REQUEST More Chicken Breeds, More Animal Types, Livestock Whistle

Discussion in 'Mods' started by ahellionjet, Aug 25, 2016.

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    Not entirely sure how possible that last one is!

    I'm looking for:

    - more realistic variety for chickens. Different breeds like Ayam Cemanis, Phoenix chickens, Polish chickens, Swedish Flower Hens, Cochins, Silkies, etc. would be super cool. I can't really find that many! I'd also love something that turns one colour into a rooster.

    - different types of farmable livestock. Bison, boar, reindeer, emus, donkeys, horses (especially horses), llamas, California quail - just more variety in general that still feels realistic, but a little bit more 'artisan'. There's already a lot of skins for ducks and rabbits, but more of those are always welcome too.

    - a livestock whistle. For those days you forget to close the barn doors the night before and your dozen ducks and dozen rabbits are scattered throughout your property, it'd be SO AWESOME to have a whistle to draw them all over to you instead of wasting your whole day having to try and find the little jerks in the long grass.

    Any of these would be very appreciated!
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    • lightsourced

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      I would also love a way to add multiple breeds into the game, not just by replacing the .xmb but actually adding MORE breeds that you can purchase from Marnie.
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        up up up
        • Entoarox

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          - not doable yet

          - not doable yet

          - that is what fences are for
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            When it comes to more animals in the game, you could try this:
            It's a mod that lets you add different skins to individual animals to give the illusion of more breeds. For example, you can have the game's default animals in addition to others you find that are otherwise "replacement" mods. Here's a small list of livestock mods that could work for you, I currently use most of these with the tool, so I can confirm they work:

   (Pictures don't work, but the mod does. The Turkey's are awesome)

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