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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. Blorp

    Blorp Big Damn Hero

    If you now wait until the next week, it should reset like normal. And once you've used a save with beta, you won't be able to use it with 1.2 again.
    • plisuu

      plisuu Space Hobo

      I'm having an issue where the gifts reset too often - they've reset on Sunday, sometimes Monday, and then they've reset again on Friday and once on a Wednesday? I'm in the most recent version of beta and I can gift again every time it resets, so it seems like the opposite problem that everyone is having where they can't gift at all. It also only affects some of the villagers at (seemingly) random. I never had a 1.2 save.

      Edit: Even though I can continue gifting, I realize that I'm not sure if it's affecting friendship?
      Edit (again): jk, it is affecting friendship. It feels kinda... Exploit-y though :/
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      • Jidewe

        Jidewe Void-Bound Voyager

        We're two players in our 3rd year.

        When Grandpa visited, I (the host) got 4 candles and got the gift from the shrine. However my partner had only 3.

        I believe she should be able to ask for a new evaluation by putting a diamond on the shrine, correct? If that's how it works, then there is a bug: She can't put a diamond on the shrine, it just says "Grandpa's Shrine" and that's all.
        • Mondai

          Mondai Title Not Found

          As Blorp answered (faster than me), opting out of the beta will just make your save file unplayable until you opt back in.

          If you don't feel comfortable editing the save file, or don't know how, feel free to attach it to a reply in this thread and Blorp or I or someone else on the forums can fix it for you.
          • azhazh96

            azhazh96 Space Hobo

            I'm not sure if my previous comment went through because i can't find it anywhere, but I am still having the LAN only issue. This solution^^ is only for PC users. Is there another workaround for Mac players? please help!!
            • gameace777

              gameace777 Poptop Tamer

              Had the game crash after asking Robin to build the Deluxe barn. Upon rejoining the game, she was in the barn the next day building like normal. We quit before the day ended, but when we restarted, she was gone. Barn still upgraded the next day.

              Also experiencing the refrigerator bug. I lost a LOT of produce to that.
              • Monsieur314

                Monsieur314 Space Hobo

                Two bugs that keep cropping up in a game with my friend and I:

                -Noises made near one player can sometimes be heard by another from far away (i.e. my friend was in the mines and could hear the chickens squawking when I went to pet them)

                -Starting an upgrade on a tool and then losing connection to the game (With the resulting "The server has closed the connection" message) will cause you to be given your default tool the next morning and Clint will no longer have the usual message letting you know your tool isn't ready yet, nor will it ever be ready. The bars and money used to pay for the upgrade are also still consumed.

                I'm sure this is just because of spotty internet connection, but I also frequently lose connection with the previously mentioned closed connection message in my friend's game. In case it isn't, I'm putting it in too.
                • FlyingMongoose

                  FlyingMongoose Void-Bound Voyager

                  Can confirm weather report inconsistencies, it told me and a friend sunny day tomorrow and it rained, of course if it's like real world weather reports that's perfectly fine!

                  Also to confirm the fishing position here's what I encountered and how to recreate.
                  Step 1: Friend Fishing in Town (in River)
                  Step 2: I'm in farm, then move to town while their line is still in the river.
                  Step 3: As I enter I see my friend's avatar at the entrance to the town I entered at (may have to be same entrance I entered at, can't confirm that), and they are NOT where they are fishing until the line is pulled, which "warps" the visual to where they are fishing.

                  This may not be the same thing that other people are experiencing but this is the ONLY representation of that glitch I have found.
                  • Jowy Avilon

                    Jowy Avilon Aquatic Astronaut

                    I don't have specific days, but it seems like the weather report is still bugged and doesn't always accurately call days its supposed to rain, say it's going to be a sunny day, only to wake up to find it raining.
                    • MouseyPounds

                      MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                      Attached is a 1.3.15 singleplayer save from the day that the farmer erroneously received the Fish Taco recipe from Linus at 3 hearts instead of Sashimi.

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                      • HavElizabeth

                        HavElizabeth Void-Bound Voyager

                        I'm having this problem too. I thought the first time was a mistake on my part but I've tried it twice now and it hasn't worked.
                        • Tyndel

                          Tyndel Void-Bound Voyager

                          I have the same problem as plisuu. Gifts reset irregularily. Gifts reset on wednesday, then the monday after that, etc. I started this save file on version 3.14. Even after save editing, the bug returns the next week.
                          • slothmang

                            slothmang Space Hobo

                            So, the game seems to crash anytime me and my cohort try to complete an event. Just got kicked from the fair in fall :(


                            GOT SO MUCH WORSE. I crashed during the slingshot mini game, and the game replaced my Steel Axe in slot 1 with a slingshot, then the crash happened, and the game never adjusted it back to the Steel Axe, leaving me with a slingshot with 970 ammo

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                            • gtasthehunter

                              gtasthehunter Intergalactic Tourist

                              You can always give a birthday gift to a villager, even if you've already given that character two other gifts that week. Glitch: If you do, one of the checkbox checks against their name will disappear. Even so, you cannot then give yet another gift that week. (Souce) I don't really think that is a glitch probably the only way to allow you to still give the birthday gift! And even on the same day, you can't give a gift twice, you can give a quest item and gift!
                              • pety

                                pety Aquatic Astronaut

                                The dialogues are kinda messed up... Evelyn is talking about making spring flower-shaped cookies in winter, Alex speaks about loving being outside while actually staying inside... There are more instances where it doesn't make much sense what they say.
                                • kawaiimusician

                                  kawaiimusician Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Not sure if it has happened to anybody else but my friend would be chopping wood and I would be off in the town or somewhere that isnt on the farm and random wood and sap and seeds would show up wherever I am. Example: I was in the saloon, he chopped down a tree, I heard the tree falling noise and wood and sap appeared in the saloon.
                                  • _Keru_

                                    _Keru_ The Court

                                    @Jidewe That is right,you can ask for a new evaluation by putting a diamond on the shrine. But I don't think that it would change the outcome, since the evaluating should be individual. So based on his friendships, achievements and levels she might not get the same amount of candles. Have you tried yourself to put a diamond in the shrine? It might be a 'host only' action.
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                                    • Katzeus

                                      Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                                      Thanks so much to everyone who has been continuing to report issues

                                      We're still reviewing all these reports, but this thread just reached 300 pages and most of them are reports for fixed issues which are just taking up space. It's been a month since we opened up beta -- so new month, new thread!

                                      I'll keep the historical fixes listed in a spoiler in the new thread as most aren't applicable to players right now. Please continue to report issues in this new thread, and if you're seeing a problem which is still outstanding you can post there if you'd like - but we won't be ignoring reports here!

                                      I will be locking this thread though - it's going to be confusing to have two active discussions. Again, we're not ignoring any posts made here - but please see the new thread for any new reporting!

                                      TLDR: Thread is continued here.
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