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RELEASED FrackinUniverse 5.6.419

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    thats because you arent supposed to pick up batteries once they are placed. You wire them from their top blue port to your stations so that the generator fills the battery, and the battery powers your lab gear.

    atmos condenser unlocks with another of the objects that require wiring. Battery 2. Seriously man, you just need to build the stations to unlock other ones lol. That's the last time I'll toss you a recipe unlock :)
  2. fernworrier

    fernworrier Giant Laser Beams

    ok stupid question how do i get an Armory station
  3. green3y3

    green3y3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    i spawned it in. /admin /spawnitem armory. couldn't find a way to craft it with my end level character.

    other question:

    i tried everything i could think of, visited hundreds (!) of planets, extracting every tile i could imagine but found NONE, or extracted NO SINGLE PIECE OF CORRUPTION ORE. this has been asked quite some times before but never been answered properly, also on reddit. where are we supposed to find/ how to craft corruption ore? somehow we have to be able to craft/find corrupted seed, that shouldn't be THIS hard .. or is there something not really intuitive to do?

    i'm really curious to know what to do.
  4. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    I'm pretty certain corruption stuff is found around Black Stars or Dying Stars. I'm waiting for the combat update before I start a new character though...
  5. green3y3

    green3y3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    was diggin' there, everywhere. maybe i'm just too blind or look for the wrong colours or whatever.also looked into the assets at github, but didn't find the file where the ore distributions are coded. ..
  6. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    all of this info can be investigated on your own.


    it is unlocked with corruption ore.

    Corruption ore is purple, and resembles Algae ore. It blends in very well in the areas where it typically spawns. I increased likelihood of corrupted biomes recently so you'll have drastically increased chances to find some.


    Also, another full update coming in a few minutes. just compiling the massive post.
  7. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    sayter updated FrackinUniverse with a new update entry:

    v2.9 - Time Travel to 2.9!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. TempTemp

    TempTemp Star Wrangler

    There seems to be an issue where when I equip the War Angel chest peice on my Apex, part of his belly shows. It's only a narrow bit right at the bottom.

    In terms of the corruption ore I'm pretty sure that you can buy it at the new shopping station.
  9. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    thanks. ill get that in a push for you right now.
  10. SingABrightSong

    SingABrightSong Pangalactic Porcupine

    Huh, that's a bug? I thought that was intentional, for some reason. It occurs for the other humanoids as well.
  11. TempTemp

    TempTemp Star Wrangler

    Prefect timing wasn't it? You had just posted the update.
  12. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    tacos are delicious.
  13. green3y3

    green3y3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    that's true. just didn't find the ore, until now. found my first ones in an underground corrupted biome. if it is in the corruption, you can see it as blurry purple areas between the other ores, as corruption is a half-transparent material. but in other materials i only discovered it in fullbright mode. sorry, the blending may be just a bit too good! :)
  14. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    so..how are you folks liking the updated Science Outpost? Feels a lot more homey now, doesn't it?[DOUBLEPOST=1447028027][/DOUBLEPOST]
    That's the entire point. It's supposed to be hard to notice :)
  15. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

  16. TempTemp

    TempTemp Star Wrangler

    I'm pretty sure he said he was using assests from some science mod, which was out of data, for some of the newer addtions. I'm guessing you found the mod he got the stuff from.
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  17. pcwasomeness2

    pcwasomeness2 Space Spelunker

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  18. Cryak4

    Cryak4 Tentacle Wrangler

    So shoggoth drops flesh now (yay), but i cant find the place to turn the quest in. Am i missing something?
  19. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    There is no way to turn the quest in yet. As repeatedly stated, it is a work in progress. When there is a way to turn it in, the update notes will let you know! I'm not in a hurry, since at present only fetch quests work. This is not intended to be a fetch quest. When the combat update hits, i'll look into other types of quests that are more interesting.
  20. Cryak4

    Cryak4 Tentacle Wrangler

    Good to know.To be honest I like that idea much more. Keep up the fantastic work!

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