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  1. Dark_Messiah

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    Soooo... about a year ago the devs said that the cold system where during the night it got colder and such(not only cold on snow/frozen planets) would make it's return for 1.0.
    sooooo... what happened? Was it scrapped?(also i know that it'd be kinda useless mid-late game due to the epp upgrade)
    If it was indeed scrapped is there a possibility to bring back the awesome visible breath effect on cold planets plz (even with epp)?

    Also they said that space combat will be coming sometime post-release is it still coming?
  2. Garatgh Deloi

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    Heat and cold system: I dont think they did tbh.

    They said that hunger would return as a higher difficulty and that temperature would exist in some way (it does with the EPP system).

    But i dont think they said anything about returning the old cold and heat system.

    Ship combat: They never said that.

    They said that ship combat is something they would like to do, but if they do it would be after 1.0.

    Thats not the same as saying that it will added, they went out of their way to point out that its not a promise (/set in stone/etc) or anything. Only that IF they add it, it will be added sometimes after release.
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  3. Dark_Messiah

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    Well whatever.
  4. Garatgh Deloi

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    Allright, i did dig up some old blog posts that talks about it as a planned feature. My mistake.

    But the same blogposts mentions a lot of stuff that isent ingame for 1.0.

    For example:
    • Macro Terrain Changes: Affect an entire planet’s terrain and weather
    • Spaceship Dungeons: Very large, size of a planet.
    • Mini-Map: Rotating circular map showing highlights only such as the location of friendly players, spawn points–but no major details. For the details you’d use a mapping item to create a map as you travel.
    • Dramatic Planet Modification: Not going to be implemented any time soon. Ability for players to modify huge chunks of planets through things like orbital bombardment; removing the entire first layer of a planet and leave behind a lifeless surface.
    • Racial Armor: Racial abilities will not be inherent but will be tied to racial armor. For example, Avian armor can glide downward.
    So we will have to see if they will end up implementing it or not.

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