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RELEASED Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. snaid1

    snaid1 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    if there's any way I can help, let me know. I don't know much about the material modifiers, but I like to think I'm good at testing.
  2. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    Got nothing to test. Chucklefish broke the API the 'trimtool.lua' script in this mod is using. I'm getting a nil reference error on a variable that never had to be initialized before.

    Can anyone tell me how to get a reference to the item the script is attached to and running on? I really NEED that to make it work.

    Here's the script that's failing:
    function init()
        self.seed = fireableItem.fireableParam("seed" , "hullrivetsmall")
    function update(dt)
        if fireableItem.firing() then
            local pos = item.ownerAimPosition()
            if fireableItem.fireMode() == "Primary" then
                if not world.mod(pos,"foreground") then
                if not world.mod(pos,"background") then
    The nil reference it's complaining about is on the 7th line, referring to 'item', which they ripped out from under us. I just need to somehow get an item reference again.

    Edit: Here's the actual error message: "attempt to call a nil value (field 'ownerAimPosition')"
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  3. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    I recommend asking for help in the main Modding forum.
  4. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    After work in the morning. I gotta sleep.
  5. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    simulatoralive updated Hull Plating Blocks & More with a new update entry:

    Glad Giraffe Fixes and More

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  6. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

  7. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    simulatoralive updated Hull Plating Blocks & More with a new update entry:

    For That Extra Special Bunker of Your Dreams?

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  8. GeoGraf

    GeoGraf Void-Bound Voyager

    I try it here again to explain ;)

    I had here a example of you could make it so


    the example would be
    the number is the version of the mod, and also includes the version of the game

    1.0 =
    1 = Mod for Enraged Koala
    0 = 0 Updates

    5.0 =
    5 = Pleased Giraffe
    0 = 0 Updates

    5.1 =
    5 = Pleased Giraffe
    1 = 1 Updates

    Can you follow me?

    easier for normal people to starbound modify

    sorry for my bad english ^^
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  9. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    Okay, I think I get you now. Thanks for clarifying.

    Here's what I've gotten figured out from looking at the old stuff:
    Versions less than 26.0 were for Upbeat Giraffe, though they would probably work on Spirited Giraffe, as well. The mod was pretty simple back then.
    Version 26.0 was the first proper release for Pleased Giraffe.
    Version 34.2 has all of the fixes for Glad Giraffe.

    Sadly, my download site can't accommodate all of the old releases, so the oldest you can get from that is version 33.5. However, the oldest releases are actually hosted on the forum, which should have everything up to somewhere around version 22.0.

    I'm not going to change my version numbering scheme, however. It's a little bit late into this project to be doing that.
  10. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    When I started this project, I wanted to add something to the game. I wanted to make something that would be a part of the game and add to an entire play-through. I tried to incorporate a sense of discovery into this mod, by attaching recipes for blocks to various crafting stations. It was never, ever my intent to add a crafting station for the blocks in this mod, because that would kill that sense of discovery and make this mod into an alien addition to the game, as so many other mods are.

    I chose to build my mod differently, because it should be different. Just because so many other mod authors do the same old thing, does not mean that it is required of me.

    The point is, I am sick to the teeth of people demanding a crafting station for this mod's blocks. I will never do this. Ever.

    And at this point, the last straw has been reached. I'm done working on this mod. It's not fun anymore if I'm going to be pestered like this, over and over, without end.

    To all those that have encouraged me along the way: thank you. Especially Huggable Creep and Zoomah. I appreciated that. It's something I came to look foreword to each day.

    To those who were demanding, selfish and/or rude to me along the way: grow up and learn to treat others with some respect. We mod authors work on our mods generally because we enjoy it and you're detracting from that all-important aspect of modding.

    I don't know if I'll come back to work on this mod or not. I have a long list of modifications I wanted to make, including several new wacky tilesets and glowing, night-time variations of some of the ore tilesets.

    At this point, you may consider this mod abandoned. I have two small requests for anyone that decides to continue this mod on their own.

    First, I want this mod to remain open to modification, because closed mods die when their authors disappear and eventually become incompatible. I suspect that Chucklefish will continue to make incompatible changes to the game, even after 1.0 is released.

    Second, I would request that you follow the original vision of this mod and never add a custom crafting station for the blocks. It isn't needed. Some of the recipes could do with being moved around, I will admit and that is one of the things I'd been planning to do. The next release of the game is likely to make this even more important, since they're adding many new crafting stations, from what I've read.

    So, this is goodbye. Good luck, folks.
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  11. Zetlin97

    Zetlin97 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Aw man, this mod was going places. Good luck with whatever you plan on doing.
  12. wackydeli66

    wackydeli66 Void-Bound Voyager

    While I understand why you wish to stop work on the mod, I just wanted to say thank you for making this mod in the first place, its such an amazing addition to the game and I really wish I could have watched it grow even more :(
    However I do gotta say you shouldn't let all the hate and cry babies get to you over a crafting station, its your mod, and that means you can do it however/whatever you'd want to do. I just hate seeing a great modder leave the community because of complaining jerks, it just seems like its letting them win, but I'm just expressing my thoughts. But I digress, I'm happy you've opened the mod up to others who will make updates because I don't think I could play without it haha, but I do hope you change your mind about leaving, the modding community needs all our best modders and your in that category ;) however,I do respect ones decisions and I try avoiding any pressure to force one into doing something they do not wish to do. Anyways thanks for creating one of my favorite mods of all time :)
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  13. DarkishScotScot

    DarkishScotScot Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Damn! I was always looking for your blue-haired picture in my Alerts for updates on this mod! Best of luck to you, if you find yourself modding again.Take care.
  14. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    In all honesty, my decision boiled down to the lack of moderation on these forums. Comparing my experience here to my experience on the Terraria forums (which I was quite busy on before they switched sites, since I'd been actively playing it back then), the people here have an overly hostile/rude approach to speaking to others and the moderators are doing practically nothing about it. On the Terraria forums, if someone got out of line, a moderator pounced on it very fast and publicly. So, the tone of posts over there is generally far more pleasant to read.

    I'm not saying everyone here is rude, but there is a much higher percentage of rude people on this forum, compared to what I'm willing to put up with.

    That is why I stopped. I put my foot down about the crafting station quite a while back and then someone more recently gave the mod a negative review over it. That guy was clearly angry about it when he wrote the review. I reported it. Nothing happened. Lack of moderation = crappy forum experience.

    I would not have minded if the review were taken down only to be replaced by a more polite version saying the same thing. That's not a problem to me. But rudeness should not be tolerated, regardless of whether it's a review or not.

    Add all of that to the (lack of) forum maintenance and the picture formed in my mind is clear: the people running this forum don't seem to care. Perhaps I'm being overly cynical. Perhaps not.
  15. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Perhaps we the users can do our fair share of moderation. It's a shame to see a developing mod fall to simple rudeness and lack of moderation. The children here seem to not have any patience or understanding on how to convey ideas without being insulting.

    I hope you reconsider sometime in the future, for many of these parts are great for builders and RPr's.

    Thanks for the hard work
  16. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    I really enjoyed this mod since I was able to change the background blocks on my ships to something the looked good and I was able to get more ship parts as needed (mainly doors and lockers).

    Crafting stations get cluttered by default anyway, as you collect more blueprints while exploring, I don't want to see a good mod die because a bunch of cry-babies want a crafting station for everything, I have seen similar things happen in other mod sites, where the mod dev quit because of them getting sick of the extremely rude cry-babies who spam the forum threads for unnecessary demands or unreasonable deadlines.

    Hopefully someone can salvage Hull Plating Blocks after the big Starbound update, so those of us who like to customize their ships or like to build more varied structures have something to use.
  17. simulatoralive

    simulatoralive Existential Complex

    Feel free to pick up where I left off, if you like. That's why this mod has such non-restrictive re-use rights. I knew someday I'd get tired of working on it. I just didn't think it was going to be as soon as it was.

    Starbound modding is not all that difficult and I tried to make the the mod easy to work with, because I was working with it so much. Feel free to dig in and make changes. Many of the recipes could use moving around to different crafting stations and that's a really easy place to get into modding (just involves editing some text files). Though it wasn't an area I particularly enjoyed. I enjoyed re-mixing pixel art, which this mod showed me I have a bit of talent for.

    Good luck with that.
  18. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    I might take a crack at keeping this mod going, I'm lousy with pixel art but fixing up the scripts was easier than I expected when I was working on a personal edit of an outdated race mod. I will just have to wait until after the big Starbound update to see what might need to be repaired for Hull Plating Blocks, since I only run the stable version of the game.
  19. snaid1

    snaid1 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thanks for everything. This is my favorite starbound mod bar none.

    I also hereby volunteer to assist it testing/debugging for whoever takes over the mod from here.
  20. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    I may be able to help with the pixel art end of the mod. However, I would probably want to change the mod around to use it's own crafting table and a few other things.

    So color me interested... I will brush up on my pixel skills.

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