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  1. steffjes

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    Please refer to the updated version (located under the known problems)

    So there have been a lot of discussions going around the forum about the fishing lately.
    I am aware that i am not the first to make a fishing mod but i just gave it a shot. Changed what i wanted changed and just gave it a shot.
    Mediumer fishing and Harder fishing can be found here:

    Easier fishing download:

    Updated to 1.1:

    Thanks @Xylia for updating the mod


    Super Easier Fishing download - Not advised, Only if you can't do it with easier fishing already enabled:

    What this mod does:
    This mod makes fishing easier but doesn't remove it so you can still enjoy the experience.

    It makes the fish shoot up and down less frequently.
    It makes the fish move smoother so you can easier track them.

    Right now it makes ALL fish easier.
    If needed i can make other versions that only change a few of the fish or can even make fishing harder.

    How to install this mod:

    1. Download the file.
    2. Go into your stardew valley folder.
    3. Go into the content folder
    4. Go into the data folder.
    5. Make a copy (for secuirity if something goes wrong) of the fish.xnb folder that is located in the data folder
    6. Replace the fish.nxb with the fish.nxb you downloaded.
    7. It should be easier now to fish, Restart the game.

    So you should have something like this path: C:\Program Files(x86\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Data

    Video turtorial:
    Or check out this amazing turtorial video by BubblsLP, Don't froget to leave her a like if the video helped you ^^

    Version 1.0 Released
    Version 1.1 Released - Fish made easier and less likely to go up or down
    Version 1.2.1 Released - All legendary fish have been made easier
    Version 1.3 Released - Octopus easier, Balancing
    Version 1.3.1 Released - octopus/squid/pufferfish made easier
    Version 1.4 Released - Sturgeon made easier, Balancing

    This is also the first time i tried modding, so mistakes can be made
    This mod will be updated this isn't the final version, i just did some really quick changes right now so its atleast a bit easier, But i myself don't really have a problem with fishing thats why i am not aware what fish you guys find hard.
    Be sure to backup your files before attempting to mod it for secuirity

    If needed i can modify specific fish for you personally, feel free to contact me.

    Problems you might encounter

    Known problems :

    -Outdated - Please refer to if this mod ever gets outdated again.
    -Game crashes -
    You misplaced your Fish.xnb file.

    Possible problems (getting tested) :

    If you are having techinical issues feel free to add me on steam, I will resolve them for you

    Special thanks to @Xylia for being so kind and helping people out

    Checkout This video out By Radedo, It shows you the diffrences between the fishing mods
    (at 0:40) Don't forget to give to give him a like on the video ^^, He deserves it.
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    • zoeevee

      zoeevee Zero Gravity Genie

      So I posted a link to this on the SDV subreddit. Let me know if you want me to take it down! But I think this would be good to have out there even if it's not completely tested yet. I did say to give feedback if it doesn't work completely right.
      • xjapanboy

        xjapanboy Subatomic Cosmonaut

        i've been upgrade Fishing Skill from lvl 1 to 5 beacause of you, thanks for the mod!
        i got an idea how about making fishing more tough by throw a bomb? then if we did it very often, the villager going to sue us.
        Just IMO
        • cantorsdust

          cantorsdust Existential Complex

          Added to modding list.
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          • steffjes

            steffjes Big Damn Hero

            Update - Version 1.1 Released - Fish made a bit easier and less likely to move up and down
            • DarkBolo

              DarkBolo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              I don't know why people struggle with fishing? It is a bit hard to catch those rare fish, but out of 25 tries I usually fail 1-2 max. Fishing is not hard at all.
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              • DeathArcher

                DeathArcher Void-Bound Voyager

                hi good work but Legendary Fishes are still too hard
                • zoeevee

                  zoeevee Zero Gravity Genie

                  Then you don't need this. So why post here? Some people do struggle. Different strokes for different folks and all that
                  • steffjes

                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

                    Update 1.2 - Legendary fish has been made easier.
                    • steffjes

                      steffjes Big Damn Hero

                      Hello DeathArcher
                      Thanks for the feedback

                      Do you mean the legendary fish or? Which ones do you mean?

                      Regards Steffjes
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                      • DeathArcher

                        DeathArcher Void-Bound Voyager

                        The fishes with the crowns, there are several (sorry my english is not good^^)
                        • steffjes

                          steffjes Big Damn Hero

                          Working on them, right now
                          • DeathArcher

                            DeathArcher Void-Bound Voyager

                            OK thanks :nuruhappy:
                            • steffjes

                              steffjes Big Damn Hero

                              1.2.1 Released all Legendary fish have been made easier.
                              • steffjes

                                steffjes Big Damn Hero

                                Tell me if this is better, or if this is to easy.
                                • Silverbane7

                                  Silverbane7 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                  well its been easier for me and i couldnt catch anything but junk till now so thanks :D
                                  (havent tried 1.2.1 yet tho i grabbed it)
                                  • steffjes

                                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

                                    Hello Silverbane7
                                    Thanks for giving me some feedback

                                    Is the difficulty alright for you now? Or do you wish it to be lowered a bit?

                                    Regards Steffjes
                                    • DeathArcher

                                      DeathArcher Void-Bound Voyager

                                      I tryed it out, but i have not found any legendary fish, but there are
                                      still very fast fishes and i have no idea what kind of fish there are
                                      • steffjes

                                        steffjes Big Damn Hero

                                        The fast fishes are the more rare ones.
                                        I have kept the balance in the game as it is in the normal version.
                                        But i have lowered all of them and changed the way they act.

                                        Meaning that you will still result in having some fish that are fast in the game but it is way less than it would be normaly. If you could tell me where you find these fast fish i could track them down and get them lowered a bit.
                                        • DeathArcher

                                          DeathArcher Void-Bound Voyager

                                          It was in the sea

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