Bug/Issue [VITA] Skull cave floor repeats themselves

Discussion in 'Support' started by alexaxa, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. alexaxa

    alexaxa Intergalactic Tourist


    I didn't play Stardew valley on other console than vita so it may not be a bug but i'm reporting it anyway in case it is.

    When i go to the skull cavern and i changed floor, the same floor pattern (same rock/geodes placement etc..) keeps repeating itself. Sometime for more than 6 consecutives floors. Half the time, even the enemy pattern is exactly the same. It's pretty good where there is a lot of purple slime or there's hole, but very boring when it's full of mummy !

    I assume the randomness should looks like the one in the Mine.

    Have a nice day !
    • alexaxa

      alexaxa Intergalactic Tourist

      Am i the only one with this issue ?

      I had 19 identical floors with a lots of mummy in the skull cave today. After that my game crash because i used bomb near a dirt patch and the tilling bug crashed it.

      The hidden stairs are under the same exact rock for a couple of floor at the time and geode placement are identical (had a bunch of rubies).

      There may be something wrong with the RNG.
      • Josaro

        Josaro Intergalactic Tourist

        This happened to me too when going for the floor 25 mission from Qi, the floors between level 18 -25 kept repeating with the same layout of rocks/enemies etc
        • teyavatch

          teyavatch Poptop Tamer

          Just posted about this in another thread, but yes. Tilling crashes and repeating floors in skull caverns are both a thing I have happening. Like, CONSTANTLY repeating floors. The first several were exactly the same, then a different one, then back to the first one for a bit, then the SAME different one, etc.

          Chucklefish gods, please tell us another patch is in the works. Ideally soon.
          • alexaxa

            alexaxa Intergalactic Tourist

            I got lucky with a floor with purple slime and a diamond geode right at the start ! Finished my run with 17 diamonds:p
            • teyavatch

              teyavatch Poptop Tamer

              One more thing, which I might as well put here, given that it doesn’t seem to warrant its own post:

              Anybody else notice that the resolution (or whatever) is off? If you get a “perfect!” in fishing, the word is mostly off the screen. In some cutscenes, you aren’t on the visible part at all.
              • alexaxa

                alexaxa Intergalactic Tourist

                Yes for the perfect, but didn't see cutscenes with that issue so far.

                Something about off screen things that i found was the museum. If you select an item and scroll the screen to go put it someplace that wasn't on the initial screen, you can't. You can click dozens of times but nothing happens. You need to put back the item into your inventory, take it again in hand and your inventory should move a little out of the way and now you can put it on the shelves.
                • teyavatch

                  teyavatch Poptop Tamer

                  I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the tip!
                  • weggie

                    weggie Void-Bound Voyager

                    I am convinced the Vita version of Stardew Valley doesnt want us to have fun. I just want to get enough Iridium to upgrade tools and make some sprinklers. A response from the community manager would be nice, its really pushing me towards the PC version I have (Im afraid ill just mod my way to an easier game though, this is why I prefer the Vita)
                    • Kc0181

                      Kc0181 Intergalactic Tourist

                      I've seen some of the same floors but on top of this and unable to till this also just happened.

                      I got to level 4 or 5 and the ambient sound stopped after dropping down a hole. I went down a few more floors with ambient still mute and when I dropped down another hole to reach floor 21 my game crashed.

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