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RELEASED RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    Mod Item Database:


    RenTek Armoury Terminal:
    The DMEST or Digital Materialization Equipment Synthesizer Terminal, also called the "Armoury Terminal" for short is the main Station of the mod, from here all other related Station's (when available) will be available, similar to that of the Inventors Crafting Table, the Terminal Utilizes a Process of Digital Materialization where it Converts Data and Energy into solid matter, Data packets to be accurate, similar to a 3D printer but with out the need of other materials during its manufacturing process, how ever these data packets when paired with a matter manipulator take the form of the intended object it was created to be.


    Ashwalker LMG: (NEW)
    Manufacture: Vulcan Munitions
    Alternate Skin: [None]
    Weapon Type: Machine Gun
    Output: Low Damage, High Fire Rate, low-Medium Accuracy.
    Effects: Deals Both Kinetic and 'Void' Damage, Bullets Create Trail Effects.

    The Ashwalker is a Versatile Light Machine Gun Created by Vulcan Munitions and Designed to be Perfect for any would be Adventurer, it features a built in jell based shock absorber with in its main body for recoil dampening how ever its accuracy over long range once the Trigger is pulled is is still somewhat poor though decent enough to not be useless, Its able to Spray its Target with a Burning Hail of Void Flare Rounds.

    Binary Rifle:
    Manufacture: Storm
    Alternate Skin: [None]
    Weapon Type: Railgun
    Output: Medium Damage, Short Range, Pinpoint Accuracy.
    Effects: Tile Piercing, Deals Kinetic Damage.

    The AM12 "Binary" Rifle turns data and Energy into solid matter, This Process of Digital Materialization allow's the weapon to out Perform almost any weapon, Its Smart Targeting Systems allow Materialized Projectiles to Pierce and Bypass Most Matter while only Targeting things that Do Matter, preventing unnecessary damage to structures unlike conventional weaponry would, Making the AM12 a Fusion between a Smart Gun and RailGun, It is by No means an Antimatter Weapon.

    Xeno Railgun: (NEW?)
    Manufacture: CycloneUI
    Alternate Skin: [None]
    Weapon Type: ScatterBeam Railgun
    Output: High Damage, Medium to Long Range, Long Charge Before Firing, Pinpoint Accuracy.
    Effects: Tile Piercing, Deals Light Energy Damage.

    The CycloneUI's 766b Z-Class Xeno Railgun Fires a Tiny Scatter of Ionized Particles with in a single Charged Bolt for Massive Piercing Capability's, the Draw back like most forms of Shotgun Type Weapons is that the Bolt is Short Lived, The Design of its Core Plant was the Result of Having Failed to successfully reverse engineer an Avikan LineRifle with Human Tech Modifications, it was The Core Plant was Later Successfully Redesigned and Integrated after being dismantled and Further Study Occurred.

    Manufacture: Atlas Energy
    Alternate Skin: [Classic], [Colorless Classic]

    Weapon Type: Energy Cannon
    Output: Very High Damage, Slow Fire Rate, High Output Cost.
    Effects: Can Destroy Tiles, May Cause Excess Harm, Sickness or Poisoning to Operator and Friendly Personal, Deals Antimatter Damage.

    The S3-A1 Atlas (Hyper)Antimatter Cannon, Creates an anti-hydrogen atom packaged within a magnetic bottle and fires is much like a plasma bolt, resulting in atomic-level annihilation upon impact with a massive release of heat and gamma radiation inflicting ruinous damage, the Weapon Later Integrated Design Aspects from the AM12 Binary Rifle to Minimize its Enormous Destructive Area of Effect by Converting excessive Energy and Matter into Data upon Projectile Implosion.

    Supply's in Development:
    Regular Gear:
    - Every Other Weapon
    - A Few New Weapons
    - Some Armor
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  2. RenTek: Reni

    RenTek: Reni Phantasmal Quasar


    [​IMG] Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy. "What do you need help with? maybe i can fix it!"
    RenTek; Project Armoury

    Discussion Thread

    The RenTek Project.

    The "RenTek Project" is the Title banner for Equipment Mods Released by Dilrax and RenTek: Reni, to give the Collection of items Background Lore such as there origin, currently there are only two Mods under the Project Title, the First Instalment and Year 1 Mod "Reni's Armoury" and its Year 2 Continuation "Project Armoury".

    About Project Armoury.

    "Project Armoury" Releasing under the full title of "RenTek; Project Armoury" as a Continuation of the initial Mod "Reni's Armoury", is the Second Instalment to come of the RenTek Project, the mod its self, Project Armoury; is a Revival of the first but with an entire new design, all previous weapons and equipment will be carried over to PA from RA and will receive a visual update while some will become entirely new weapons.

    Project Armoury will feature new weapons among its Remakes and all will be themed and coloured more, to remove the old grey-scale designs from the vast Majority based on the weapons skin theme, weapons are divided into two groups, Human and Avali, although some might have a fusion of both creating a 3rd skin theme, they will still Revolve around the two major themes, Intractable stations added in by PA will also receive Custom UI Skins to give them a unique Design and feel compared to Vanilla game Crafting UI's, Noticeable Crafting UI's are the Main Armoury Crafting Stations and the Gallery.

    its unconfirmed if there will be other features added in at this time, how ever this line of text is subject to change/edit in the event there is



    These are still Under slow Development with each one receiving the occasional alteration and tweak to the sprite from details to size and even design for some, each original classic has been redesigned with the new theme, while other weapons have been added in and more being created along the way during the reskin process of others, i will be even be going as far as adding some of the old announced weapons that were never added such as the Razor Energy Cannon (now called the "Razor FlashCannon") while other may receive an entire new design, the Avali based weapons will have two skins, the default white and a Dyeable Orange, currently the Dyeable skins are in use and should someone want the plain white skin's they are free to ask for an easy swap file from my self.
    Note: this is Not the Actual size of these weapons which have been bloated for easier viewing.
    The change behind the Theme of Some, primary the Pulsar and Nova Classed Weapons, is to flow more with the side Lore related to the mod series, more so the aspect of Reni's part and being an Avali, which is something i plan to influence more into the mod though items then just the lore.

    The Gallery:

    Originally the Gallery was used to Display and show off upcoming Weapons and items per Each update, how ever that has been discarded and replaced with a new function, LORE, by now using the gallery you can preview every single item and background information related to the mod in the form of an Item card, this includes info about Current Weapons to the original Starting Sprites of each weapon, that's right, you can go all the way back to the very first Vulcan Chain-gun Sprite and as also mentioned other LORE cards will include information about Dilrax and my self (Reni) but is not limited to only us so be sure to keep your imagination open as you might find one on your self. ;)


    Currently there are no plans to Add any more Stations and new weapons will come as the old are Redesigned, unfinished year 1 RA mod Items will be worked on and altered to be incorporated into PA somehow, some way, anything else i cant really think of...

    Permission's Notice:

    You must get the author's consent before including anything of this mod in a Compilation or Unofficial Mod.
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets of this mod, as its still a Work in Progress.

    a Thanks to our Alpha Testers:
    Marxon, Dark_Technician, Corrigane.

    RenTek Project Armoury Download Nexus
    RenTek; Reni's Armoury (Discontinued) - the Previous Year 1 Mod and first of the RenTek Collection, for those interested in checking out some previous work.
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  3. aBOXofTOM

    aBOXofTOM Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'm really glad to see this making a comeback. also i love the UI for the armoury station. also i think i found a few bugs or errors. first off, there are two recipes for the vulcan carbine rifle. one requires 5 steel ingots and 2 microchips, whereas the other doesn't require any steel and only 1 microchip. as far as i can tell both the outputs are the same. also, the P-Pion pistol doesnt work, and the P-Pion AP pistol crashed the game when i fired it. the crash log is in the spoiler.

    Start logging at: 2015-12-31 08:18:52.152
    [08:18:52.153] Info: Star::Root using bootstrap file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win64\sbboot.config'
    [08:18:52.153] Info: Star::Root using storage directory 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\'
    [08:18:52.153] Info: Preparing Star::Root...
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'Avali' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Avali-2.3.1\.'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'Avali - Augments and Assortments' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\AAaA-1.0\.'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'gravitonprojectors' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\gravitonprojectors.modpak'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'xbawks' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\xbawks\.'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'Simplified Colony Deed' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\SimplifiedColonyDeed\.'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'RenTek_ProjectArmoury.' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\RenTek-ProjectArmoury\.'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'Modern Loom' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\ModernLoom 1.0.modpak'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Detected mod 'PlatformBooks' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\PlatformBooks v1.4.modpak'
    [08:18:52.183] Info: Loading Configuration with config file: 'starbound.config'
    [08:18:52.184] Info: Loading Star::Configuration from 'Just (.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config)'
    [08:18:52.189] Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config'
    [08:18:52.197] Info: Initializing Star::Root with 10 assets sources
    [08:18:52.197] Info: Done preparing Star::Root.
    [08:18:52.197] Info: Client Version 'Beta v. Glad Giraffe - Update 3' Revision: 30555b17a491c2a97ab0afbff3b848a1fd937dbd Protocol: 711
    [08:18:52.197] Info: Initialized SDL
    [08:18:52.219] Info: Initialized SDL Video
    [08:18:52.236] Info: Initialized SDL Joystick
    [08:18:52.237] Info: Initialized SDL Sound
    [08:18:52.258] Info: Opened default audio device with 44khz / 16 bit stereo audio, 2048 sample size buffer
    [08:18:52.259] Info: Loading Assets
    [08:18:52.259] Info: Loading assets from: '../assets/packed.pak'
    [08:18:52.292] Info: Loading assets from: '../assets/user'
    [08:18:52.292] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\Avali-2.3.1\.'
    [08:18:52.293] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\AAaA-1.0\.'
    [08:18:52.293] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\gravitonprojectors.modpak'
    [08:18:52.293] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\xbawks\.'
    [08:18:52.293] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\SimplifiedColonyDeed\.'
    [08:18:52.293] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\RenTek-ProjectArmoury\.'
    [08:18:52.293] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\ModernLoom 1.0.modpak'
    [08:18:52.293] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\PlatformBooks v1.4.modpak'
    [08:18:54.048] Info: Done loading Assets in 1.789 seconds
    [08:18:54.081] Info: Loading NameGenerator
    [08:18:54.128] Info: Initializing SDL Window
    [08:18:54.192] Info: Done loading NameGenerator in 0.111 seconds
    [08:18:54.192] Info: Loading ObjectDatabase
    [08:18:55.038] Info: OpenGL version: '4.5.0 NVIDIA 359.06' vendor: 'NVIDIA Corporation' renderer: 'GeForce GTX 750/PCIe/SSE2' shader: '4.50 NVIDIA'
    [08:18:55.038] Info: Created initial window 1000x600
    [08:18:55.659] Info: Renderer initialized
    [08:18:55.692] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [08:18:55.692] Info: Initializing SDL Window
    [08:18:55.710] Info: OpenGL version: '4.5.0 NVIDIA 359.06' vendor: 'NVIDIA Corporation' renderer: 'GeForce GTX 750/PCIe/SSE2' shader: '4.50 NVIDIA'
    [08:18:55.711] Info: Re-created window 1600x838
    [08:18:55.711] Info: Renderer initialized
    [08:18:55.752] Info: Loading ImageMetadataDatabase
    [08:18:55.752] Info: Done loading ImageMetadataDatabase in 0 seconds
    [08:18:57.197] Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config'
    [08:19:20.274] Info: Done loading ObjectDatabase in 26.082 seconds
    [08:19:20.274] Info: Loading PlantDatabase
    [08:19:22.739] Info: Done loading PlantDatabase in 2.465 seconds
    [08:19:22.739] Info: Loading ProjectileDatabase
    [08:19:31.022] Info: Done loading ProjectileDatabase in 8.283 seconds
    [08:19:31.022] Info: Loading MonsterDatabase
    [08:19:38.343] Info: Done loading MonsterDatabase in 7.321 seconds
    [08:19:38.343] Info: Loading NpcDatabase
    [08:19:39.758] Info: Done loading NpcDatabase in 1.415 seconds
    [08:19:39.759] Info: Loading StagehandDatabase
    [08:19:39.771] Info: Done loading StagehandDatabase in 0.0120001 seconds
    [08:19:39.771] Info: Loading VehicleDatabase
    [08:19:39.832] Info: Done loading VehicleDatabase in 0.0609999 seconds
    [08:19:39.832] Info: Loading PlayerFactory
    [08:19:40.003] Info: Done loading PlayerFactory in 0.171 seconds
    [08:19:40.003] Info: Loading EntityFactory
    [08:19:40.008] Info: Loading VersioningDatabase
    [08:19:40.102] Info: Done loading VersioningDatabase in 0.0939999 seconds
    [08:19:40.102] Info: Done loading EntityFactory in 0.099 seconds
    [08:19:40.102] Info: Loading ItemDatabase
    [08:20:34.498] Info: Loading FunctionDatabase
    [08:20:34.600] Info: Done loading FunctionDatabase in 0.102 seconds
    [08:20:34.636] Info: Loading ParticleDatabase
    [08:20:35.810] Info: Done loading ParticleDatabase in 1.174 seconds
    [08:20:47.315] Info: Done loading ItemDatabase in 67.213 seconds
    [08:20:47.315] Info: Loading MaterialDatabase
    [08:20:48.186] Info: Done loading MaterialDatabase in 0.871 seconds
    [08:20:48.187] Info: Loading TerrainDatabase
    [08:20:48.360] Info: Done loading TerrainDatabase in 0.173 seconds
    [08:20:48.360] Info: Loading BiomeDatabase
    [08:20:48.810] Info: Done loading BiomeDatabase in 0.45 seconds
    [08:20:48.810] Info: Loading LiquidsDatabase
    [08:20:48.840] Info: Done loading LiquidsDatabase in 0.03 seconds
    [08:20:48.840] Info: Loading StatusEffectDatabase
    [08:20:49.031] Info: Done loading StatusEffectDatabase in 0.191 seconds
    [08:20:49.032] Info: Loading DamageDatabase
    [08:20:49.585] Info: Done loading DamageDatabase in 0.553 seconds
    [08:20:49.585] Info: Loading EffectSourceDatabase
    [08:20:49.749] Info: Done loading EffectSourceDatabase in 0.164 seconds
    [08:20:49.749] Info: Loading TreasureDatabase
    [08:20:49.989] Info: Done loading TreasureDatabase in 0.24 seconds
    [08:20:49.990] Info: Loading DungeonDefinitions
    [08:20:51.275] Info: Done loading DungeonDefinitions in 1.285 seconds
    [08:20:51.275] Info: Loading TilesetDatabase
    [08:20:51.279] Info: Done loading TilesetDatabase in 0.00399995 seconds
    [08:20:51.279] Info: Loading EmoteProcessor
    [08:20:51.292] Info: Done loading EmoteProcessor in 0.013 seconds
    [08:20:51.292] Info: Loading SpeciesDatabase
    [08:20:51.434] Info: Done loading SpeciesDatabase in 0.141 seconds
    [08:20:51.434] Info: Loading QuestTemplateDatabase
    [08:20:51.601] Info: Done loading QuestTemplateDatabase in 0.167 seconds
    [08:20:51.601] Info: Loading AiDatabase
    [08:20:51.968] Info: Done loading AiDatabase in 0.367 seconds
    [08:20:51.969] Info: Loading TechDatabase
    [08:20:51.988] Info: Done loading TechDatabase in 0.0189998 seconds
    [08:20:51.988] Info: Loading CodexDatabase
    [08:20:52.739] Info: Done loading CodexDatabase in 0.751 seconds
    [08:20:52.739] Info: Loading BehaviorDatabase
    [08:20:53.239] Info: Done loading BehaviorDatabase in 0.5 seconds
    [08:20:53.239] Info: Loading DanceDatabase
    [08:20:53.272] Info: Done loading DanceDatabase in 0.033 seconds
    [08:20:53.272] Info: Loading SpawnTypeDatabase
    [08:20:53.292] Info: Done loading SpawnTypeDatabase in 0.02 seconds
    [08:20:53.293] Info: Done fully loading Star::Root
    [08:20:53.308] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [08:20:57.246] Info: Renderer initialized
    [08:30:10.003] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [08:30:10.490] Info: UniverseServer: Acquiring universe lock file
    [08:30:10.585] Info: UniverseServer: Loading settings
    [08:30:10.599] Info: UniverseServer: No default world set; using randomized starter worlds
    [08:30:10.603] Info: UniverseServer: Starting UniverseServer with UUID: 3c4bc819be6ef842d5bdcba02f5f3d45
    [08:30:10.646] Info: UniverseServer: Logged in player 'Kadin' locally
    [08:30:10.646] Info: UniverseServer: Logged in account '<anonymous>' as player 'Kadin' from address local
    [08:30:10.671] Info: UniverseServer: Reviving player at ClientShipWorld:c857ab946a416bcd1c92aae5453e84b8
    [08:30:10.671] Info: UniverseServer: Client 'Kadin' <1> (local) connected
    [08:30:10.702] Info: UniverseClient: Joined server as client 1
    [08:30:10.715] Info: UniverseServer: Loading client ship world ClientShipWorld:c857ab946a416bcd1c92aae5453e84b8
    [08:30:12.115] Info: Renderer initialized
    [08:30:13.376] Info: UniverseServer: Loading celestial world -370103137:-530406905:-106606763:6:1
    [08:30:25.685] Info: UniverseServer: Stopping world CelestialWorld:-370103137:-530406905:-106606763:6:1 due to inactivity
    [08:30:25.787] Info: UniverseServer: World thread has stopped due to inactivity, removing world CelestialWorld:-370103137:-530406905:-106606763:6:1
    [08:30:33.094] Info: Chat: <server> Admin privileges taken away from Kadin
    [08:35:42.959] Info: Chat: <server> Admin privileges now given to player Kadin
    [08:36:44.878] Error: Could not load image asset '/animations/muzzleflash/pionpistol/pionbeam.png:1.1', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No such frame 1.1 in frames spec /animations/muzzleflash/pionpistol/pionbeam.frames
    [08:36:44.904] Error: Could not load image asset '/animations/muzzleflash/pionpistol/pionbeam.png:1.2', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No such frame 1.2 in frames spec /animations/muzzleflash/pionpistol/pionbeam.frames
    [08:36:45.300] Error: Exception caught loading asset: /projectiles/bulletexplosion/pulsar/P-Pion-explosion.config, (AssetException) Could not read JSON asset /projectiles/bulletexplosion/pulsar/P-Pion-explosion.config
    [0] 13fb71933
    [1] 13fb6e2c8
    [2] 13fb6e3f8
    [3] 13f5cb8e0
    [4] 13fd2952e
    [5] 13fcbe910
    [6] 13fcbb8b4
    [7] 779ed351 RtlRestoreContext
    [8] 13f5cd6e2
    [9] 13f5c52ef
    [10] 13f5c8d36
    [11] 13f5c6859
    [12] 13f5ce8a6
    [13] 13f51aaa0
    [14] 13f5c4635
    [15] 13f5c3a68
    [16] 13f5c384c
    [17] 13f5c3442
    [18] 13f5c30fd
    [19] 13f5bf936
    [20] 13fac9e56
    [21] 13fac3cdf
    [22] 13f5df1d1
    [23] 13f5d8eb2
    [24] 13f58f9b9
    [25] 13f3ee49d
    [26] 13f3eb794
    [27] 13fb59a6d
    [28] 13f401d70
    [29] 13fcf035b
    [30] 13fcf00c3
    [31] 13fcb8a1e
    [32] 77895a4d BaseThreadInitThunk
    [33] 779cb831 RtlUserThreadStart
    Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Cannot parse json file: /projectiles/bulletexplosion/pulsar/P-Pion-explosion.config
    [0] 13fb71933
    [1] 13fb6e2c8
    [2] 13fb6e3f8
    [3] 13f5cbb60
    [4] 13fd27d32
    [5] 13fcbe910
    [6] 13fcbb8b4
    [7] 779ed351 RtlRestoreContext
    [8] 13f5c27e5
    [9] 13f5cd6e2
    [10] 13f5c52ef
    [11] 13f5c8d36
    [12] 13f5c6859
    [13] 13f5ce8a6
    [14] 13f51aaa0
    [15] 13f5c4635
    [16] 13f5c3a68
    [17] 13f5c384c
    [18] 13f5c3442
    [19] 13f5c30fd
    [20] 13f5bf936
    [21] 13fac9e56
    [22] 13fac3cdf
    [23] 13f5df1d1
    [24] 13f5d8eb2
    [25] 13f58f9b9
    [26] 13f3ee49d
    [27] 13f3eb794
    [28] 13fb59a6d
    [29] 13f401d70
    [30] 13fcf035b
    [31] 13fcf00c3
    [32] 13fcb8a1e
    [33] 77895a4d BaseThreadInitThunk
    [34] 779cb831 RtlUserThreadStart
    Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Error parsing json: bad array, should be ',' or ']' at 19:17
    [0] 13fb71933
    [1] 13fb6e2c8
    [2] 13f5495a0
    [3] 13f5c27e5
    [4] 13f5cd6e2
    [5] 13f5c52ef
    [6] 13f5c8d36
    [7] 13f5c6859
    [8] 13f5ce8a6
    [9] 13f51aaa0
    [10] 13f5c4635
    [11] 13f5c3a68
    [12] 13f5c384c
    [13] 13f5c3442
    [14] 13f5c30fd
    [15] 13f5bf936
    [16] 13fac9e56
    [17] 13fac3cdf
    [18] 13f5df1d1
    [19] 13f5d8eb2
    [20] 13f58f9b9
    [21] 13f3ee49d
    [22] 13f3eb794
    [23] 13fb59a6d
    [24] 13f401d70
    [25] 13fcf035b
    [26] 13fcf00c3
    [27] 13fcb8a1e
    [28] 77895a4d BaseThreadInitThunk
    [29] 779cb831 RtlUserThreadStart
    [08:36:45.322] Error: Exception caught in client main-loop: (AssetException) Error loading asset /projectiles/bulletexplosion/pulsar/P-Pion-explosion.config
    [0] 13fb71933
    [1] 13fb6e2c8
    [2] 13f5cb825
    [3] 13f5c8436
    [4] 13f5c31b4
    [5] 13f5bf936
    [6] 13fac9e56
    [7] 13fac3cdf
    [8] 13f5df1d1
    [9] 13f5d8eb2
    [10] 13f58f9b9
    [11] 13f3ee49d
    [12] 13f3eb794
    [13] 13fb59a6d
    [14] 13f401d70
    [15] 13fcf035b
    [16] 13fcf00c3
    [17] 13fcb8a1e
    [18] 77895a4d BaseThreadInitThunk
    [19] 779cb831 RtlUserThreadStart
    [08:36:45.372] Info: UniverseClient: Client disconnecting...
    [08:36:45.421] Info: Client received world stop packet, leaving: Removed
    [08:36:45.751] Info: UniverseServer: Client 'Kadin' <1> (local) disconnected
    [08:36:45.852] Info: UniverseServer: Stopping UniverseServer
    [08:36:46.504] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [08:36:46.504] Info: Application quitting!
    [08:36:46.504] Info: Client shutdown gracefully
    [08:36:46.780] Info: Shutting down Star::Root

  4. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    it would appear that something in the files about the Vulcan Cannon has broken, for no apparent reason, a common issue we saw happening during our alpha Test, we should have a fix for it with in the next 12 hours, once we rewrite the weapons file from scratch.
  5. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    Would it be possible to make an alternate download link? Mediafire doesn't like working with me and I desperately want to try this mod, it seems absolutely fantastic.
  6. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

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  7. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

  8. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    i believe you need a google account for that... not sure about mediafire though... but its not the firs time iv heard of it being... well... a douche...
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  9. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    I am using a google account, it desires me to ask for permission. Should I, or is that more of a "Private Personnel" thing?
  10. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    not entirely sure why it ask for permission... but there's nothing personal about it or to hide :p, i'll take a look at the storage and see if i can change that, but yes, go ahead and download it if you can as i would hate to discourage others from enjoying the long awaited rebuild of our weapon mod.
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  11. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    I can't, it demands I get permission lol. Maybe try using a site like dropbox, or Mega, though I know Mega has a bad reputation. Mediafire is always a bad idea, but it is easier to use. Besides... I'm sure I could advertise your mod if someone took the time to meet the problems of a single fan, that'd be awfully noble of them :3
  12. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    i just updated the manual link for the google drive version, which i hope fixes that, but im gonna add a 3rd option to the list, http://jmp.sh/Tp2Ul6c hopefully this link will work for you.
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  13. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    Well Well Well. Look at that! I can finally get the mod now. You guys are awesome, I'll be more than glad to spread the word about you guys. Thank you very much, and, as someone training to mod himself, excellent work.
    Dilrax likes this.
  14. DaWrecka

    DaWrecka Pangalactic Porcupine

    Setting aside how much I despise Wix in the first place, that page is entirely broken for me in Firefox. I get a box reading "APPCONFIG.XML FILE NOT FOUND!" with a "$OK$" (no, I didn't include those dollar symbols by accident) button and then nothing. The only reason I was able to download at all was the link posted in this thread two posts ago.
  15. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    it might be an issue related to your web browsers current update/version was we have tried viewing the page using multiple web browsers such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Torch And Internet Explorer with little issue, Chrome being the most upto date and preference, but we will be sure to add Download links to our mod Background information in posts 1-2 of page 1 in the discussion tab, for you and anyone else with similar issues in the future.
  16. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    Oooh Thats a lotsa guns. But no flamethrowers? I love guns! I will download this
    (but i love flamethowers even more ❤))
  17. RenTek: Reni

    RenTek: Reni Phantasmal Quasar

    Back in RenTek: Reni's Armoury We did Originally add a Flamethower Classed Weapon Called the "Cremator" which also had an alternative version which fired Fireballs, im sure you would be happy to know that WE DO plan on bringing the weapon back as we have been rebuilding all of the original weapons while adding additional new ones to the Set, you can find a little more the Cremator in our Item list on post 1 of the Discussion tab. you can also find an info card about the original it ingame if you goto the Gallery. ^^
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  18. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    Just that one?
    Oh well...
    Another good idea would be a napalm thrower, that fires projectiles that do less damage, but arc instead of losing range, and stay on the ground for awhile
  19. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    that would be the alt ability of the Cremator, primary would be standard flame burst and the secondary would lob fire balls that would bounce, of course we have other similar 'Thrower like" weapons that are not limited to only fire...
  20. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    Other elements are lame. Excwpt for razor blade. That aint lame

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