So who would you recommend to date/marry?

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  1. ViolentOtter

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    Hello everyone! I'm new here and know virtually nothing about Stardew Valley but I still love it. So I married Harvey. So far, I like him. He's nice and slightly shy. But I'm planning on starting a new save, and I'm wondering who I should pursue in my new save. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    • TheBerginator

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      if you want somebody to marry early into the game Shane, Maru and Hayley are easiest. Maru and Sebastian are best though
      • Pangaea

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      • BentFX

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        I suggest Emily, she's easy(but in a good way.) She Loves any kind of gem(except diamonds.) She gifts Wool, Cloth and Sea Urchins which are needed for CC bundles. After marriage, setup a crystalarium loaded with amethyst and just give her everything it produces. She'll be to 13 hearts in no time.
        • ViolentOtter

          ViolentOtter Aquatic Astronaut

          Thanks, everyone! These are some super helpful suggestions and I really appreciate it.
          • ladymurasaki

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            First file, married Elliott. In spite of the vain self-absorbed comments about his hair, he makes up poetic sayings about his wife and pretty mellow. 2nd file, Sebastian...he's meh. Wants frozen pizza from our freezer (do you see a freakin freezer in this game??) and goes off on walks to be alone. Can't really change the depressed loner much. But it's fine, married just for grandpa's achievement. >_<
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              The threads suggested by @Pangaea are good to check out, but at the end of the day, marry whichever character makes the best impression on you. There aren't any game-changing material benefits to choosing one over another, and while some may have difficult loves when it comes to building the relationship, easy likes will get you there all the same.
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              • blOgre

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                marry and divorce EVERYONE!
                • Cramped Sultana

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                  I'd marry poor Cliff if the game would let me. Forget about Emily, my little chubby bunny. You just come home with me and we can explore the lower levels together...(of the mine! I swear, I mean of the mine!) It would be really funny if you could marry any of the adults, even the ones who are already married to someone else. Like you could seduce Caroline away from Pierre, and in retaliation Pierre starts charging you 50,000G for a single bag of turnip seeds. Or get George to dump his wife for you, and Granny starts sending you poison cookies in the mail. I'd also like to marry the Wizard, just because.
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                  • Stryder87

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                    All aboard Team Jodi!! :giggle:
                    • Pangaearocks

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                      If this was possible I'd probably marry Robin. She seems like such a lovely person, and is very cute too. Can help out around the farm as well :D

                      I dislike pretty much all the guys. Most seem like jerks (which is what many women feel about guys IRL I guess - many of us are sadly not very nice :( ). The only girl I really can't stand is Haley. Abigail drew me in at first, but as the game progressed I wore off her a bit. Have started a new save, and think I'll try to get to know Maru better, to see how that relationship may develop. I like her profile image too, which helps, as she looks cute. Her father seems a bit weird though.

                      Otherwise I quite like Emily, but suspect her "alternative views" might become annoying after a while, when I get to know her better.

                      Boring advice, but date (and marry) who you like best, who you'd get along with most.
                      • Reneeisxena

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                        Emily is good but she gets very weird after marriage. My farmer Paul married her and after only a couple of seasons she would do nothing all day but stare at the kitchen wall. I divorced her and now he's married to Maru. She seems to be a good fit. She has a job so she actually leaves the house. She is grateful for nearly every gift you give her and so far she hasn't gotten jealous when I give gifts to other NPCs. They even have a child now, a boy named Edward the Pirate (my husband is an Assassin's Creed fan). When she's not working she's either out in the yard tinkering or in her room looking at the stars.
                        • BentFX

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                          It's difference in how we play. I don't, and don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing, I don't roleplay SDV. I kind of view the "candidates" as simply a collection of stereotypes. If I was roleplaying it would probably be Maru every game. Does Emily smudging the baby with sage, to ward off spirits, seem strange? Yeah, but it is true to her character. I really don't care where she spends her day, and she does still spend time working at the saloon or playing with the parrot. As for jealousy, it's never been an issue for me because I'm almost never gifting except on birthdays and from my experience, I could be wrong, birthday gifts seem to always be acceptable. I like Emily, she's quirky and I've always got gems if she wants one. I do see your points, but it just doesn't affect the way I play the game.
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                          • Cramped Sultana

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                            If you've ever seen your child happily run right through the bedroom wall and vanish into the void, you'll realize Emily may be on to something. Or those nights when your toddler doesn't go to bed, but you do, and as you lay down your child is just standing next to the bed staring at you. "Yep, this is the night he murders us in our sleep..."
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                              Looks like they're onto something....


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