck on "Connecting to online services..." screen
    • (Fixed) Crystalarium item swap exploit
    • (Fixed) Furniture can be used to complete bundles
    • (Fixed) Milk requirements for certain cooking recipes (now can accept either Milk or Large Milk)
    • (Fixed) Summer weather forecast bug
    • (Fixed) Furniture duplication bug
    • (Fixed) Long tool use animation bug
    • (Fixed) Warp tile player & shadow animation bug
    • (Fixed) "Cloud Country" not being added to the jukebox if you create a game via the co-op menu
    • (Fixed) Cooking food in the kitchen using ingredients from the wrong fridge
    • (Fixed) Item debris duplication bug
    1.3.25 (16 July 2018)
    • Experimental network usage optimizations
    • (Fixed) Infinite ingredient use exploit when cooking in the kitchen
    • (Fixed) NPC marriage dialogue appearing for non-spouse players
    • (Fixed) Lack of experience gained for harvesting crops with the scythe
    • (Fixed) Inability to cancel moving a building
    • (Fixed) Game occasionally locking up on a black screen at 2am
    1.3.26 (24 July 2018)
    • (Fixed) Grandpa's event and witch event happening simultaniously can lock the game up
    • (Fixed) Give full house achievement in player-player marriage births
    • (Fixed) Black screen (until you click) after player-player childbirth
    • (Fixed) Children not appearing in farmhouse for player-player marriage
    • (Fixed) Buildings evaluating current position as ineligible move space
    • (Fixed) Prismatic shard rate too high after reaching bottom of mines
    • (Fixed) Stardrop not rewarding for player-player marriages
    • (Fixed) Instantly brewing wine
    • (Fixed) Horse duplication bug
    • (Fixed) Krobus winter event quest typo
    • (Fixed) Crash when entering railroad area
    • (Fixed) Disconnect issues reported in 1.3.25
    • (Fixed) Fishing rod crash bug
    • (Fixed) Farmhands unable to get rid of children at dark shrine
    • (Fixed) Allow players to fix their saves by removing duplicate museum items
    • (Fixed) Players are able to simultaneously donate/rearrange the museum
    • (Fixed) Spouse NPCs not kissing back in multiplayer
    • (Fixed) Farmhands talking to NPCs playing unique animations causing them to stop animating
    • (Fixed) Lack of spouse patio animations
    • (Fixed) Host seeing spouse dialogue for farmhand spouses
    • (Fixed) Able to mount horse while farmer is playing an animation (e.g. picking up an item)
    • (Fixed) Animals eating twice as much if they're outside while the player sleeps.
    • Added ValueAdded/ValueRemoved events to NetList
    1.3.27 (26 July 2018)
    • (Fixed) Changes to the NetList events we added for modding
    • (Fixed) Gift limits not resetting sometimes in single-player

    1.3.4 (01 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Eating prompt when placing an item on a sign
    • (Fixed) Teleport Obelisks not properly working
    • (Fixed) Formatting for some Harvey dialogue
    • (Fixed) Player stuck in wall after pet adopt event
    • (Fixed) No water in underground lakes
    • (Fixed) Building construction not completing if exit during construction
    • (Fixed) Crash speaking to Emily in exercise class
    • (Fixed) Crash when speaking to Demetrius while he's dancing with Robin
    • (Fixed) Crash at Grandpa's shrine
    • (Fixed) Crash in certain situations if player name is within brackets
    • (Fixed) Crash just after getting out of bed
    • (Fixed) Crash when speaking to Traveling Merchant
    • (Fixed) Crash on Journey of the Prairie King
    1.3.5 (02 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Moving cabins/buildings causing issues
    • (Fixed) Issue loading festivals with SMAPI installed
    • (Fixed) Map being cut off screen
    • (Fixed) Crash fighting flying monsters
    • (Fixed) Bug buzzing outside mines
    • (Fixed) Crash when swapping from tool to food and quickly eating
    • (Fixed) Crash after going afk at earning screen
    1.3.6 (03 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Crash after moving furniture
    • (Fixed) Wallpaper disappeared, not applyable
    • (Fixed) Incorrect "You have found" message display
    • (Fixed) Cabins movable again (other buildings movable in MP will come later)
    • (Fixed) Weather reports not accurate for connected players
    • (Fixed) Speech bubble cursor over pets/horses/children/junimos
    • (Fixed) Farmhands can't use hoe inside mines
    • (Fixed) Crash passing between maps while another player is on a loading screen
    1.3.7 (03 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Floor appearance set to default, unable to be replaced
    • (Fixed) Connection issues forcing host to be inside player cabin
    1.3.8 (04 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Glitching Crab pot graphic
    • (Fixed) Lack of proper fish in underground lakes
    • (Fixed) Sprite glitch when placing wallpaper on tables or floors
    • (Fixed) Extreme lag when machines are working (using the scaling animation)
    • (Fixed) Lighting related latency after 6PM
    • (Fixed) Butterfly bow position on horse
    • (Fixed) Inability to get Craft Master achievement in single player
    1.3.9 (04 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Vcredist package update to address the "LAN Only" connection issue
    • (Fixed) Furniture/wallpaper/flooring disappeared suddenly from sheds
    • (Fixed) Crash when interacting with farm animals left outside
    1.3.10 (09 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Only LAN option available at join screen (reported workaround here)
    • (Fixed) Torch & debris related lag issues
    • (Fixed) Crash after upgrading the community center
    • (Fixed) Object at 0.0 causing machines to be destroyed when harvesting (thanks @MysticTempest!)
    • (Fixed) Forage items spawning in inaccessible places
    • (Fixed) Travelling Cart out of stock message
    • (Fixed) Inability to get coffee at Night Market
    • (Fixed) Crashes related to Invisible Doors
    • (Fixed) Unable to reassign farm animals to other buildings
    • (Fixed) startup_preferences permission crash
    • (Fixed) Objects pulse briefly when player enters map
    • (Fixed) Town map graphic inconsistencies with festivals
    • (Fixed) Treasure chests not appearing every 10 levels in mines
    • (Fixed) Spouse disappearing
    • (Fixed) Blocked path for secret note 20
    • (Fixed) Obsolescence of secret note 20 after house upgrade
    • (Fixed) Slimes not applying "slimed" debuff
    • (Fixed) Freeze if all players are not in bed by 2am
    1.3.11 (16 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Beds regenerating energy in single player
    • (Fixed) Bomb framerate/delay issues (testing some
    • (Fixed) Farmhand crash when junimo is out at the farm
    • (Fixed) Inability to use emojis while chatting when menu was up
    • (Fixed) Fishing tackle breaking after one use
    • (Fixed) Winter8 festival overwriting first item when playing in Chinese
    • (Fixed) Forgetting level ups when disconnected
    • (Fixed) Lost stardrop stamina after disconnect
    • (Fixed) Crafting recipes vanishing when disconnected
    • (Fixed) Non slime monsters being tracked in "Initiation" quest
    • (Fixed) Quests breaking or not tracking properly when disconnected
    • (Fixed) Weather report always sunny after reload
    1.3.12 (22 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) All players seeing milking messages
    • (Fixed) Object desync on farm between players
    • (Fixed) Lighting issue in spa
    • (Fixed) Clocks becoming de-synced from server latency (now will disconnect player)
    • (Fixed) Network usage high when NPCs moving
    • (Fixed) Delay when using bombs
    • (Fixed) Hidden mines ladder to skull cavern
    • (Fixed) Erroneous thunderstorm weather forecast in summer
    1.3.13 (24 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Added separate chests in the mines for each player
    • (Fixed) Fishing tent control lock up
    • (Fixed) Duplicate cursors in minigames
    • (Fixed) Crashes buying furniture
    • (Fixed) Freeze ups when fishing during events
    • (Fixed) Crash caused by ordering a building construction the day before a festival
    • (Fixed) Crash breaking certain objects in the skull cavern
    • (Fixed) Horse-related bugs with movement between screens/clipping
    1.3.14 (25 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Re-enabled moving & demolishing buildings in multiplayer (although only host can do it)
    • (Fixed) Staircases appearing at the bottom of the mines
    • (Fixed) Mermaid show not playing if volume is muted
    • (Fixed) Added a quest to hint at the magnifying lens
    • (Fixed) Crash when selling lots of items to Pierre / through the shipping bin
    1.3.15 (30 May 2018)
    • (Fixed) Bundle menu is usable for clients outside of the community center
    • (Fixed) Break-up event has been made less harsh
    • (Fixed) Crash upon returning to a level of the mines with a chest, after having just been in it
    • (Fixed) Machines breaking themselves sometimes when you're near torches
    • (Fixed) Crash caused by attempting to load a quest that hasn't been localized yet
    • (Fixed) Monster cries being heard outside of the mines

    The plan right now is to release a updates to address as many of these issues as we can in frequent patches, but we'll need player reports to be as detailed as possible in order to properly identify/fix these bugs. Our priority obviously will be bugs which impact gameplay like crashes.

    There are still some issues which have been reported, but are not listed above. This is usually because we haven't seen enough reports/gotten enough details to identify it for escalation. If you've having an issue not listed here please report it with as much detail as possible so we can evaluate it.

    If you have a crash bug, please attach your log and save file, thanks!

    • Windows: %appdata%\StardewValley\ErrorLogs
    • Linux and Mac: ~/.local/share/StardewValley/ErrorLogs
    Save files:
    • Windows: %appdata%\StardewValley\Saves
    • Linux and Mac: ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves

    Many of these issues have threads dedicated to them - posting details either here or in the corresponding thread would be helpful - we'll do our best to make sure any new info/workarounds are communicated in both places to make sure players can find that info easily.

    If you're reporting a bug which was originally reported outside the forums please make sure to add a link to the original post - we may need to contact that player directly for more details.

    We're going to continue monitoring these and any newly reported problems, so please provide as much information as possible for any issues you may run into! Thanks everyone!!

    5 June 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.16 is live on Steam and GOG.

    7 June 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.17 is live on Steam and GOG.

    12 June 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.18 is live on Steam and GOG.

    14 June 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.19 is live on Steam and GOG.

    19 June 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.20 is live on Steam and GOG.

    21 June 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.21 is live on Steam and GOG.

    3 July 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.22 is live on Steam and GOG.

    5 July 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.23 is live on Steam and GOG.

    10 July 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.24 is live on Steam and GOG.

    16 July 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.25 is live on Steam and GOG.

    24 July 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.26 is live on Steam and GOG.

    26 July 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.27 is live on Steam and GOG.

    01 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.4 is live now on the beta branch with a number of bugfixes, included issues are marked (Fixed).

    02 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.5 is live now.
    Moving/Demolishing Buildings - There have been a few reports tied to moving cabins/buildings in mutliplayer while other players are on the farm. To limit issues and allow us time to isolate issues related to this we're temporarily disabling moving of cabins, and temporarily disabling demolishing and moving of any kind of building in multiplayer mode. If you can't remove buildings or move cabins in multiplayer this is not a bug!

    Only seeing Connect via LAN option - The suggested workaround to download visual c++ redistributable 2013, x86 version has resolved this issue for a number of players. Alternatively try leaving the game at the title screen for a minute or two before opening co-op. Game fixes are in development which we hope will resolve this.
    03 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.6 is live.
    It includes a number of fixes, and some new connection checks to help make sure the game is connecting to Steam before launching into multiplayer from the start screen. There are more updates we're working out for players having issues with join options - until then the above linked workaround has successfully resolved the issue for many players.​

    03 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.7 is live.
    It fixes an issue which was introduced this morning and extends the fix for wallpaper being removed automatically to floors as well.​

    04 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.8 is live.
    This update should address the frame rate issues related to machines, specifically lighting and scaling animations causing lag.

    GOG Galaxy users can now opt into the beta branch using the same password - details on how to opt into betas on GOG are here.​

    04 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.9 is live on Steam and GOG.
    It includes a fix for the issue which was introduced that removed furniture/wallpaper/flooring from Sheds. If your save has already lost furniture in sheds this will not restore it - but this will prevent the bug which removed the furniture from happening going forward.

    This build also includes a vcredist update to help address the "LAN Only" issue many players have been seeing. This is still being worked on, and we're aware this package dist doesn't apply to Linux players - a full fix is still in development!​

    09 May 2018 UPDATE:1.3.10 is live on Steam and GOG.
    Lots of fixes included in this update - LAN Only option to connect, travelling cart out of stock message, and torch related framerate issues and more.​

    16 May 2018 UPDATE:1.3.11 is live

    22 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.12 is live on Steam and GOG.
    The major changes in this patch are related to network optimization. A number of things which were causing network traffic have been greatly optimized - but some could cause new issues, so keep an eye out for any new behaviour. Also the game should now disconnect players who have latency which would cause their clocks to desync. Hopefully the optimization changes will reduce instances of this, but if you find yourself disconnected after this update and don't have a crash log - attaching your save file to either the report or a private message would be helpful to evaluate if there's something in the game triggering the latency.​

    24 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.13 is live on Steam and GOG.
    The new crashes related to buying furniture were from a bug introduced last patch when we fixed something else. That's now been fixed, sorry about that! Also reward levels in mines now have a chest for each player in multiplayer - a frequently requested change!​

    25 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.14 is live on Steam and GOG.

    30 May 2018 UPDATE: 1.3.15 is live on Steam and GOG.
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    • _Keru_

      _Keru_ The Court

      Updated list of bugs after the 1.3.17 hotfix. Be sure your game is up to date (shows 1.3.17 in the lower left corner in main screen after clicking the questionmark in the lower right corner).

      Please be aware that I can't list up every single bug, especialy those only reported once and might not be reproducible.

      Major bugs:

      • Character can't move or interact at the fishing game at the Stardew Valley Fair.
      • The game crashes whenever you try to speak to Marlon or got a cutscene with him in it.
      Minor bugs:
      • Pets and children running through walls and beyond.
      • Only the host gets the correct information of which artefacts have already been donated to Gunther.
      • When players are fishing, random fishing lines will stretch across the screen.
      • Sometimes it will say we've given someone a gift already when trying to hand them the item for the first time. The item is used and we get the regular dialogue afterwards but it shows the 'already given' message upon interaction.
      • Possibility to duplicate items by 2 players simultaneously run to a droped item.
      • Spouses not acting like they should (staying indoors all day, not leaving for their normal schedule).
      • NPCs will sometimes just stop what they're doing; Jaz will just stand under the tree instead of jumping rope, Penny just stopped in the middle of the bridge.
      • The pets water bowl is not sync with the clients.
      • Mayors shorts can be picked up multiple times.
      • Robins axe can be picked up multiple times.
      • Kegs/preserve jars/mayonnaise machines instantly finish after swapping finished items with new one.
      • Garbage bins can be looted several times by going inside in between.
      • Clipping issues while riding the horse might get you stuck.
      • If You play "Journey of The Prarie King" until you pass out at night you will wake up with both that music and the normal one.
      • Farm animals sounds are heard by everone everywhere when interacting with them.
      • It is possible to buy an infinite amount of Iridium Sprinklers on Friday from Krobus.
      • If the return scepter is used all players will be teleported back home.
      • Unable to get Shanes blue chickens.
      • Rain does not fill the pets dish.
      • Farmhands are able to kill the armored flying bugs in the mines.
      • The grubs in the mine getting invincible for the host after some hits.
      • If host player goes to bed when a client is creating a new character, the client player will be unnamed.
      • After completing the fishtank in the community center the big rock disappears, you'll get the event with Willy and the copper pan the next day as well, but there will never be any glitter in the river/pond to use the pan.
      • Everyone sees the hay collecting tooltip in the lower left corner if someone collects hay.
      • Hearing the raining sound in desert buildings.
      • Crashing when resizing the window.
      • Junimo hut not accessable by farmhands.
      • Crab pots seems to be empty and are unaccessable for the host ("Inventory full" message) after a farmhand put bait in it.
      • Gifting does not reset properly on sundays/mondays in converted 1.2 save files.
      • Breaking boxes and barrels in the mine will sometimes result in double/tripple loot.
      • Luau music not playing at the Luau festival.
      • Farmhands sometimes get the same level up popups several nights in a row.
      • Changing your gender in character creation will also change your skin color.
      • Visual glitches when resizing the window in main menu.
      • The new alternate break up possibility is broken and will result in the usual one.
      • Rotating large furniture can result in having two different textures on it (see attached picture).
      • Playing Prairie King or fishing till 2am in multiplayer won't knock you out.
      • Whenever the host enters the mines, the mine music is triggered for the clients as well.
      • Shrine of Selfishness is not working.
      • Farmhands won't get the Stardew Hero Trophy if they were offline when the event was triggered.
      • Spouses will always react like you are be married to them, even if it's your farmhands.
      • No upgrade animations/construtcion side for farmhands cabins.
      • Farmhands can't use the hosts fridge for cooking.
      • Player sprites appear in the upper left corner when the leave the screen.
      • Farmhands spouse standing next to the host at the Moonlight Jelly Festival.
      • NPC animations don't work properly.
      • Town people will start their daily routine in the middle of the night after the Egg Festival.
      • Farm animals won't reproduce, although it is enabled.
      • The character might continue walking (against the shop) when opening the shops inventory while walking.
      • The Master Angler achievement does not consider the 3 new fish from the Night Market.
      • Initial cutscene with Willy doesn't register as having met him if you skip the cutscene
      • Collected/crafted/donated items are not tracked correctly.
      • Host can get infinate coffee at the Night Marked.
      • Gates will pop out if you try to close them while standing in them.
      Might be intended:
      • Every player can catch a copy of each legendary fish.
      • Arcade games in the saloons are impossible to beat because time doesn't pause.
      • Different luck chances for host and clients.

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      • Katzeus

        Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

        Great job keeping this going - we're aware of most everything listed here, but some have not yet been confirmed as bugs (having ruled our another factor like mods or user error). I'll go though and move what we've confirmed here already up to the OP
        • TiamatXIII

          TiamatXIII Void-Bound Voyager

          I'm curious if anyone happens to have any details on what exactly is meant by making the break-up event 'less harsh'? From looking at the files, it seems like the quotes around lifestyle choice in the girls' breakup event have been removed, which is appreciated. Any other changes that people are aware of?
          • DvDmanDT

            DvDmanDT Tentacle Wrangler

            In the mines, I sometimes get the leaves animation (particle effect?) when breaking rocks or similar. There's no grass/plants/fibre things anywhere near me when this happens, so the effect/animation is out of place. It's not a huge deal since the effect/animation is less than a second long.

            EDIT: Also, might be intended, but jumping down a hole in the scull cavern seems to always place me at the ladder, not some random position on the new floor like before. Also, when going down a hole, the screen while often go black for a long time, and trying to click the little X on the "dropped X floors" message will usually not work but instead select whatever item is close to it. Additionally, if going down more than 8 floors ("ouch!") I will sometimes see an animation where it looks like my character is sitting down passed out, sitting next to the hole on the upper floor for a few seconds, then I will get to the new level just fine (small loss of HP, but I always make sure to keep that meter high so I never really pass out). I suspect that I'm supposed to see this animation sitting on the new floor for a few seconds, but I don't recall seeing it in 1.2 where I did a lot more cave exploring.
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            • Terradel

              Terradel Subatomic Cosmonaut

              Hey there Katzeus. A couple issues regarding clipping issues and such (I don't use mods, nor does my coop partner).

              -->When the player is facing forward and charging the watering can, the animation doesn't display. Instead, it defaults to the regular standing position.
              -->Standing over something like a torch usually results in a clipping issue where the torch overlaps the player.
              • omygashi

                omygashi Tentacle Wrangler

                A crash when farmhand uses bombs in skull cavern and hits a rock crab(?) still exists in version 1.3.15.

                It wasn't happening for a bit, but discovered it again in 1.3.15. It might only be happening when the farmhand places a bomb and then moves away from vision of the bomb.

                _Keru_, can we add as a major bug since it results in crashes? I have no mods or anything. Love the list you've compiled :)

                  Attached Files:

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                • margotbean

                  margotbean Existential Complex

                  The hover display over active buffs is still missing.
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                  • Omun

                    Omun Space Hobo

                    This was during a LAN session:

                    - Mission to give 3 sardines to Willy is glitched in my Journal. It is in the "caught the sardines, talk to Willy" part, though I didn't catch 3 sardines. Now the quest "completes" every time I talk to Willy. I can collect the 120 gold every time, but the quest never clears. I might have been dropped somewhere after receiving the quest? But I know I never caught the required fish.

                    - During day change: I was on the screen for end of day profits, while the host was on the next screen - the day transition screen (black screen stating the day with the message "waiting for other players.") I got dropped, and it meant host was stuck on that screen. Had to quit the application manually and restart the game.

                    - After getting dropped, it would often take two or three attempts to get back on. Sometimes dropping the second I connected, or just not connecting until I back out and tried again.

                    Maybe glitch? Otherwise, feedback:
                    Having gotten the Wizard's letter on the same day, we went to see him at the same time. We entered quite early in the day, but time didn't pause, so we emerged from the cutscene at 12:30AM and had to sprint back home to avoid collapse. Not sure what would have happened if we'd gone to see the wizard at 08:00PM.
                    • Blorp

                      Blorp Big Damn Hero

                      Good! Some of these things have been there since the start, and are trivial to reproduce, so loads more reports of them just waste everyone's time.
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                      • beakanson

                        beakanson Yeah, You!

                        sometimes the other player (not host) can't sleep, even after 2AM - for the host keeps appearing "waiting for players 1/2" in the bed, solving only if the glitched player leaves the game

                        can't see the time in casino, then its possible to keep playing forever but when i exit the casino game, i sleep because its more than 2AM
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                        • _Keru_

                          _Keru_ The Court

                          @beakanson Please avoid double posting and edit your post instead.
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                          • Iris Blanche

                            Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

                            Exactly that. But please report such stuff in the future. :nuruhappy:

                            I merged your posts. As mentioned in above post please use the edit function instead of doubleposting. :nuruhappy:
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                            • Fabiwantstoplay

                              Fabiwantstoplay Space Hobo

                              Hello I have the following Problem. I was Playing with a Friend and suddenly a Ghost appeared in the Night at my Game Screen. After that my Game Crashed and i can't join the Multiplayer Server anymore. I have this Problem since 2 weeks ago. I want to play with him but i tried many things out on my own but nothing changed. I tried it with the Steam Troubleshooting but no positive progress. I have no Idea what to do now. Can someone help me? PLS
                              • Blorp

                                Blorp Big Damn Hero

                                See here.
                                • _Keru_

                                  _Keru_ The Court

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                                • maddysarah

                                  maddysarah Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Hi, I'm getting a crash.
                                  Every time I go to bed on year 2 28th fall I crash and when loading its back to the 28th. I'm not able to carry on. I've tried passing out, different beds and emptying my inventory. Nothing has worked. TIA

                                  Log attached:

                                  Message: Failed to compare two elements in the array.
                                  InnerException: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
                                  at StardewValley.Events.PlayerCoupleBirthingEvent.<>c.<chooseHome>b__23_0(Farmer p1, Farmer p2) in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Events\PlayerCoupleBirthingEvent.cs:line 50
                                  at System.Array.FunctorComparer`1.Compare(T x, T y)
                                  at System.Collections.Generic.ArraySortHelper`1.SwapIfGreater(T[] keys, IComparer`1 comparer, Int32 a, Int32 b)
                                  at System.Collections.Generic.ArraySortHelper`1.DepthLimitedQuickSort(T[] keys, Int32 left, Int32 right, IComparer`1 comparer, Int32 depthLimit)
                                  at System.Collections.Generic.ArraySortHelper`1.Sort(T[] keys, Int32 index, Int32 length, IComparer`1 comparer)
                                  Stack Trace: at StardewValley.Game1.Update(GameTime gameTime) in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Game1.cs:line 1832
                                  at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Tick()
                                  at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.HostIdle(Object sender, EventArgs e)
                                  at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameHost.OnIdle()
                                  at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.RunOneFrame()
                                  at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.ApplicationIdle(Object sender, EventArgs e)
                                  at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponent.FDoIdle(Int32 grfidlef)
                                  at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ComponentManager.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponentManager.FPushMessageLoop(IntPtr dwComponentID, Int32 reason, Int32 pvLoopData)
                                  at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoopInner(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
                                  at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoop(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
                                  at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form mainForm)
                                  at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.Run()
                                  at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.RunGame(Boolean useBlockingRun)
                                  at StardewValley.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Program.cs:line 122
                                  • Koihime Nakamura

                                    Koihime Nakamura Ketchup Robot

                                    This probably has a fairly simple cause:

                                    public PlayerCoupleBirthingEvent()
                                    this.spouseID = Game1.player.team.GetSpouse(Game1.player.UniqueMultiplayerID).Value;

                                    ReSharper notes that will possibly return a System.InvalidOperationException, and it can possibly be null. Since nothing else in the class null-checks, I'd look at that.

                                    ETA: Workaround: Make sure your partner is online at the same time you go to bed.
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                                    • Andunelen

                                      Andunelen Space Penguin Leader

                                      The Jukebox at the Saloon isn't working, only plays 2 tunes if you click the arrows a hundred times.

                                      Grandpa's Shrine candles are out, used to have four lit up.
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                                      • Jidewe

                                        Jidewe Void-Bound Voyager

                                        In the first thread, I posted the following:

                                        "We're two players in our 3rd year.

                                        When Grandpa visited, I (the host) got 4 candles and got the gift from the shrine. However my partner had only 3.

                                        I believe she should be able to ask for a new evaluation by putting a diamond on the shrine, correct? If that's how it works, then there is a bug: She can't put a diamond on the shrine, it just says "Grandpa's Shrine" and that's all."

                                        @_Keru_ responded :

                                        "@Jidewe That is right,you can ask for a new evaluation by putting a diamond on the shrine. But I don't think that it would change the outcome, since the evaluating should be individual. So based on his friendships, achievements and levels she might not get the same amount of candles. Have you tried yourself to put a diamond in the shrine? It might be a 'host only' action."

                                        To Keru: I tried to put a diamond myself, but it's the same. Nothing happen, I can't put a diamond. I just get the "grandpa's shrine" popup and that's all. If it's a "host only" thing, I guess it doesn't work when the host already have 4 candles and can't ask for a re-evaluation for his friends.
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