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Bug/Issue List of Vita Issues/Bugs

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kimo Force, May 31, 2018.

  1. Kimo Force

    Kimo Force Seal Broken

    I've been slowly enjoying my time with Stardew Valley, as someone who hadn't dipped into the game until just now. That said, there's a number of bugs and issues littered all over the game and I wanted to list them in an effort to help with bug reporting by outlining what I've experienced and seeing what other people have gone through as well. Just for clarity, I am playing on an original OLED Vita that I've owned from 2013.

    • The framerate does reach 60 FPS, but it doesn't stay there. It dips to 25-30 whenever a lot of items drop on the map or whenever it's raining. It's a lot worse later down the line when your farm is significantly larger, reaching to as low as 20 FPS.
    • The game stutters a lot. It freezes for a hot second before resuming like nothing ever happened. This also happens when creating your character and changing certain bits.
    • I've gone through 3 full game crashes back to the main Vita hub over my 15 hours of game time. (Screenshot of error screen attached below)
    • Putting the Vita into sleep mode and then turning it on again mutes any BGM that may have been playing.
    • This only happened to me once, but a bunch of sounds started glitching out and didn't play, including the tiny audio queue when something would catch onto your fishing rod.
    • This could just be me not knowing how to do this, but I found that quests which involve more than one item are impossible to turn in. I walk up to them and talk while having the items equipped just like I always do for every quest, but they only take one instead of the batch, get mad at me for my awful "gift", and I can't give them anything anymore for the day because I already did.
    • Occassionally when the screen is dense, some weird pop-in happens with some of the sprites especially for plants. I've never seen this happen in a 2D game before.

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    • alexaxa

      alexaxa Space Spelunker

      I got the sound glitching a few time (music and / or sound not playing which is annoying while fishing since we lose the audio queue), the 1 sec freeze and the occasionnal crashes after going to sleep.

      As for the audio / Slowdown, i "think" it may be related with either the sleep mode of the vita, or playing the game for multiple in-game day without restart. My usual pattern is playing an in game day, putting the vita to sleep and rince and repeat! Most of the time, if the sound start glitching, the game will crash when i go to sleep (before save).

      Now I restart the game once in a while and stopped experiencing those. It may be a coincidence or it may be related to a slow memory leak that makes the games more prone to crash the longer you play it.

      Oh and don't till soil in the mine ! You forgot that one :p
      • Kimo Force

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        Some additional bugs/issues I discovered while playing some more.
        • The steam in the spa does not properly cover the screen, and only hovers above a certain portion of the map. It looks out-of-place to me, but if it's is intentional then ignore this. Screenshot attached.
        • The game consistently crashes on floor 120 when revisiting after picking up the Skull Key.
        • While fishing in the north direction, the text "HIT!" once a fish latches on is obscured from the screen. It would be better to have it display somewhere closer to the player if it is going to be out-of-bounds, but whether this can or cannot be implemented is beyond me as it depends on the game's code.
        • While loading up a game, the image for the control layout is too small. Thankfully I have good eyesight so I was able to read it albeit with some difficulty.
        • Is there a way to force-hide the cursor? Sometimes I accidentally push the right analog stick and it takes a full 5-7 seconds before disappearing. I personally don't use the game's cursor and if there could be an update with an option that allows disabling it altogether, I would appreciate it (I didn't find any option when I checked).
        • Not sure if this is a Vita-specific problem, but when catching a fish with a treasure chest on a full inventory if the item received is bait it cannot be directly added to the fishing rod; another item needs to be discarded to open up space for it, then the player must open the inventory menu to place it.
        • Haley's name is still locked for me on Year 2 Spring even though I've spoken to her on multiple occasions. I managed to learn all the other villagers' names just by talking to them once, but not with Haley. Is this intentional or a bug?
        • I cannot romance Pam. Please fix this bug.

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        • muddin2deep

          muddin2deep Space Hobo

          Im having the same problems as you. I was so happy when i heard they patched it i figured there would be more to patch but it sucks that it crashes when i get a full day of doing stuff. Im honestly thinking of buying a switch now so i can have this game on the go because i love it so much!
          • SwishGav

            SwishGav Space Hobo

            Game just crashed. It is after the 1.01 patch (Vita PCH1003) (Couldn't get error code, screen went to sleep and lost it, Possibly same error as in post above)

            What i noticed is that some of the sound effects had stopped working like the chest opening noise, the rustle of the bins when you would search them and the background music had stopped.

            When i entered the museum is when it crashed. I wasn't interacting with anyone or anything at the time of the crash, but there was 4 unopened books that i had not read and a NPC in the building so possibly a memory issue?? (Couldn't Replicate)

            It was a rainy day which i don't know if it would be related, but have noticed slowdowns on some of the rainy days.

            Also was playing for quite a long time, would have had the vita in sleep mode a few times.

            **Other Bug** **Minor**

            When down the mines is a flying bug is killed by blocking with the sword and the buzzing sound they make doesn't stop even thought it was the last bug on that level.
            • alexaxa

              alexaxa Space Spelunker

              I used to have it fairly often (same thing, playing for a long time, multiple sleep mode in between).

              I start rebooting the game every ~3-4 in game days and i never had the random crash/ sound glitching issue anymore.
              • SwishGav

                SwishGav Space Hobo

                Just Had another crash.

                After 1.01 Patch (Vita PCH1003)

                When leveling up to level 5 in mining and choosing "Miner +1 ore per vein", just after choosing this the game crashed while saving.



                ** Have tried to do the exact same thing as what i had done before to try and make the crash happen again and i couldn't replicate.

                ** The differences were that the vita had not gone asleep on this playtime. Also i didn't go further than level 60 in the mines this time.

                ** The quantity's in my Inventory would have being different.
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                • SwishGav

                  SwishGav Space Hobo

                  @alexaxa I know i should do this but to be honest i do just forget and put it down, cook dinner or whatever and come back to it and carry on. Will have to try and get into that habit :)
                  • SSShakuras

                    SSShakuras Big Damn Hero

                    crashed as well during the save. only notable thing done that day was getting foraging to lv8 collecting stuff and fishing stuff.
                    • alexaxa

                      alexaxa Space Spelunker

                      Putting the vita in sleep mode is fine and i doesn't have issue with it. I start having issue when i play multiple IN-GAME days in a row without rebooting the game. Try closing/reopening the game after a few IN-GAME day and most random crashing should be gone ! I usually do it every 3-4 days.

                      The only crash i get now are the ones about tilling soil in the mine, which sometimes occurs by mistake while bombing mummies.
                      • teyavatch

                        teyavatch Astral Cartographer

                        Are you getting the repeating floors thing?
                        • alexaxa

                          alexaxa Space Spelunker

                        • ChibiSkitty-donna

                          ChibiSkitty-donna Poptop Tamer

                          I mentioned this in a post I made some time ago but the eye color changes to the default brown on the vita version when starting the game from a save file. This shouldn't bug me but it kept happening when restarting with a new file to get the color back.
                          • SSShakuras

                            SSShakuras Big Damn Hero

                            48 pigs digging though my farm along 500+ crops is making the game stutter like crazy...
                            This botched port's optimisation is craptacular and NEED to be patched ASAP. >.<

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